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Kemono Friends: Kingdom Beginners Guide and Tips

Encounter new Friends, defeat the Ceruleans, and adventure in the mysterious Kingdom!

Kemono Friends: Kingdom is an adventure RPG game launched by Neocraft Limited, which takes place in a large-scale theme park called Kingdom where the players will encounter a diverse cast of animal friends and embark on an exciting adventure with them. So, let’s get into this detailed Kemono Friends Beginners Guide to know about the basic gameplay and resources the game has to offer.

The game requires the players to deploy a team consisting of some of the best characters, having unique features and distinguished power skills, in order to stop the Ceruleans from destroying the harmony of the Kingdom and everything around it.

Gameplay Overview

Kemono Friends is an amazing storyline game, based on an anime series, featuring over 50 characters which are basically animals, changed by the unknown matter called Sandstars. With the help of these animal friends’ unique characteristics and the landform organs’ mechanisms, the players need to defeat the mysterious enemies termed Ceruleans and protect their Kingdom.

The gameplay of Kemono Friends is very similar to that of Angry Birds. Since, almost everyone is aware of the logistics of that game, understanding the basic gameplay of Kemono Friends will be a child’s play for the players. Firstly, the players need to finish the introductory storyline filled with captivating narratives and exciting plot twists.

Image via Neocraft Limited

Then, during combat, the players must strategically adjust the ejection angle and strength of their flying device, having a catapult effect, and finally release to attack and defeat the mysterious Cerulean. The players can change the order in which friends attack the Cerulean, by tapping on them. The players must always try to hit the core, dealing great damage to the enemy unit. Along with these, the players must activate the Kemono Miracle of the friend whose turn is to attack.

Activating this effect will unlock the special powers of the particular friend which in turn will provide a great advantage in defeating the enemy. Each friend has different Miracle powers with unique capabilities to make use of. The players can select a maximum of seven friends at a time to fight alongside them.

Image via Neocraft Limited

Using their strategic skills, the players should try to employ friends that have COMBO effects, unleashing a series of powerful attacks and benefitting the whole team during combat. The players can start a match by selecting an unlocked stage of the first chapter in the Main game mode, present in the Adventure section.

List of Game Modes in Kemono Friends: Kingdom

Kemono Friends: Kingdom has several game modes and all of them require the player to launch their friends in paper planes to gather collectibles and hit Ceruleans in order to destroy them. However, the rewards that each mode grants vary according to the different game modes. All these game modes can be accessed via the Adventure section, present in the bottom left of the game screen. 

1. Main Mode

This game mode includes the main storyline of the game, where the player is introduced to dialogues, sequences, and various cutscenes that explain the main plot of the game. Players are also occasionally offered choices that can affect certain events and situations. This game mode includes various chapters starting from Journey to the Savanna.

Image via Neocraft Limited

Each chapter has a different number of stages. The players need to clear a stage by defeating the Cerulean monster with the help of their animal friends, and further move on to the next stage. The player can unlock a new chapter by clearing each stage of the previous chapter. Winning each stage will ensure the players with amazing rewards such as Stargems, Fluorite, Encounter Ticket, and many more that can be later on used in various activities in the Kingdom.

2. Supply Mode

Supply game mode is distinguished from the main story and their main purpose is to provide players with currency and other types of materials when the supplies run out in the Kingdom, in order to upgrade their Friends and progress overall.

Image via Neocraft Limited

Supply mode includes three different types of missions which come with a Blitz feature. This feature allows the players to gain double rewards in exchange for currency after completing a level successfully. The three missions of the supply game modes are as follows:

  • Supplies: This mission rewards the player with materials required to level up their Friends.
  • Miracle: This mission provides the players with materials to upgrade the Miracles of a particular Friend.
  • Awaken: As the name suggests, completing this mission will grant the players with materials required to awaken a particular Friend.

3. Challenge Modes

Apart from the Main and Supply Modes, Kemono Friends: Kingdom offers some challenge modes to the players. These include : 

Image via Neocraft Limited
  • Challenge
  • Cable Car Challenge
  • Subway Challenge

These challenge modes are designed for the players to enhance and master their battle strategies. Successfully completing these challenges ensures the players earn stargems, encounter tickets, and other valuable in-game resources quickly, which might not be obtained from supply or main mode easily. 

Introducing the Basics of Kemono Friends: Kingdom


This section lies in the right corner of the main screen, where the players can view and upgrade the Friends they owned throughout the game. This section shows the list of all the Friends a player has encountered, in the most systematic way possible, based on their trust percentage, level, rarity, and other Radiance factors.

Image via Neocraft Limited

For upgrading the Friends and their Miracles, the players need to tap on whichever Friend they want to upgrade and click on the Plus icon shown along with the basic attributes of the Friend.


This section lies on the top left side of the main screen. Upon viewing this section, the players will get to witness the ways they can own a Friend, by encountering them throughout the Kingdom. The players can keep a check for two options that include Encounter x1, and Encounter x10.

Image via Neocraft Limited

As the name suggests, the players can encounter and own one and ten Animal Friends, by clicking on these options respectively. The players can encounter friends via Encounter Tickets or Stargems that can be gained by completing various missions and quests in the game.


The Team section allows the players to select Friends they want to fight alongside in combat. The players can assign a maximum of seven Friends at once. they can even change the order in which their Friends attack the Ceruleans, by dragging and placing them in their desired position.

Image via Neocraft Limited

The players get an option named Quick Set Team, where they are allowed to select the position and form an efficient team among their list of Friends. For winning against the Ceruleans, the players must think strategically and try to include the Friends with Combo effect as much as possible.


Kemono Friends comes with its own set of missions and objectives which the players can complete in order to earn specific types of currency and materials. Kemono Friends has a separate section dedicated to missions and each mission is of different types. These include Main Quests, Weekly Quests, Daily Quests, and Stage Quests.

Image via Neocraft Limited

Each type of quest symbolizes different types of missions and the same are their rewards. The players might notice that apart from the Main Quest, the side quests are optional but provide a brilliant opportunity to gain additional bonus rewards. The players can access this section from the bottom left corner of the main game screen.

The players can witness four divisions in the Gallery section namely Trust Reward, Adventure Log, Friend Gallery, and Cerulean Gallery

Image via Neocraft Limited
  • Trust Reward – The players can witness the trust percentage among the Friends who have Combo effects together, along with encounter tickets as a reward if the player enables 100% trust between the Friends.
  • Adventure Log – This division shows the detailed Chapters and Events a player can witness throughout the Kemono Kingdom.
  • Friend Gallery – The players can view the list of all the Friends and their features that they can encounter in Kemono Friends, via this option.
  • Cerulean Gallery – As the name suggests, this section enables the players to get information about the various Ceruleans they would face in the game later on. This would give advantage to the players in terms of defeating their enemies quickly.


Storage allows the players to view all the types of resources they own over the Kingdom, whether be it consumables, basic items, or training materials. Some of the important resources include stargems, fluorite, buns, and many more.

Image via Neocraft Limited

These materials are a vital part of the game as they help in achieving several activities in the Kingdom such as upgrading Friends, and their Miracles, encountering 5, and 6-star Friends, and other such ventures. The players can access this section from the bottom right corner of the main screen.


Park is a separate section in Kemono Friends in which the main Kingdom resides. This is the main residential area of the Kemono Friends where the players will be shown different Houses which have different purposes in the Kingdom.

Image via Neocraft Limited

These include the Main House, House of Air, House of Earth, Wind Turbine, House of Life, and House of Water. The players are required to construct and repair these residents in order to produce electricity, pleasant air, and many such resources necessary for the survival of life in the Kingdom.


This section instills the rewards and in-game Guide EXP pass provided to the players. The level of the rewards gained, increases with the stage increase. The player needs to complete a stage and advance toward the next stage of a chapter to gain multiple extraordinary rewards.

Image via Neocraft Limited

There are two types of Guide EXP passes that include Normal Tour Guide Pass, and Advanced Tour Guide Pass, where the rewards from the Normal Tour Guide Pass can be accessed by completing a particular stage of a chapter, and the Advanced Tour Guide Pass can be unlocked by implementing real-time transaction money.

Kemono Friends: Kingdom Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Level up your Friends and Miracles

We always recommend that players keep upgrading their characters. In Kemono Friends, the players can choose to level up their Friends and their particular Miracles by using different types of currency such as Buns. The players must make sure to gather sufficient resources in order to advance them.  Upgrading them unlocks more powerful special attacks, and enhances their overall power skills and their ability to defeat the Ceruleans easily.

2. Include Combo Friends in Combat

The players should try to include as many combo friends as possible in a fight against the Cerulean. Certain Friends on the same team work well with each other and when they are placed together in combat, they can perform combo effects that result in the increase of their abilities and the overall progress of other Friends’ attacks.

3. Utilise Kemono Miracles

When the players are in a fight with the Ceruleans, they should make sure to use their Friends’ Kemono Miracles while attacking. This ensures the player with extraordinary strength, special attack skills, and an increase in the frequency of their Friends’ attacks. The players can use these when facing the most challenging bosses in the Kingdom, and experience the best gameplay that leads to success.

4. Complete the Challenges

There are two types of Challenges in Kemono Friends namely Daily Challenge, and Weekly Challenge. Hence, we advise the players to complete these challenges with time in order to receive valuable in-game rewards and resources. These rewards and resources can be further used in Kingdom activities such as upgrading your Friends and Miracles, encountering new Friends, and many more.

5. Participate in Events regularly

Kemono Friends hosts several events throughout the game, and the players can gain full advantage from these events. They need to complete certain goals in order to win an event and get their hands on useful resources such as stargems, buns, fluorite, and many more. Thus, we recommend that players actively participate in these events to advance in the game.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Kemono Friends is an outstanding adventure RPG game that is rapidly progressing and gaining popularity in the gaming world. The excellent graphics, exquisite characters, and extraordinary power skills are the center of attraction for the players. Hence, follow up on this detailed Kemono Friends: Kingdom Beginners Guide and Tips to experience a heartwarming adventure in the Kingdom of Kemono Friends.

That’s all from us for the Kemono Friends: Kingdom Beginners Guide! Did you find our Kemono Friends: Kingdom Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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