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King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide and Tips

War is raging across Camelot and ancient gods are awakening and threatening to enslave all of humanity!

King Arthur: Legends Rise, brought to you by Kabam Games is a new squad turn-based RPG which promises to take the players on an adventure filled with monsters and enemies alike. The game is a turn-based RPG and hence offers a strategic outlook to the game where players can use the characters available in the game, which provide depth and unique skill sets depending on their character class. In this King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, we will be aiming towards breaking down the game into smaller parts in a bid to make players understand the basics of the game.

Understanding the basics of King Arthur Legends Rise

The game, King Arthur Legends Rise is a turn-based RPG which means that players take turns to land and receive blows from enemies. King Arthur Legends Rise allows the players to have a top-down perspective on the battlefield where players are free to explore the battlefield on their accord but as soon as battle sequence arises, the game goes into a turn-based approach. The game allows the players to have a band of 4 characters at once allowing them to use the skills of characters one by one on the enemy.

King Arthur Legends Rise pre-registration, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

Each character has its own character class, meaning different pros and cons, have a look at our character’s tier list to make sure that you are well-equipped with the right character at the right time in the game. Each character comes with a different and well-developed signature skill and it is necessary for the game to be aware of it.

Explore the secrets and storyline revolving around Camelot 

The game, King Arthur Legends Rise comes with a detailed storyline revolving around Camelot, where players can explore and uncover secrets of Camelot, the game’s questline spreads adventure across 20 chapters of a reimagined Arthurian story.

As players will progress down the line the difficulty level alongside the level of enemies will start increasing and hence it makes necessary for the players in the game to be aware of the importance of leveling up in the game.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

Players can level up their characters in the game to make sure they fare better in the game against characters that would come across the players on their journey. Not to give any spoilers but, a lot of enemies when defeated in the battle would join forces with Arthur on his journey to defeat the undead to save Camelot. Hence investing resources for upgrading characters in the game, is just as important as getting characters in the game.

Customize your characters based on their abilities in the game

The game offers a different sort of customization for regulars. In the game, King Arthur Legends Rise the characters can be customized based on their relics. Relics are the special weapons that the characters are equipped with, they are their signature weapons and the playstyle of each character is significantly influenced by them.

Not much can be done based on the looks of the characters, customization from that aspect offers minimal output however in terms of weapons the type of gameplay, customization plays a huge part in the game.

King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

When starting the game each character is equipped with three types of relics in the game, namely frost, fire, and storm. Now point to note here is that each weapon in the game has different stats and it influences the battle skills of the respective character in the game.

For instance, King Arthur’s Excalibur offers a very offensive setup with ferocious flame as the signature skill, whereas King Arthur’s second relic, Regal Roar offers a more defensive setup with Frost Blow as the signature skill set. This change of character setup based on relics is very important and should be considered while managing heroes and lineups.

Defeat enemies in the region to unlock blueprints of resources available in the region

The open world in the game, King Arthur Legends Rise does justice to the term “Open World” with more than 20 regions in the game added by the developers for the players to explore. The version available as of writing this beginners guide is the beta testing one hence we cannot comment on the depth of other regions in the game. However, the ones which are available as part of the beta testing phase offer clear depth and interactive elements as part of the map where players can discover and recover resources from the map.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

Despite being limited to open-world in the genre, the game offers much more depth in its map than a lot of full-fledged open-world maps do. Once the region is free of antagonists, the whole map gets synchronized and important resources and items are pointed out on the map for players to discover and collect. This gives the players a chance to stack up their inventories and be well-prepared for the next stages in the game.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing several hours in the game, the following are the tips and tricks that we have come up with to make sure that new players in the game understand the basics right.

1. Invest your resources in King Arthur

The game does not have the name Arthur in the title for no reason, the character Arthur is a quintessential character in the game and is the main protagonist of the story. There are several characters that are stronger than the character but the role which King Arthur plays in the story is unparalleled. We won’t drop spoilers in this guide but will definitely advise players to focus their resources in the game more on Arthur rather than other characters.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

The stronger your Arthur would be, the easier it will be to progress further in the story. Players can upgrade their skillsets of Arthur or roll for equipment for the character to buff up the stats of the character in the game. All in all, it can be said that players can’t go wrong with their investments made for King Arthur in the game.

2. Keep an eye out for half-priced Deals and Freebies in the store

Resources play a huge part in any battle RPG and King King Arthur Legends Rise is no different, the game revolves around players progressing down in the storyline and side by side utilizing the resources gathered during their adventures to build up their empire.

There are different buildings and establishments in the empire which can prove to be a great investment in the game as they provide resources themselves when fully developed. A simpler and unique way of getting great deals in the game for these resources is to make sure that players regularly look for deals in the game’s shop.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

There are always special deals that allow the players to have the same resources or character spins at a lower price in the game. These deals however are exhaustive in nature and can only be utilized once daily. Hence players should avail of these deals daily whenever more resources would be needed in the game.

3. Remember the individual Skillsets of Characters in battles

One of the major reasons why the game, King Arthur Legends Rise is one of the better games than the rest available in the genre is because the character classes actually hold value in the battle and are not just in place to add weight to the gameplay. Each character in the game is suited for a certain set of gameplay and utilizing the utmost potential of the character lies with the character.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

Being a turn-based game, the game capitalizes on the skillsets of the different characters in the game. Be sure to go through our character tier list in the game to be accustomed to the fact that which characters in the game are the better ones. Each character has its own specialty which when used against a character of counter class can deliver devastating damaging stats to the opposition character. All these factors add special emphasis to the strategic aspects of the game.

4. Aim for flawless Victories to secure additional Rewards

The game has a post-match star-based system where based on the number of characters left standing at the end of every round, players are awarded stars. For example, if you have a band of three characters in the game, then if you finish the battle with all three remaining, then three stars will be rewarded, and so on. Based on these stars rewards are decided in the game, both mission-specific and chapter-specific.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

The game’s storyline is based on different chapters with each having its own unique antagonist and story arc, in the game when one mission is ended players can click on the rewards section and make sure to redeem the rewards that the game will have in place. Each reward will be based on milestones of stars achieved in the game.

4. Join the in-game clan for access to additional Side quests and Rewards

A clan as the word may suggest is an official group of different players in the game, players can get into one when they meet certain requirements in the game. Clans in the game also present players in the game and get exclusive sets of missions in the game. Players also get exclusive access to the resources from the clans which can be used by the members collectively to upgrade their individual empires.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam

Staying active in the clans however is very necessary, players can risk getting kicked out of the clan once they go inactive. Players can stay active by actively completing missions and quests in the game and keep on adding to the total tally of points in the clan. There are weekly and monthly clan rankings, based on which additional rewards are given to each individual player in the game based on their contribution to the overall clan ranking.

5. Explore and clear Dungeons for Gear and Resource farming

Dungeons in the game, King Arthur Legends Rise offers countless adventure and battle sequences for the players in the game not only to hone their skills but also to make sure that their characters advance through the levels making them earn more experience points in the game.

Dungeons pose an important and unique opportunity in the game for players to make sure that they never run out of resources in the game and keep on farming for both resources and equipment by playing the same levels on and on again for collecting rewards.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam Games

Dungeons can be of various types in the game such as power-up dungeons, equipment dungeons, talisman dungeons, etc. Each Dungeon plays a different part in the game and allows the players to farm for different equipment or resources in the game. The best part is that characters get experience points every time they are used in the dungeons, which means they keep on leveling up while players farm for resources in the dungeons a win-win situation for everyone.

Final Thoughts

The game, King Arthur Legends Rise makes use of a lot of features and has in-depth quality content in terms of pure gaming and turn-based RPG fun packed for the players and fans of the genre. The game has a huge differentiator in place which helps the game to stand tall amongst all the competition in the industry from a similar game of genre, and that differentiator is the Unreal Engine, which runs deep and supports every animation in the game. The game looks very polished and as stated before filled with options in terms of character customization and strategy type.

The game is still in the testing phase hence more features can be expected to be added with the future updates when the game gets a final release. The aim of this King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide was to make sure that beginners in the game can get some helpful tips and tricks to make sure that the gameplay becomes easier for them to understand. We hope that with this King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, we were able to deliver the same.

Did you find this King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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