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Squad Busters Mega Units: Complete list, how to get, and more

Supercell‘s Squad Busters brings a variety of troops to play with. The game has characters from all other Supercell games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. Squad Busters also has Mega Units, a new type of troop that is rare to find and super powerful. But how many mega units are there are how to unlock them in Squad Busters, that’s what I’ll discuss in this article.

What is a Mega Unit in Squad Busters

As the name suggests already, Mega Units in Squad Busters are very powerful and rare to come across. Unlike the other troops, these are consumables in the game. That means once you use it for one time, it is gone, and you’ll have to unlock it again to use it on the battlefield.

In terms of look, these are pretty funny and interesting to look at. You can already see that they have a unique twist in visuals and abilities.

All available Mega Units in Squad Busters

Currently, there are only two Mega Units in Squad Busters. These are:

1. El Tigre

Squad Busters El Tigre, Squad Busters Mega Units
Squad Busters El Tigre Mega Unit (Image via Supercell)

El Tigre is a Common Mega Unit that looks like a mix of Tigre and El Primo. It is a melee unit that excels in hand-to-hand combat. El Tigre comes with 11000 HP and 250 Attack. If you bust 3 foes, the next attack from El Tigre will be a flying Elbow Pounce.

2. Dragon Chicken

Squad Busters Dragon Chicken, Squad Busters Mega Unit
Squad Busters Dragon Chicken Mega Unit (Image via Supercell)

As the name suggests, it is a mix of Dragon and Chicken, how cool is that?! This troop is also a melee unit but excels in speed. It has 8000 HP and 300 Attack. Dragon Chicken can drop some Golden Turbo Boots.

How to get Mega Units in Squad Busters

As of now, there are very limited ways you can get a Mega Unit in Squad Busters. You do not need to unlock them separately like you do for troops, but if you get a Mega Unit, that’s it, now you have the chance to encounter a Mega Unit in one of your upcoming battles. You can get Mega Units in two ways:

  • Gem Pass: The monthly seasonal pass or the gem pass offers Mega Units. Even if you are on the free pass, you’ll still get Mega Unit. And if you purchase the Gem Pass, you’ll get more!
  • In-game Shop: This is another way to get some Mega Units in Squad Busters. Generally, the pricing is 5000 Gold Coin for one Mega Unit. However, there are much better uses of Gold Coins.

So once you get one and find it on the battlefield, time for some fun. These Mega Units can be useful in any Squad Busters battle mods.

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