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King of Fighters: Survival City is a strategy title by Joycity, that was soft-launched in selected regions this year. The game also features a city-building aspect, where players can construct and upgrade buildings to enhance their characters’ abilities and gain various resources. In the game, the fighters play an important role in the battles and since you don’t have full control of them, it is important to know about their skills and their stats so that you have an idea before heading to fights. So, in this King of Fighters: Survival City Fighters Guide, we will be explaining in detail about the Fighters in the game with additional tips and tricks.

If you are starting new in KOF Survival City, make sure to check the beginners guide to get a head start or see the redeem codes for some free rewards.

Fighters in King of Fighters: Survival City

Fighters in King of Fighters: Survival City is the ones who are used to rescue the hostages from the affected boss areas. They are important to progress, and overall, work in helping the players to get rewards. So, to know them better, we’ll be getting to know the important terminologies to remember about a fighter.

Fighter Power

Fighter Power is the combined strength of all the Fighter stats. It is mainly based on the different categories the fighter has to offer in terms of abilities. The combined abilities of a fighter will be totaled to Fighter Power. They are listed as follows:

Fighters in KOF
Image via Joycity
  • ATK: Attack stat of a fighter.
  • DEF: Defense stat of a fighter.
  • DMG: Damage stat of a fighter.
  • HP: Hit Points. Attribute to reflecting the health of the fighter.
  • Leadership: Ability to command or lead a fighter squad.
  • Increase Stats: Percentile of stat increase for HP, ATK, and DEF. Will be different for each fighter.

Even though the Fighter Power is a better way of considering the best ones, sometimes you shall need a mix of fighters in battles, say a tank-like fighter to be the defensive unit with a fiery attack unit. Both attack and defense come with two different criteria, Physical and Elemental, and Damage comes with Fixed.

Fighter Skill

Fighter Skills are unique and special abilities for every fighter that help them perform different attacks in the battle arena. This helps in getting the best of your opponent, and also deals heavy damage. There can be four fighter skills unlocked for each character, which will be unlocked in Tier 1, 3, 5, and 7. The same can be used in battles according to the player’s preference.

Fighter Accessory and Allocation

In King of Fighters, the Accessories are helpful in boosting the stats of a character. They are also based tier-wise, so you can match the accessories of the same tier, and then upgrade it. Each fighter has three dedicated pieces of equipment. Players can also allocate their fighters as units to get into battles with the help of unit allocation. This can be upgraded from the square building.

Management guide to your Fighters in KOF Survival City

Fighter Tiers

The Fighter Tiers are the ranking system in the game, which helps in knowing the level at which your fighter currently is. For each Tier, starting from 1, there is a mixed-level cap up to which the player can train his fighters. From Tier 1 to 5, yellow stars will indicate it, and from 6 to 10, the pink stars will help the players know the tiers of their fighters. This can be increased via Promotion.

The Promotion system not only works for the Tier upgrades but also the accessories and equipment. These range from Tier 1 to 5, as they are also rated accordingly to the Tiers. Once you get multiple accessories belonging to the same tier, you can use the merge and upgrade system in the game to boost the fighter stats. Players can also get Hammer, which is a unique item that opens one locked slot.

Fighter Traits

In KOF, Fighter Traits distinguish each fighter from the others to help the player understand his/her role easily. Categorizing them first comes with three traits: Melee, Ranged, and Single-Target. The Melee is represented as Red, Ranged as Blue, and Single-Target as Purple.

Fighter Tiers in KOF
Image via Joycity

The positive traits of a fighter will also be given accordingly, along with the color scheme for traits. There are eight different specializations currently, P. ATK, F. DMG, E. ATK, HP, P. DEF, E. DEF, P/E. DEF, and BAL. For example, fighter K is a Melee but specializes in Physical ATK.

Tips and tricks to remember

Here are some tips and tricks to remember about Fighters.

  • You can change the fighters before the battle. All you have to do is click and select them before clicking Battle. In some cases, pairing the strongest ones with higher points will help in finishing the match faster or not losing against superior opponents.
  • Use the Auto Skill move option only if you feel the opponent isn’t superior. In skill moves where it can deal area damage, the auto application of the same will result in performing the move when there is not so much threat, hence wasting it.
Tier Promotion in KOF
Image via Joycity
  • Do not miss out on Special Pieces. You can find them in the character Tier Promotion section, which will be charged every 8 hours, which means three in a day. Since they cap at 5, you better collect and utilize them every day!
  • Merging identical pieces will increase their tier, and upon using the piece, it changes to a piece of a random tier.
  • Understand the Fighter Traits to build a team of fighters with mixed traits. This will help in having different traits on the battlefield, which serves as an advantage.

That’s all for our guide. Feel free to post your thoughts below.

That’s all for today’s King of Fighters: Survival City Fighters Guide! Did you find this King of Fighters: Survival City Fighters Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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