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Kingdom: The Blood Beginners Guide and Tips

Face zombies and bosses with strong mastery!

Kingdom: The Blood is an action RPG developed by ACTION SQUARE, which draws inspiration from the popular Netflix series “Kingdom.” Initially announced in August 2021, the game revealed details in July 2022, including a gameplay trailer in January 2023, and went into Pre-registration by February 2024. After almost two years since the announcement, the game has entered a closed beta test and we also shared some of our first impressions of the game. In this discussion, we’ll explore the core gameplay and provide a comprehensive Kingdom: The Blood Beginners Guide.

The game’s compelling narrative mirrors the intrigue of the Netflix series, immersing players in intense battles against zombie hordes. Each encounter challenges players’ skills and strategic thinking. Engage with various bosses, each with unique attack styles that demand precision and tactical finesse. You can also check out some Kingdom: The Blood redeem codes for some in-game perks and rewards.

Kingdom: The Blood Gameplay Basics

Kingdom: The Blood’s gameplay is a melee-focused brawler with exciting potential for you to customize and personalize your combat experience. The game is designed for quick pick-up-and-play, offering various quests, map icons, and in-game currencies.

While the single-player campaign might not be the most challenging, the combat system involves basic and special attacks, allowing you to create customizable combos for strategic variation. As you progress through levels, you’ll face both zombies and human soldiers. The skills menu lets you customize your character’s abilities.

Kingdom the blood cover

Notably, the PvP mode, Clash, delivers intense one-on-one battles, and the cooperative Raid mode challenges you and a team of four against powerful bosses. Whether you’re a fan of the source material or new to the franchise, Kingdom: The Blood aims to provide an engaging and personalized gaming experience just for you.

Kingdom: The Blood Character Customization

Starting Kingdom: The Blood, you’ll go into a thorough character creation process, giving you the chance to carefully shape your character’s look. With options ranging from facial features to hairstyles, eye color, and head size, the customization possibilities are broad, allowing for a truly unique representation.

Kingdom The Blood Character Creation

This feature empowers players to craft characters that match their preferences, offering fine-tuning for a distinct visual identity in line with their vision and style. The customization includes variations in skin color, makeup, eyes, and more, with some outfits reflecting the game’s connection to Korean heritage, rooted in the earlier days of Korea.

Movement and Controls in Kingdom: The Blood

Create your distinct action sequences by blending different skills in Kingdom: The Blood, immersing yourself in a satisfying and strategic combat experience with each precisely executed hit. Maneuver your character during battles using the joystick, a familiar feature in mobile games.

  • Joystick: Control your character’s movement during combat.
  • Run Icon: Use this to make your character sprint when strategic mobility is crucial.
  • Attack Icon: Tap this to execute your character’s attacks and engage enemies effectively.
  • Skill Icon: Tap this to use your skills and special move sets.

Be mindful that you’ll face numerous enemies, including formidable zombie hordes, influencing your movement strategy. In this dynamic environment, strategic planning is vital. Utilize skills with simple taps, and employ options like crouching and sprinting to navigate the game map effectively.

List of Game Modes in Kingdom: The Blood

With manual controls, you have the freedom to shape your gameplay experience in Kingdom: The Blood. The game offers four diverse modes to cater to various preferences: story mode, conquest, boss rush, and PvP. Despite the abundance of modes, the game currently lacks a conclusive ending, indicating that there’s room for additional content.

Kingdom the blood lobby
  • Story Mode
  • Conquest
  • Boss Rush
  • PvP

With these varied modes, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into storytelling or enjoy conquering challenges, Kingdom: The Blood has you covered. Keep in mind that the game is a work in progress, continually evolving to provide players with numerous ways to have fun.

Kingdom: The Blood Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master your Character movement

Your ability to navigate the battlefield is crucial in minimizing the damage you take, especially when facing tough areas and formidable bosses. As you confront hordes of zombies and powerful bosses, maintaining strong control over your character’s movement becomes crucial.

Kingdom the blood movement

Whether evading attacks or strategically positioning yourself, honing your movement skills is key to surviving the challenges that await you.

2. Proper Skill timing is the Key

Here’s a fundamental yet highly effective tip, don’t underestimate the power of your character’s skills. Each character comes with a unique set of special moves and abilities based on your equipment choices. Mastering and strategically employing these skills can make a significant difference in your battle as parry, stun, and burst attacks can be highly effective when timed properly.

Kingdom the blood skills

Experiment with different combinations to discover the most effective tactics for various situations, enhancing your overall combat proficiency.

3. Master your Combos

Beyond individual skills, mastering the art of combining them into fluid combos elevates your combat prowess. Creating seamless sequences of attacks and abilities can give you a significant advantage in battles.

Kingdom the blood combo

Take the time to practice and discover the most potent combinations that suit your playstyle, allowing you to dispatch enemies with finesse and efficiency.

4. Keep completing the Story Quests

Don’t overlook the importance of engaging with the story quests. Besides unfolding the narrative, completing these quests often provides valuable rewards, including experience points, items, and in-game currency.

Netflix Kingdom the Blood Game

Progressing through the story not only enhances your understanding of the game world but also contributes to the growth and development of your character, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

5. Explore all game modes

Kingdom: The Blood offers a variety of game modes catering to different preferences. Don’t limit yourself to exploring them all, whether you’re drawn to the plot of the story mode, the challenging conquests, intense boss battles, or competitive PvP, each mode provides a unique experience.

Kingdom the blood pvp

Diversifying your gameplay across all modes ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable journey in the world of Kingdom: The Blood.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Kingdom: The Blood offers a great experience with its action-packed RPG elements and diverse gameplay modes. As a beginner, mastering character movement, utilizing skills effectively, and exploring combos will prove instrumental in overcoming challenges.

The completion of story quests not only unravels the narrative but also rewards you with valuable resources. The game’s various modes, from intense boss battles to competitive PvP, cater to different preferences, ensuring a well-rounded and dynamic experience.

That’s all from us for the Kingdom: The Blood Beginners Guide! Did you find our Kingdom: The Blood Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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