King’s Choice Mount Food Guide: get the desired mount tokens and fruits

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Since the introduction of the mounts system, We have observed a common challenge among players, including us, regarding the combinations that produce shards for specific mounts. Unfortunately, King’s Choice hasn’t provided any related information about the Mount Food combination. To address this gap, we have periodically recorded the adventure food combinations and the corresponding shard rewards, and here is what we have found.

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Calculating the Food item combinations in King’s Choice

To begin, there are currently 5x types of foods available. This includes 12 apples, which can be obtained for free daily, and Alfalfa, Carrot, Emperor Bamboo Grass, and Wild Grapes, which must be purchased with gold (each priced at 150 gold with a daily purchase limit of one for each).

King's Choice Mounts Food Combinations Image
Image via ONEMT SGP

Assuming ample stock of these foods, each adventure necessitates the consumption of three food items, resulting in a total of 35 [5+(5*4*2)/2+(5*4)/2] food items.

However, due to the minimal returns when consuming apples during adventures (primarily resources like silver, grain, and aptitude fruits), we’ll temporarily exclude combinations involving apples. This leaves us with 20 other combinations.

Note: There may be some errors in the above calculation, but it should serve as a helpful reference.

King’s Choice Mount Food combinations

Based on the reward records, three types of scenarios can occur

  • Scenario 1: When 3 foods are same
  • Scenario 2: When 2 foods are the same and 1 food is different
  • Scenario 3: When 3 foods are different

Scenario 1: When 3 foods are same

Food AFood BFood CShard Type
AlfalfaAlfalfaAlfalfaWar Horse
CarrotCarrotCarrotWild Boar
Bamboo GrassBamboo GrassBamboo GrassBison
Wild GrapesWild GrapesWild GrapesGoat

From this data, we can deduce that there are four favored foods for mounts: War Horse prefers alfalfa, Wild Boars prefer carrots, Bison prefer emperor bamboo grass, and Goat prefers wild grapes.

Scenario 2: When 2 foods are the same and 1 food is different

Food AFood BFood CShard Type
AlfalfaAlfalfaCarrot/Bamboo Grass/Wild GrapesWar Horse
CarrotCarrotAlfalfa/Bamboo Grass/Wild GrapesWild Boar
Bamboo GrassBamboo GrassAlfalfa/Carrot/Wild GrapesBison
Wild GrapesWild GrapesAlfalfa/Carrot/Bamboo GrassGoat

Adventure rewards are distributed randomly, so using the corresponding food merely increases the likelihood of obtaining a specific mount shard.

King's Choice Mounts Food Combinations Image
Image via ONEMT SGP

Therefore, it can be inferred that when food A is equal to food B, and food C is any of the other three types of food, the probability of acquiring shards for the mount that favors food A is the highest.

Scenario 3: When 3 foods are different

Out of the total 20 combinations, 16 involve duplicate foods, while the remaining 4 consist of combinations with non-duplicate foods.

Food AFood BFood CShard Type
AlfalfaCarrotBamboo GrassWar Horse
AlfalfaCarrotWild GrapesWild Boar
AlfalfaBamboo GrassWild GrapesBison
CarrotBamboo GrassWild GrapesGoat

Note: It’s important to note that this information is based solely on experimental data and it may vary for each individual. Therefore, it should be considered as a guideline rather than a definitive rule.

The above information summarizes the possible combinations of food known in the current version and the corresponding shards that may be dropped.

According to the descriptions of various terrains in the adventure segment, there should be eight additional types of mounts: white rhino, big deer, elephant, warg, lion, white tiger, war bear, and phoenix. However, we have not encountered shards for any of these mounts with the current food combinations. This leads us to speculate that the food required for these eight mounts may be different from the existing ones or those mounts are yet to arrive in the game in a future update.

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