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KonoSuba Fantastic Days Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you ready for a new Adventure?

KonoSuba Fantastic Days is a mobile role-playing game based on the Konosuba light novel series by Natsume Akatsuki! Popular characters such as Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness are all waiting to be recruited in this isekai. This incredible game is published by Nexon Company, the same company that published KartRider Rush+. In terms of the game itself, it features MMORPG elements as well as numerous adventures and encounters with monsters. The game gained worldwide popularity due to the delightfully cute anime characters and the game’s plotline. If you’re new to this cute game, keep reading because our KonoSuba Fantastic Days Beginners Guide contains numerous tips and tricks to help you stay one step ahead of the competition!

Gameplay overview

When you begin a game as a beginner, you will encounter numerous difficulties. This may happen when you move to a new upgrade or a new mission also. There may be strange backgrounds, strategies, and elements to use. As a result, today you will learn how to play effectively as a beginner in KonoSuba Fantastic Days Missions. To successfully complete the beginner missions, you must obtain a number of achievements. Because this is a turn-based RPG, you must wait for your characters’ turn to act. Members of your team can act only when their gauge is completely full.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days Reroll guide
KonoSuba Fantastic Days by Nexon

There are three types of attacks: standard attacks, powerful skills, and super skills/ultimates. Additionally, you can change your target during auto battles. If you enjoy getting a head start in your favorite gacha games, you’ll want to reroll in KonoSuba Fantastic Days. Rerolling in Konosuba Fantastic Days is a fairly straightforward process that you should take advantage of to ensure that you’re covered for the foreseeable future.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Understand the basics of Recruiting

 chahracter details
Character details

Recruits are critical in the game. This is the primary location for obtaining the majority of your high-tier characters. This is dependent upon spending in-game currency known as Quartz to unlock them. Typically, this tab will include a seasonal recruit, a featured recruit, premium recruits, and others. This could be considered a store for Konosuba: fantastic days. Here, you can exchange characters using Character Exchange tickets. You will be rewarded with exchange points for completing this task. All this sounds interesting, right?

2. Complete all your Quests in Konosuba

Quests are amongst one of those things which are not locked behind the Ranking system. Yeah! In the game, some areas are pre-locked behind specific ranks and players will get access to them, once they reach that particular rank.

By defeating/completing the main quests, players can easily unlock the main stories. Only by increasing the affinity of the desired characters, the Character and Konosuba Stories be unlocked. This is the primary distinction between the two narrative styles in this game. The proper order is as follows:

  1. Complete all main quests > Increase affinity > Unlock character and Konosuba stories > Earn Quartz via stories. Players should make every effort to 3 star ALL stages in their quests (Main Story and Free). Above all, you earn bonus rewards for completing them for the first time and Quartz for staring them three times. And only by three renowned stages are skip tickets available for re-runs (aka farming for mats). Tip – It is highly recommended that players should complete as many Hard Quests as possible.
  2. Complete certain quests to gain access to new stories. Each Locked Story’s description includes a description of the quest that must be completed. Additionally, each quest requires a specific amount of stamina. Successfully completing quests rewards you with crafting and enhancement materials.

3. Know the importance of Weapons

One method of increasing your strength in the game is to equip (and enhance) your units with weapons and jewelry. This requires farming materials in order to craft them in the blacksmith once it is unlocked. We frequently recommend crafting the most basic weapon available once your blacksmith is unlocked and equipped onto your team for a small boost.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days Weapons

As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock 3* weapons to craft, but for now, the basic gear should suffice until you can upgrade later. Without a doubt, Crafting is important to make your character a bit stronger. There will be a time when you need really good weapons to dominate your enemies more quickly.

4. Finish off all your Events and Jobs

If you are new to the game, these terms may confuse you. So, here is the meaning of these terms:

Events and Jobs
Events and Jobs
  1. Events – During a specified time period, players should participate in Event Quests (Story/Raid/Slayer). By participating in these events, they will receive unique materials or event characters.
  2. Jobs become available at Rank 7. Players can assign a character to Jobs in order to earn Eris and items. Above all, different rewards are available for different job types. Additionally, characters who successfully complete a task earn Affinity Points. Therefore, ensure that you don’t forget this.

5. Manage your members efficiently

Increase a member’s character and skill level to increase their stats. You can level up your member by completing missions or by utilizing Power positions (S/M/L) obtained through Quests. The more powerful your Members are, the easier it will be for you to complete Quests. Bear in mind that completing more quests unlocks more stories.

7. Emphasise on proper Team Building

Ideally, a team should have 1-2 DPS and one Support (not counting the 2 back units). You can get by with pure damage at first, but eventually, you’ll need someone in the party who can heal and provide buffs/debuffs as well. According to many players, the best subunits in the game are those that provide the greatest benefit to your characters. The Team Tab, which is located in the bottom-middle of the screen, contains all of the characters/adventurers you receive.

You can then customize each character by increasing their affinity, changing their clothing, and performing other customizations. In this game, affinity refers to a character’s level. You can increase character affinity by giving them gifts. Affinity contributes to the overall stats and super level of the character. This will also assist you in gaining access to character biographies.

8. Don’t forget about the Freebies (Gift Boxes)

KonoSuba Fantastic Days gifts

If you are a beginner, you must inspect the gift box. This feature can be accessed from the game’s main home screen by clicking on its icon in the upper right corner. This menu contains a variety of freebies, such as items obtained through completing challenges, daily login rewards, and event rewards. Indeed, it is here that pre-registration rewards are located, which consist of enough Quartz to purchase an additional 10x summoning.

Progressing faster in Konosuba Fantastic Days

To ensure you have fantastic days ahead as a F2P player, your primary objective in the early game should be to increase your rank. The majority of the game’s content is restricted to players with higher player ranks. To unlock the Battle Arena, you should aim to reach rank 10 as quickly as possible, ideally within the first day of playing. When you reach rank 18, you’ll be able to craft 4-star equipment at the Smithy.

When you first begin, concentrate on completing Story Quests. It is your initial source of Quartz. Additionally, you can earn more by watching unlocked cutscenes in the Story menu. While you’re at it, keep your party to the same three characters. This is because when characters complete missions, they gain experience and increase their affinity. Not only does affinity increase a character’s stats, but it also increases the potency of the character’s ultimate at ranks 5, 10, 15, and 20. Additionally, increasing their affinity to 3 or 7 unlocks their cutscene in the Story Menu, which rewards you with 30 quartz the first time you view it.

Character Episodes

Additionally, it goes without saying that you should complete the Daily Missions daily, assign your characters to Jobs, participate in the Battle Arena, and do not forget to complete all of the Hard Quests that you are capable of completing. After completing an entire chapter on Normal difficulty, you unlock Hard Quests. While Hard Quests are limited to three attempts per day, they do have a chance of dropping Legendary crafting materials. Concentrate on strengthening your party in order to complete new Hard and Normal Quests (to unlock more Hard Quests).

Other miscellaneous Tips

Here are some of our additional tips to help you out beginning your adventures in the fantasy world of Konosuba.

  • To disable “Konosuba” audio effect, Head towards the Menu à Settings à Turn off Promo Video settings. That’s it!
  • Want to reduce spending your time? Utilize any skip tickets you may have. Once you’ve completed those stages and are looking to farm materials to improve your units, this will undoubtedly save you time.
  • You have the option of speeding up your quests. To do so, simply click the arrows until you see 3 >>>. Additionally, you can specify when you want your unit’s supers to just go off.
  • You may organize your Members into a Party prior to joining the battle. Sub members and Equipment, Weapons, and Jewelry all contribute to your Party’s overall stats and power.
  • Players can earn Arena Medals by defeating Bosses (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced). These medals can be exchanged for a variety of items. Additionally, one can compete with other players by achieving higher scores and Rank, which results in more Rewards.
  • You should pay close attention to skill cooldowns, as they are an integral part of the game. Standard attacks are not subject to a skill cooldown. The only time you should be aware of this is when making use of special attacks. It will dictate the entirety of the battle and how it unfolds afterwards.

Would you like to see more backgrounds in the game? As you progress through the main story, you will receive additional background images to post. So continue dominating.

Final Thoughts

The game offers decent stories to tell, and the visual novel portion is extremely well animated, with multiple characters moving/speaking/switching poses throughout the majority of scenes. This game is quite entertaining too; you receive incredible drops at the start, the leveling system is excellent, the characters and their customization options are fantastic, and we believe this is just the beginning of the adventure. These are some of the basics that are required to get started with the game. Without a doubt, with its anime and storyline,

KonoSuba Fantastic Days is an enjoyable game. When you play the game, you will be drawn to the game’s engaging characters. There will be missions for beginners to complete during the events in the game. Players can anytime refer to this KonoSuba Fantastic Days beginners guide to learn the primary strategies for completing beginner missions quickly and earning rewards.

That’s all for today’s KonoSuba Fantastic Days Beginners Guide. What are your thoughts on our KonoSuba Fantastic Days beginners guide? Let us know in the comment section!

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