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Last Day On Earth Weapons Tier List: From the Best to Worst

Last Day On Earth (LDoE) is a game that involves a lot of fighting, especially with weapons. Some weapons in-game are crazy-strong and can demolish an enemy within mere minutes, while some are so bad that they can be considered as garbage. To help you choose which weapons to take on the next raid, or the next trip to Bunker Alfa or Bravo, we present o you, the Last Day On Earth Weapons Tier List.

Note: The weapons included here are the ones that have been in the game since the beginning and won’t be removed, and not special weapons that become available during events and such.

S- Excellent WeaponsKatanaGlock 17

Milkor MGL

A- Great WeaponsCrowbar



B- Good WeaponsBaseball Bat



Saw Blade Mace

Skull Crusher

Road Sign


VSS Vintorez


Flare Gun


C- The Worst WeaponsTorch

Cricket Bat




Hockey Stick

Golf Club
Zip Gun



Last Day On Earth Weapons Tier List (LDoE)

Last Day On Earth Weapons Tier List: Explanation For Classification Of Weapons

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Katana – Katana is a weapon that can be found easily in crates in Bunker Alfa and the Blackport PD. With 35 damage per strike, you can do 105 damage while sneaking, which is a lot for a melee weapon. It has medium-to-high durability, and these characteristics make it an appropriate choice for the S-Tier category. It is literally the best melee weapon in-game.


Glock 17 – It is the most basic firearm in Last Day On Earth. It can be easily found in all Bunker Alfa Crates and Blackport PD crates. It does 20 damage per shot, and is extensively used by beginners to kill Frenzied Giants in Alfa. This extensive use and the fact that it is so useful in so many circumstances make it worthy of being in S-Tier.

Grenade – Grenades will be your best friend while you do waves in the Blackport PD Arena. After the first few waves, if you want to save armor and weapons, grenades are a must-have. Dealing 200 damage, they can help to take out some of the biggest enemies in the game.

Milkor MGL – If you don’t have Grenades, then the MGL is your best bet. It’s a Grenade Launcher dealing huge damage. If you time it correctly, both the Grenade and MGL are fantastic weapons in the PD Arena. You can get it from Floppy Crates in the game.

A-Tier Weapons


Pipe – The metal Pipe is a very easy-to-find, durable weapon. Because of its durability, it is a popular choice among the players, even at the higher levels.

Machete – The Machete does 30 damage per strike, hence, when sneaking, it can do 90 damage, enough to take out a Toxic Spitter and Fast Biter. When modded, it can do as much as 40 damage per strike. It is also a very easy-to-get weapon, making it one of the best melees in the game.

Saw Blade Mace – It does 55 damage per strike. It is only good for sneak-attacking Frenzied Giants for triple damage, after that, it has no other use. Do not craft it. You’ll get it from crates and airdrops.

Crowbar – One piece of advice almost everyone gives to a beginner in LDoE is: “Craft a Crowbar”. This is because it is the cheapest weapon to craft in the game (7 Iron and 3Leather) compared to the value it provides. If you’re doing the Wall Trick at the Bunker or Farm, Crowbar should be your weapon of choice. To beat down on medium health zombies like Fast Biters and Toxic Spitters, Crowbar is very useful. It is also used to break the lock at the Gate of the Watchtower that unlocks the Swamp region (Accessible after you complete your ATV). It doesn’t do very high damage, nonetheless, its usefulness helps it to occupy a spot in the A-Tier.


Shotgun – The Shotgun is a regular shotgun, and does 70 damage per shot. It’s useful for killing bigger zombies like Floater Bloaters and Toxic Abominations. While being slow, it is found in a lot of places, crates, and sometimes even in the zones.

AK-47 – The AK is probably the best firearm in the game. Doing 18 DPS, it is a marauder. It is the most used weapon for Bunker Bravo runs, along with the SCAR-L. It’s found in Yellow and Red Crates in Alfa, and in the Green, Blue and Purple Crates in Blackport PD. After modding it, it can shred enemies so fast that they won’t even have time to react.



Baseball Bat – It does 20 damage, and can be found in the Sergeant/Brown crates in the PD. It is a decent weapon to use if you do not have any other melee weapons, but don’t try to see it on zombies like the Floater Bloaters and Toxic Abominations.

Cleaver – It deals 17 damage per strike, like the Crowbar, but is much more expensive to craft. Hence it is in the B Tier.

Skull Crusher – It deals 45 damage per strike. You should only use it for clearing out all the roaming zombies on the second floor of Bunker Alfa. Do not craft it.

Road Sign – It is found mostly in the different colored zones, and at Rest Stop events. It does 30 damage but is very slow.

Shovel – Dealing 27 damage at a slow speed, it is a weapon you can use if you want to save your better melee weapons, but never use it in any of the Bunkers or timed locations. Restrict its use to the colored resource zones as much as you can.


M16 – It can be a good weapon, but only after it is modded, because while unmodded, it misses a lot of shots, thus proving to be not very effective.

Winchester Rifle – This is a bad gun with very low durability. If it wasn’t for the 21 damage per shot, it would be rated C Tier. If you have any Winchesters, use them only in the resource zones as much as you can.

VSS Vintorez – The VSS is a good weapon, but is very rare to find, hence it is in the B Tier.

Uzi – Just like the VSS, the Uzi is also a good weapon, but very rare. If you get it, however, you should use it where you want to finish off enemies fast, as it misses a very, very small amount of shots, almost close to none.

Flare Gun – Very rare, but can do decent damage. Use it in the Winter Zones only, if you can, because it is more effective against the numb zombies there.

Minigun – It does massive amounts of damage, but is almost like a legendary item in the game, and also needs to cool down, making you vulnerable in the midst of a fight.

SCAR-L – Said to be the best gun in-game, sometimes even better than the AK, the SCAR is also like a legendary item. Also, its best use is after it has been modded. Hence it has been placed in the B Tier.



Torch – A Torch is meant to be just that, a Torch. It is kind of expensive to craft, and the durability is low. Not worth the components required to craft. Also, it only deals 12 damage.

Cricket (Makeshift) Bat – It requires 3 Duct Tape and 5 Pine Planks to craft, which is very expensive for a weapon that only does 14 damage and is slow.

Paddle – It is not a craftable weapon. It deals 20 damage per strike, but has low durability. It is very slow, and one of the worst melee weapons in-game.

Hockey Stick – Dealing 15 damage, it is not craftable, and hence, like the Paddle, one of the worst weapons.

Hammer – Its usefulness is only to complete the Bridge at the Farm. What use can a weapon have, that does just 8 damage? That’s why it is the worst melee weapon in-game.

Spear – It is the first weapon you can craft in Last Day On Earth. It deals 10 damage, and is useful only for the time period while you’re a beginner. Once you get the resources to craft better weapons, don’t waste them on a Spear.

Golf Club – Even though its damage is close to the Baseball Bat (18 per strike), it is not craftable, and like the Spear, not much useful after you pass through the beginners phase.


Zip Gun – It became the first craftable gun in the game. Problem is, it is way, way too expensive to craft, as it requires two Steel bars and the Springs, which are very difficult to obtain for beginner players. On top of that, it does only 18 damage, making it the second-worst gun in-game.

Revolver – It can only be obtained through Floppy Crates in the single-player gameplay. It does even less damage than a Zip Gun, hence making it the worst gun in-game.

Bow – The Bow used to be one of the better, ranged weapons in the earlier years of the game, but it has lost all importance these days. It was one of the most effective weapons against Frenzied Giants, although it took time to kill them with it. Now, no one really uses a Bow, because it does very negligible damage, and requires more materials to craft compared to the value it provides, which is none.

Harpoon – It does decent damage, but it is not craftable. It is a permanent weapon available in-game, but it was obtainable only during Season 2, 5 and 6. So you can see that it is kind of a seasonal concept. If you are not able to get it before the Season ends, you’ll have to wait till the Season when it is available again. Since Season 2, 5 and 6 are gone, no one can get it anymore, at least until the Season when it’s available again as part of the rewards. Hence, it falls into the C Tier.

That’s the Last Day On Earth Weapons Tier List, folks! Let us know in the comments if we missed any weapon, and if you have any suggestions on improving the list, feel free to send them our way! If you’re new to Last Day On Earth, you can check out our Beginner’s Guide here.

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