Last Shelter: Survival Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

Play by the rules of survival

Last Shelter: Survival is a strategy based ‘Build & Survival’ game that you can play on your Android and iOS devices. The game features the scenarios of a Post-Apocalyptic World infected with zombies. The game is produced by Long Tech Network Limited and has already amassed more than 10M downloads in the Play Store. Therefore here in this Last Shelter Survival beginners guide, we discuss all the tips and tricks or you to keep in mind while playing the game.

1. Building your shelter

Considering, it’s a strategical building game, the first mission when you play this game is to build up a shelter and subsequent missions focus on upgrading resources, defending the area, and of course, expanding your territory.

Last Shelter Survival beginners guide

You’re the Commander, you give out the tasks and call for action. In this game, there are a lot of dialogue exchanges among the significant characters. Your task is to get as many recruits and allies as possible, inboard. Thus, adding an increment to your odds of survival.

2. Fight off the Zombies

Once you’ve proceeded enough, you’ll realize the game is all about holding up again the hordes of zombies. These zombies seem to get more lethal at night as that’s when most of humanity within the shelter is asleep.

You, as the commander, have to recruit better-armed forces to fend off the advancing zombies. You’ll also have to develop new structures and for that, at times, you’ll be sending troops out of the shelter to gather goods and resources. You’ll suffer some casualties here and there, often. But it’s important that you keep your defense tightly held.

Last Shelter Survival beginners guide

So, overall, the task of the commander in the subsequent missions is to expand the shelter while keeping the insiders alive. Doing so would require you to take care of the maintenance of the shelter as well.

3. Understanding the Gameplay

The game offers average visuals for what it displays under its information tab on the Play Store. This might often come as a disappointment to many players who might’ve had been expecting better Graphics, or at least what was promised in the trailer and the promotion pics.

Last Shelter Survival beginners guide

Now, considering its sort of a horror survival, the zombies still lack visual details. This takes away the excitement expected from games under this genre. Fulfilling tasks as part of your missions will sometimes take more time than you would be willing to invest. A slow game, it is, to be precise.

Last Shelter Survival Guide: Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks in this Last Shelter Survival Beginners Guide should help you get past the different stages of the game and win matches easily.

  • Keep your attack forces ready at all costs. Keep training your squads. Make sure to upgrade your base level as it will unlock better fighters for you to recruit.
  • Over-production in times of shortage can do really well. Make sure to transport resources to your designated locations regularly.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to claim your rewards and daily login rewards after completing a task.
Last Shelter Survival
  • Don’t try to challenge the tougher zombies right off the start, first join an alliance and gather some experience and rewards through playing with your new mates.
  • Don’t spend your gems, money, and time skip cards just about casually. As you keep progressing, you’ll learn how important they’ll serve to be. So, be a wise spender.

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