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Limbus Company: The Complete Combat Skill Guide and Tips

Here's everything you need to know about Combat Skill!

Limbus Company is a new 5v5 RPG game that follows up an interesting yet thrilling storyline that helps the players to keep their interest in the game. The game has many unique combat features as well, and thus players often get into trouble and question themselves about the attack chain system. Thus, here is a detailed guide on the Combat skill that must be followed by the players so that they can easily conquer a victory with less number of attacks in Limbus Company. 

Understanding the Combat Skill in Limbus Company

The aspect of Combat is one of the most important parts for every player in this game. There are many important factors on which players need to look out before completing and executing their chain of attacks. So here are the main things to follow up on while you go for forming a chain of attacks for your opponent. 

Limbus Company Combat Skill Guide
Image via Project Moon

While choosing the attack type, check for the favorable arrows. The yellow arrows are yours and the red ones are of the opponents. If the yellow arrow is more inclined towards the opponent, then that attack is completely in your favor and thus you will have an upper hand. But if the red one is inclined towards you or is extended till the midpoint, then it is not at all in your favor and your opponent might end up coming up with more damage to you. 

Limbus Company Combat Skill Guide
Image via Project Moon

Thus, first, check for the favorable conditions of your attacks and then execute the chain of attacks. Every opponent present parallel to your team will not be strong every time. Thus, even if any single opponent deals with your damage and others get defeated in just a slash, then do not worry the fight is still in your favor. 

Limbus Company Combat Skill Guide
Image via Project Moon

Also, while starting with the battle check for the affinity of all the four or five units of sinners you choose for your team. Affinity plays a very important role during the battle, the higher the affinity of the team, the easier will be to win. 


Combat skill is one of the most important aspects of this game and thus this guide will help put players improvise the formation of chains and analysis of the affinity that will thus help the players out in the battleground while they fight against several waves of opponents.

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