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Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide and Tips

Battle with unique cards and quirky and fun characters.

Card-based Battle Royale is a unique genre and Lockdown brawl is basically a turn-based Battle Royale game developed by Bombay Play (an Indian Studio). They primarily develop card-based games like Card Party! , UNO+ and Card Game 29 are also multiplayer games. Now without further ado, Let’s get into the beginners guide for Lockdown Brawl, a card-based Battle Royale game.

Game Mechanics

The game is simple, we battle 3 other people in a battle royale mode and the last one standing wins the match. This is a turn-based game, where each round you use cards you unlocked to attack, defend, and heal, and more.

Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide

Basically, When health reduces to zero, You die and the match gets over. To kill enemies, use your cards wisely. You are given 6 cards in the deck when the battle starts and if you don’t like the cards you have currently in hand, you can draw a card which will count as one round. In case you are idle and your timer runs out, a card will be drawn into your hand automatically. Attacks are based on cards that you unlock which can be used to inflict different damages to enemies. The game rounds go clockwise, you can be attacked directly by the person before you. In some cases, if anyone uses an “Attack all” card it will deal damage to you.

Every turn, you can choose a card of the same colour dealt before you to the centre (just like Uno). Every unlocked card will come in all three colours (red, green and blue), while some cards are colour-independent (These cards can be dealt anytime and sometimes gives you the option to change the colour of the card the next opponent should use). For every first-place win, you will get a Legendary Chest and for every second-place finish, you will get a Champion Chest.

Hearts and Cards


Player health will start at 1000 and can be upgraded by using health tokens, each upgrade will increase overall health by 10 points. Health tokens can be obtained by opening chests. Heath is an important part of a match and it is good to upgrade it as much as possible. For each upgrade, you will also have to spend some cash.

Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide


Cards can be classified into two sections: Core cards and Power cards.

Core Cards

Core cards are the basic cards and they can be used to attack a single opponent. Multiple cards can be collected from chests and upgraded to improve damage dealt against enemies.

Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide

There are totally 8 available cards under this category and 4 of them are available to add to your deck (Core deck can have only 4 cards, which can be changed before starting a battle) and 4 are locked.

Here is the list of available cards :

GoblinCORE (Claw)100
HumanCORE (Gunslinger)100
ElfCORE (Slash)100
OrcCORE (Smash)100
Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide: Core Cards

Core cards can be counter-attacked if you have the same card the opponent has dealt. For instance,

In this image, You can see that the enemy used a Goblin card and we have two different coloured cards, which both can be used to counter-attack, which will pass on the attack with more damage (If the cards have been passed twice, it will deal 200 damage, if three times 300 damage and so on). Counter-attacks stop when a particular opponent does not have the card and deal the collective damage to them.

If you are at your last card and damage is minimal (shown at the bottom left corner), you can take the damage and deal a different card.

Power Cards

These cards have unique abilities and can change the gameplay experience. A total of 14 cards are available under this category, out of which, 4 will be unlocked out of the box and you can unlock the rest. These cards get unlocked when you level–up.

Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide

These cards can help you with special abilities, and some of these cards can heal and put a shield to stay longer in battle. Here is a list of the power cards with their abilities.

Ink BombAttack150Blast everyone in the battlefieldCan be used anytime, Can choose the center card color for next round.
WhirlwindAttack150Damage to all players
Any shields will be blown away
Direction of turns reversed
Can use when color of center card matches.
CannonAttack250Heavy damage to next playerCan use anytime, Can choose the center card color for next round.
FirestormAttack50Hit all enemies with fire
Gain extra round instantly
Can use when color of center card matches
Energy DrinkHeal250 (HEAL)Self-HealCan use when color of center card matches
RecycleHeal100 (HEAL)Self-Heal
Draw six new cards to hand
Gain extra round instantly
Can use when color of center card matches
ShieldDefence350 (ARMOUR) 30 (SHATTER DAMAGE)Shield protection
Will shatter and deal minor damage when destroyed
Can use when color of center card matches
ArrowAttack350Choose any one player to deal damageCan use when color of center card matches
FreezeAttack150Freeze next player, make them skip their turnCan use when color of center card matches
ThiefCombo150 (DAMAGE) 100 (HEAL)Use on any player to steal their health, shield and a cardCan use when color of center card matches
Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide: Power Cards

These are some of the cards which are pretty good at attack and defense and can be mixed in a deck to use them properly. A balanced deck should contain each of these types of power cards.

Rewards and Chests

Every season, there will be rewards for levelling up. There are 180 levels of rewards which can be collected from the trophy road. Basically, you will receive some cash and cards for every level.

Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide

Simultaneously after each battle, you can collect and unlock 4 chests and 1 free chest. There are three different chests – Lite, Champion, and Legendary. Details of each chest are:

ChestAcquired fromRewardsUnlock time
Lite ChestFree Chest every 10 hours
Shop for 500 in-game Cash
1 Health token
25 Cash
1-3 Cards
Champion ChestWin at 2nd place
Shop for 2000 in-game Cash
2 Health tokens
50 Cash
2-3 Cards
1 hour 30 Minutes
Legendary ChestWin at 1st place
Shop for 3000 in-game Cash
3 Health tokens
80 Cash
2-4 Cards
2 hours
Lockdown Brawl Beginners Guide: Chests

**Table values are based on League 1.

Store and Other features

You can buy chests using in-game cash. In-game cash can be also purchased using money. In-game cash starts at 70 rupees for 500 and goes up to 7,300 rupees for 8,00,000 In-game Cash.

You can tap on the profile icon on the top left to view statistics, change name and avatar. Statistics include current season level, best season level, total chicken dinners and total kills.

Lockdown Brawl: Battle Royale Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Try to collect more health tokens and upgrade health.
  • Organize a deck with a balanced setup (must-have defence, attack and heal cards).
  • Use shields to reduce damage to self.
  • Heal at times to stay in the match for longer.
  • If possible, target a single opponent and eliminate them and focus on immediate neighbours.
  • Use splash damage cards to deal damage to multiple enemies.
  • Use round reverse cards to confuse enemies.
  • Only counter cards when you have more than one of them. If it’s the last card and the damage is less, take all the damage and deal a different card.

With these tips and tricks, you could easily push levels and collect cards.

Did you find our Lockdown Brawl: Battle Royale Beginners Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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