Ludo King Guide: 10 important tips and tricks you must know

Ludo King has become very popular nowadays as the situation of lockdown prevails in most of the countries and so people are Quarantined in their homes with nowhere to move outside. The game became the best fit during Coronavirus (COVID-19) as it can be played and enjoyed among all the age groups. The game also has a snake and ladder mode that also brings back childhood memories for most of the people especially the 90s kid. It is developed on the Unity game engine and is available on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms. Here we will focus on each and everything related to Ludo King including Ludo King Guide.

1. Who is the owner of ludo king

Ludo King is developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd, an Indian studio with Head office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Gametion is owned by Mr. Vikash Jaiswal, who hails from Patna, Bihar.

Vikash pursued his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from MIT, Bulandshahar. As part of his thesis in final year, he created a video game called ‘Eggy Boy’, which was named PCQuest magazine’s ‘Game of the Month’ for July 2003. After graduating from MIT, he moved to Mumbai and started working as a tech lead for Indiagames Ltd. In 2008, Vikash started Gametion and Ludo King was launched in December 2016.

2. How to download ludo king

Downloading ludo king is the basic and most important thing in order to play the super favorite game of board.

3. What are levels in Ludo King?

The level in the Ludo King means the levels you have crossed in the game by playing Ludo King. The first level gives you 180 “XP’s” which means experience points. Here, each level gives you different experience points and it means the number of times you have played the game. You can see your current level on your profile picture. The XP’s are different than the coins you earn after every game. You can see your points in Stats bar by clicking on your profile picture.

4. How to earn coins in Ludo King?

You can earn coins by defeating your opponents in a particular game and updating yourself to the next level. You can also get more coins with the help of free spins available. There is also an option of collecting coins from daily bonuses given to those who play Ludo King daily. You can also buy the coins by paying a sum of money with the help of online money transactions through e-banking or net banking.

5. How to get crown in ludo king

You must have noticed the crown that appears on some players’ profiles. The crown is nothing but indicates a particular theme unlocked by the player. The crown changes as you go on unlocking successive themes in the game. For each of the themes, you have to complete a set mission within a set time period. For example, the first mission is to win 2 matches within 6 hours of starting the mission in order to unlock the “nature” theme.

6. How to update yourself to the next level?

You can update yourself to the next level by playing and winning more and more sets of the game. This will gradually help in increasing your overall rank and help you in getting more crowns.

7. How to send emoji in ludo king

The emoji are only available in the online mode of the game, so go to the online game feature option. After starting the game online, you will be able to notice a square gift box option on the top of your opponent’s profile picture. After clicking there, you will be able to see a lot of emoji on top of the screen.

8. How to get Medals/Achievements?

You can easily get Medals and Achievements by winning the matches against your opponents in a row. This will also result in increasing your level and you will also end up getting Medals/Achievements.

9. Play with Friends

There is another option of playing with your friends or family members by creating a room. You can play up to 9 players in a game by sharing the room code at the joining option available in the game. Ludo King has also added a controversial option of betting which some see as the starter kit for gambling addiction. In Ludo King, you can participate in betting from just INR 100 (approximately 1.3 USD).

10. How to join the playroom to play with friends in Ludo King?

In order to join the playroom, first, get the room code and then open the option of “Play with Friends”. Click on the join option and enter the room code and then join your team.

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Anas fasi

How to get big numbers 666666

I am loser in LUDO

Plz reply me how to play

Tousif Hasan Biswas

You are a good question. 😛


Hey Anas!
Just to clear one thing. Getting consecutive 3 6s will lead to the cancellation of your turn.

P Niranjan

How do we know opposite person is hacking or playing genuine


No hacked version available bro


I have play ludoo since 2year but I have not continue 24 times. But another person win 24 time how it’s possible but I see this person have continue win 24 game

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