Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beginners Guide and Tips

I will destroy David Pingree at Mad Skills Motocross 3.

Mad Skills Motocross 3 is the latest Arcade Racing mobile game to hit the shelves of mobile gamers’ libraries all over the world. Developed by Turborilla and launched by Artic Game Lab, the side-scrolling game is currently available for free on both Google Play and App Store. If a player needs a Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to be an expert player in Mad Skills Motocross 3, go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

The Mad Skills Motocross series, in general, provides the passionate motocross fans with a mobile game that perfectly encapsulates the sport they love and cherish but also for attracting casual mobile gamers who may have little interest in said sport but are looking for an entertaining arcade ride to draw them in when they face boredom.  

Getting Started

There are more than 100 career tracks and multiple track surfaces available to race on with the ability to customize riders and bikes however players want. As for the rules of the game, they are as simple as they get. Race to the finish line as fast as possible all the while attempting to achieve all of the targets set for each race. The controls, however, may not be as simple.

mad skills motocross 3 guide
Mad Skills Motocross 3

How to play Mad Skills Motocross 3

The green button is used to accelerate forward, and the red button is used to stop. The right arrow is used to lean forward and the left arrow to lean back. Using the arrows, players can carry out front flips and backflips and travel across the bumpy tracks much faster. While these instructions might seem simple, there is a slight complexity in mastering the arrows within the game at later stages due to the realistic physics it integrates.

If the player moves their finger on the screen while holding the green circle with the same finger, they will be able to experience their rider showing off a Whip. This is a new addition to the Mad Skills franchise as it incorporates a 3D perspective within the game’s graphics. Once the whip action is available, the biker can be made to perform attractive skills when up in the air.

Career Mode

The career mode includes qualifying events in 7 different locations as of now. The player starts with the Germany Qualifier and after racing in all the events and completing the required targets, the player will be able to participate in the Germany Championship. Players need to rank at least third in each race for the next race to be unlocked. There are also three objectives for each race which the players can attempt to complete to get more rewards.


Career Championship is a PvP multiplayer mode that allows players to race up to 99 other real players. A certain time limit is set and within that time frame, players are allowed to restart as many times as they want and keep racing if they feel their finishing time is not fast enough. The best track times will be used to compare to opponents’ best track times and if the fastest players get the highest valued rewards. Playing in these Championships is the best way to earn coins to buy new bikes.

Multiplayer Events

This is basically the same as Championships but there is also a Duel option in this mode that allows players to race against real individual opponents. The same concept as Championships applies here as players try to finish the race as soon as possible and set a time to defeat their opponent. Instead of having many other competitors, players are matched online with a random real opponent after which they must duel it out on the tracks.

Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beginners Guide : Tips and Tricks

Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beginners Guide and Tips
Mad Skills Motocross 3 bikes

1. The Game’s Generosity

For every player, there is a Pro Pass Exclusive free trial that can last 3 days. The free trial promises players 120 golden coins every day and 400 golden coins as soon as the player signs up for the free trial. Along with this, there are no ads and a lot of accessible customization. This would give players a total of 760 Golden Coins for free in 3 days. If players do not want to spend money, they must make sure to cancel the free trial 24 hours before it automatically gets renewed.

2. Complete goals, targets, and achievements

Each race in the qualifiers has 3 targets that players can complete to earn extra rewards. These targets are usually simple and can also be completed after completing the race as fast as possible and unlocking the next qualifier. Players are also encouraged to tap on the 24H button on the main screen and complete the goals to get easy coins. Additional gold coins and rewards can be claimed by tapping on your profile and checking the Achievements option after certain milestones have been achieved. 

3. Upgrading and Buying Bikes

It is highly recommended to be as cheapskate as possible when it comes to upgrading the bikes. Upgrading the bikes early on would only result in more farming and grinding for coins for players later on when they need to buy other bikes required to make progress in the game. Keeping the first couple of bikes at level 1 without any upgrading is a huge bonus and makes the task of buying new bikes much easier.

If upgrading the bike becomes a necessity to get a top 3 ranking, players can decide what parts to upgrade to get better attributes on specific parts of the bike and save coins instead of upgrading every part. Players can check which part of the bike enhances which attribute and make their decision to upgrade accordingly.

4. Get free gold

Players can invite friends to play Mad Skills Motocross 3 to get free gold. By tapping on the option where two shadows high-five each other, players can invite friends via Email, Facebook, Instagram, and other applications to get free gold coins. Inviting 10 friends will give players 100 gold coins. Players are also recommended to watch ads to get free easy gold when they get tired of farming.  

5. Racing Tips

Many in-game riding tips show up while playing Mad Skills Motocross 3. A couple of tips to remember is that the fastest way to get through sand is by riding a wheelie and breaks can often be used to go through the fastest lines. Practicing how to drive as fast as possible is highly recommended, as it takes a certain level of expertise to master the right and left keys and to make sure the biker can ride full throttle without crashing. Practicing leaning forward and backward at the right times ensures that the bike is moving at maximum speed.

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beginners Guide. Did you find our Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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