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Madtale Partner Tier List for July 2023

Choose your perfect partner!

Madtale is a strategic idle RPG game developed by Archosaur Games. The game recently got a soft launch for Android devices in selected regions around the world. In the game, the players need to explore the natural surroundings and fight against various enemies. Partners help in doing most of the job for the players during battles, so it is necessary to understand them well beforehand. Hence, this is our Madtale Partner Tier List for July 2023.

Madtale Partner Tier List for July 2023

Madtale categorizes the Partners of the game into four different tiers; S, A, B, and C respectively. This tier list will categorize the partners according to their roles. The tier description is as followed.

  • S Tier (Strong): This tier lists the strong partners in the game, from different categories. Partners from this list are highly recommended.
  • A Tier (Good): This tier lists partners who are good, and a tier below S. They have a sufficient impact during battles.
  • B Tier (Average): Average partners below the Good and better than the Weak tier.
  • C Tier (Weak): This tier lists partners who are fairly mediocre because their skills don’t have a big impact on the team or formation during the battle.
Strong (S)Gruul Lydon
Prabhu Phil
Rilla Reed
Anneta Borun
Maria Lohr
Capet Augu
Good (A)Tybalt
Mary Perlo
Ali Baba
Core Bonar
Arnell Reed
Kathy Keller
Alicia Lohr
Renard Panni
Average (B)Cassim
Laura Cole
Eno Gaia
Weak (C)SheitanSebastian
Verlios Pilt
Stan Wall
Elena Cody

Best Partners to choose for Madtale in July 2023

Anneta Borun

  • Role: Archmage
  • Camp: Life Federation
Anneta Borun in Madtale
Image via Archosaur Games

Anneta Borun is one of the best picks among the Archmage partners. Her area of effect stun deals heavy damage to enemies and works wonderfully to debuff enemies. Her ultimate skill move which goes by the name Foamy Dream also is essential in increasing skill damage up to 200%.


  • Role: Assassin
  • Camp: Deity
Mercury in Madtale
Image via Archosaur Games

The Assasin is the best Single Target unit in the entire game. Yes, the Puss comes close, but Mercury is on another level. The God of Gold and Silver deals massive damage up to 520% of attack via his ultimate skill with the same name while stealing 50 energy from the foe at maximum level.


  • Role: Warrior
  • Camp: Life Federation
Archie in Madtale
Image via Archosaur Games

The Frog Traveller might be slow as his ride doesn’t offer much speed, but he is indeed a smart Warrior. This Single target strike partner deals enough damage while keeping himself intact, while his ultimate skill move which is Dive Attack increases skill damage up to 520% attack.

Rilla Reed

  • Role: Assassin
  • Camp: Council of Thorns
Cindrella in Madtale tier list January 2023
Image via Archosaur Games

Highly rated by the community, the Cinderella partner is a must to have in most battles. With Sustained DPS and rated high in attack, Rilla Reed is a menace to her enemies with her ultimate skill dealing 185% damage and Bleed damage up to 100% at max level.

Maria Lohr

  • Role: Sorcerer
  • Camp: Holy Light Order
Maria Lohr in Madtale
Image via Archosaur Games

Snow White is an insane passive and explosive partner, who deals heavy damage to enemies. The biggest plus of Maria is her ultimate damage skill “Royal Ancedode”, which deals a massive 210% attack damage while also reducing their accuracy up to three rounds at max level.

Final Thoughts

Madtale has a plethora of partners available in the game, near to fifty. Players need not follow the exact order mentioned in this tier list because for players’ preference, the character choices may differ and accordingly, they will select the partners as per their choice. However, this is a reference to those who need to build a strong squad and counter foes.

With further updates, we are sure they will add a few more of these partners to the game. Yes, the more they are, it’ll be more difficult to select the partners accordingly. But on a positive note, the addition of these can be very influential in deciding the best for your squad and deploying the strongest team.

Did you find our Madtale Tier List helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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