Mario Kart Tour Items: The complete guide

GamingonPhone’s next instalment in the Mario Kart Tour coverage series is the Mario Kart Tour Items section. Tour gave us new items, returning items from older games, and ever present staple items across the Mario Kart series. 

Basic Items in Mario Kart Tour

Let’s start with the basic items available to all characters. 

1. Banana

Mario Kart Tour Items

Needs no explanation, a truly classic item since Mario Kart’s creation. In Tour, these are scaled rather large and make for a challenge to avoid.

2. Green Shell

Mario Kart Tour Items

Another memorable icon in the Mario Kart series, the green shell. Like the banana, this item has been slowly increasing in size over the past few Kart games and makes for a tricky manoeuvre to avoid. 

3. Red Shell

Mario Kart Tour Items

On top of its increased size, the Red Shell has proven to be the most terrifying item in Tour, homing in on the driver in front of you, and flicking them into the air. It seems this item gets stronger every game. 

4. Spiny Shell

Mario Kart Tour Items

The bane of every frontrunner’s existence. The Spiky (or more commonly known; Blue) Shell reappears in Mario Kart Tour. Since its mechanics change in Mario Kart 7, the Spiky Shell travels along the ground, interfering with other racers besides first place. 

5. Bob-omb

The bob-omb is still one of the most satisfying items to pull off successfully. On Tour’s smaller scaled tracks, this item is quite literally a ‘blast’ to use. 

6. Mushroom

Mushrooms are another key factor to Mario Kart’s success, allowing creativity with shortcuts and a boost for the player in lower positions. 

7. Mega Mushroom

Making its first appearance in Mario Kart Wii, the Mega Mushroom is a useful alternative to a Star or bullet bill. In Mario Kart Tour, this item is useful for rolling over your opponents and generating quick points.

8. Blopper

Mario Kart Tour Items

The infamous blooper has a love/hate relationship with many players. However, in Tour, Nintendo incorporated the touch screen to rub the Blooper Ink off your screen – an interesting new mechanic.

9. Bullet Bill

Mario Kart Tour Items

The Bullet Bill is a fan favourite, and wouldn’t miss a single Kart title. Adjustments have been made for it to suit the style of Tour, with a shorter life span and speed.

10. Lightning

Nobody is safe from the Lightning bolt. Zapping all players in the race, it turns them small, and makes them squishable by larger players!

11. Coin

Mario Kart Tour Items

The coin was reintroduced to the series in Mario Kart 7, and grants two coins in Tour.

12. Super Horn

The Spiny Shell’s worst enemy: The Super Horn makes its return. This item sends a shockwave to players or items inside the user’s immediate radius. 

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Character-unique items in Mario Kart Tour

Next up, the character-unique items. These items belong to a limited amount of drivers and have a different effect on the racetrack.

1. Giant Banana

Characters: Donkey Kong, Morton Koopa Jr.

The Giant Banana, first seen in Double Dash, is a Banana with attitude. It is twice as big as a normal one, and causes a large spinout upon impact. 

2. Triple Green Shell

Mario Kart Tour Items

Characters: Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones, Iggy Koopa, Lakitu

A regular occurrence in the Kart series, Triple Green Shells have now moved to the character-specific items. They rotate around your kart, and send off to hit other racers. 

3. Bowser’s Shell

Characters: Bowser, Dry Bowser, Bowser Jr.

One of the most powerful and damaging items in Tour, is the Bowsers Shell. This giant shell rips through the track, taking out any player in its huge radius. 

4. Double Bob-ombs

Characters: Mario (Musician), Shy Guy, Roy Koopa, Wario

A new item to Mario Kart, the Double Bob-omb, provides a simple and unique new item mechanic. Spreading the course with Bob-ombs, it raises the blast radius of a singular Bob-omb. 

5. Triple Mushrooms

Mario Kart Tour Items

Characters: Toad, Toadette

Triple Mushrooms have also been moved to the character-specific section. Nothing new here, just the triple variety of the standard mushroom.

6. Fire Flower

Characters: Mario, Metal Mario

The Fire Flower item makes three fireballs revolve around your kart, then throws them all at once when the screen is tapped. This item works best on a narrow road with walls!

7. Boomerang

Characters: Baby Mario, Larry Koopa

The Boomerang flings out in front of you, hitting both players and coins, causing racers to spin out. 

8. Heart

Characters: Peach, Daisy, Wendy O. Koopa

The Heart is a very powerful, defensive item that protects attacks against any other driver. That includes all of the powerful items like the Lightning. On top of that, you can stack up to 5 of them at once. 

9. Yoshi’s Egg

Characters: Yoshi

This iconic item rolls around and homes in on the racer in front of you, before crashing into them and exploding into various items. 

10. Bubble

Mario Kart Tour Items

Characters: Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Lemmy Koopa

The bubble is an item with mixed opinions. It keeps your character above the ground, making in invincible from items with a small speed boost. However, you also miss out on boost panels, making it slightly detrimental. 

11. Banana Barrels

Characters: Diddy Kong

This item requires some skill to use but creates some serious hazards for the other racers. It shoots regular bananas out in front of your kart.

12. Mushroom Cannon

Characters: Peachette

The Mushroom Cannon is another item which has to be used carefully and with skill. Being the opposite of the Banana Cannon, it shoots out offensively-based Mushrooms. In order to best make use, you must collect all the Mushrooms that spit out to avoid other racers obtaining them. 

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13. Lucky Seven

Mario Kart Tour Items

Characters: Pauline

The Lucky Seven, first seen in Mario Kart Seven, rotates 7 different items around your kart. These items have changed since 7’s days, and are the Red Shell, Banana, Green Shell, Bob-omb, Super Horn, Mushroom, and Blooper in Tour.

Characters: Mario (Hakama)

The Coin Box is a powerful new item for extending your combos. It behaves similar to a coin frenzy by throwing out piles of coins in front of your kart for anyone to pick up. This may seem detrimental to your own race, but is definitely useful in gaining more overall race points.

Characters: Rosalina, Ludwig Von Koopa

The dash ring sets rings out on the track in front of you, granting a short boost when passed through. It rewards skill, and allows you to extend combos over potentially dead areas of the track.

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