Marvel Contest of Champions September 2020 Tier List

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Marvel Contest of Champions universe is nearing 200 champions over 6 classes and wide-ranging abilities, thus it is indeed difficult to classify all of them on common parameters. With so many tiers list available across this popular Action world, it can be offending too many legend players as the champion they may cherish may not really be the “Kohinoor” of the game. But at the same time, if you are a new player or going strong in the game, you ought to know whom to promote and who are not as useful as they may seem. So, it’s elementary that we should lay the basis to the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier list for September 2020.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Parameters

The tier list we suggest here is perfect blend of following parameters:

1. Gameplay

While max power is important to beat a tank, the gameplay of a champion decides his utility in the game. Often, players like to carry champs with easy gameplay (Like Colossus) as their attackers, while most with trickier gameplay (like Emma Frost) are preferred as defenders. 

2. Special Abilities

As each champion have a unique ability in the game, the champions with most useful abilities in most parts of the game (including special quests) are placed in a higher tier. 

3. Utility

This chart ranks champions with multi-mode utility higher than the ones who may have great damage skill but cannot be used in all modes of the game.

4. Immune

With suicide masteries being common in gameplay along with new side quests that drain your health even before you land your first blow, the champions who are immune to more than one debuff come in extremely handy. The tier chart below adequately recognizes such Champions.

Marvel Contest of Champions September Tier List

With the basis being laid adequately here I present the tier list for the Marvel Contest of Champions for the start of September 2020. The tier list follows a brief analysis of some of the all-time champions of MCOC. Here we split them according to a different class:

Omega Red
Archangel Sunspot
Doctor DoomAegon
Nick Fury
Corvus Glaive Hyperion
Captain Marvel Movie
Venom the Duck
Guillotine 2099
Captain America(IW)
Human Torch
Wolverine Weapon X
Symbiote Supreme
Doctor Voodoo
Mojo Morningstar
Black Widow
Sorcerer Supreme
Spider-Man Stealth
Hit Monkey
Silver Surfer
Cull Obsidian Proxima Midnight
Spider Man (Stark)
Sentinel Guardian
Iron Man
Red Guardian
Luke Cage
Gladiator Hulk
GoldWolverine X-23
Mister Sinister
Emma Frost
Storm (Pyramid X) Wolverine
Scarlet Witch
Ghost Rider
Winter Soldier
Elsa Bloodstone Squirrel Girl
Night Thrasher
Black Widow Movie
Kamala Khan
Vision (Classic)
Mister Fantastic
Red Hulk Spider-Gwen
Invisible Woman
Old Man Logan
The Hood
Guillotine Man-Hood
Task Master
Black Widow OG
Hawkeye Thor (Ragnarok)
Mole Man
Black Bolt
The Campion Heimdall
Terrax Nova
Doctor Octopus
Vision (Avengers)
Captain America WW2
BronzeStorm Cable
Night Crawler
Deadpool X-Force
Thor (Jane Foster)
Iron Fist
Doctor Strange
Ebony Maw
Daredevil (Classic)
Black Panther (Classic)
Agent Venom
Moon Night
Black Panther (Civil War)
Ms. Marvel
Captain Marvel
Spider-Man Symbiote
King Groot
Superior Iron Man
Red Skull
Rocket Racoon
Green Goblin
Civil Worrior
Iron Man
War Machine
Iron Patriot
Howard the Duck
Yellow Jacket
Miles Morales
Captain America (Classic) M.O.D.O.K
Joe Fixit Abomination Sentry

Marvel Contest of Champions Meta Heroes

Here are our choices for meta heroes in MCOC world for the month of September, 2020.


Marvel Contest of Champions September 2020 Tier List Colossus

There can be no better champ to start this list. Once a meme in the MCOC world this man of steel has jumped his up to being the most ranked up champion in MCOC. Why? For starter, he is immune to Bleed, Incinerate, Cold snaps, and Frostbite, which itself is a huge advantage when you fight Iceman or Mephisto on strong nodes. Further after being buffed, his armor up abilities have become more likely and each armor up adding up to the damage. So he is a great choice for a 5* max out.



Yet again a mutant but he is the first choice for any Quest lover. Even after a recent nerf, his regen abilities are satisfactory for good players. He has a smooth gameplay thanks to the weapon, a very nice player to practice intercepts. And after nearly 25 outrage he is a force to reckon with. Namor (5* max) can land in hits as major 250k in the second special, a feature that only rare champs have in the game. Also, the fact that he does not need any synergy to be as amazing as he is making a definite choice on any quest team.

Omega Red (OR)

Yes, one more mutant. Simply because he can be used in scenarios where even champs like Namor, Colossus, or Corvus cannot be used. As the game is reaching a new level of difficulty the damage caping is seen almost every 3rd node. And it is frustrating. So, the job comes to champs like Omega red who can chip in great side damage. OR inflict death spores which are luckily not classified as bleed, so no other Champ is immune to this. OR himself is immune to poison and deals a fraction (10%) of the bleed inflicted upon him. Overall, he is a great choice for AQ and AW, plus his life steal ability to make him handy for longer quests.

Doctor Doom

Marvel Contest of Champions September 2020 Tier List Doc Doom

With 70% block proficiency, even higher than Captain America and on the top of it he is immune to critical hits. He is immune to shock and armor break which is not super useful but can be critical in close fights. The only reason why many MCOC players steer clear of him is that he has peculiar gameplay that is not easy to pull off in a regular fight, plus he does not synergize well with other useful champs. But once you master the cycle of doom, he is a nuke that guarantees a kill every time.


The star of the mystic world and darling of many from the very start of this game. She is what she is, with so many champions stacking buff these days, she can cut through them in a jiffy. She can be really irritating in the defense for the opponent with her limbo and nullify. And she is the best champ to inflict the power lock in MCOC to date. In that sense she is irreplaceable, and her character supports the ‘4 hits & retreat’ gameplay like no other.  It is rare to find an account that has her as 5* and not maxed out or waiting to be maxed out.


The reason why this beast has one hand is that no other champ can handle what he could do if he had both. He is custom made for a quest like a labyrinth or the Abyss of legends. But that is all where he can be seen best. Aegon needs an endless series of hits to be the god he is. Once that parameter strikes in, he can evade, ignore armor (all sorts), and packs a punch that no one else can. Basically, there is no champ in the game that stands a chance against this one-handed beast but all that starts from 100 hits, and many daily fights do not even get to that.



The champ with one of the easiest simple gameplay and great damage output.  He is one of those champs whose abilities are in perfect sync. Every Parry lands a bleed, every bleed increases power gain, every power gain can be turned into regeneration. With the right synergies and danger sense, the damage output increases substantially and makes him a definite choice for long story quests and wars.

Nick Fury

Marvel Contest of Champions September 2020 Tier List Nick Fury

When Sentry was launched in MCOC, he was a huge disappointment, because he is the most powerful guy in the MCOC universe. But when Nick Fury was announced, he came in as a shocker. A guy who pretty much does nothing besides talking in the movie is imparted with exceptional powers in the game. His internal bleed ability is super useful. His biggest utility is tactical charges that make him a great choice against auto evading or auto-blocking champions. Plus, the fact that he is a skill champion while evade champs is Science gives him a natural advantage. No wonder he is a poster boy of most legend profiles this season. 

Corvus Glaive

No other champion has maintained a fan following like this one since they were launched. While quest like LOL was unthinkable without Champions like Star-Lord. CG has made them super smooth. The fact that CG builds in more power with every fight not only makes him a great choice for the quest but also for Alliance Wars and Alliance quests. And there is no one in the game who can tank damage like this grey monster.

Captain Marvel (Movie)

Cap Marvel

She is as furious in the game as she was in the final sequel of avengers. Her gameplay is one of the smoothest in the game and rare champ that has a sliding forward attack in the game. Her binary ignition abilities make her a good grinding champion and with the ability to carry over the ignition charges to the next fight, she is a default choice for the longer quests. With her indestructible abilities and synergy with a great champ like Nick Fury makes her the goddess of female heroes in the game.


If you a suicide player, this is your Champ to bet upon. To begin with, he is immune to bleed, poison, frost, and cold snaps, plus he regenerates, and if this wasn’t enough he is one of the tops heal blockers in the game. He has some chunky special attacks for short fights and places a subtle armor break when needed. Overall, very nice gameplay and solid champ for daily AQs and monthly quests.


Marvel Contest of Champions September 2020 Tier List Ghost

Most people put her on top of the list, and she deserves it. The reason why she came up much later in our list is her gameplay. If you are a skilled player and can quickly adapt to different game styles, then she may be your obvious first choice.  The ghost has a massive damage output and can easily warry of the most damaging special attacks in the game. With synergies from Wasp and Hood, she can even evade L3 without much effort, which is a unique skill in the whole game. She is one champ whose abilities cannot be best described in words and you must watch and learn her gameplay to master her.


He is just not any ‘thing’. Since comic days he has been people’s favorite out of Fantastic 4 line up, and he is still the best one in the game. He is a tough character with abilities to stack Rock charges and convert them into fury buffs to gain massive damage abilities. Thing is great for fights where crit hits are capped since a major portion of damage comes through fury buffs. Also, he is immune to bleed which is a huge advantage in the game.


The only champ that can win a fight without landing a single hit. Quake is one of most promoted champs in the game but also the least used top tier champ. It is mainly because her gameplay requires you to be on the edge of your seat and your reflexes need to be super quick to get the best out of her. She is one of those rare champs that can be used against any champion in any quest simply because she does not need to land a hit to win a fight. All that if you master her gameplay.

Captain America (IW)

Cap America IW

No team is complete without a great captain so does this one, finally a Captain America version of MCOC that does justice to his role. CapAm’s tactical charges are more than good enough to make him a great offense champion. With a stack of Tac charges, Captain America gains a huge attack potential clubbed with the ability to nullify all offensive abilities make him a default choice for any challenge. The fact that he can synergize with a good quest line-up is a cherry on top.

Final thoughts

You may disagree or agree to disagree with the above listings. the more you play, the choices tend to get skewed by the most preferred game mode. But the above champs are a force to reckon with and must be on top of your list to awaken or max out. This is all as of now for the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List for September 2020. Follow us as we soon come up with a list of champs that are best non-awakened.

Did you find our Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List for September 2020 helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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