Marvel Realm of Champions review: Another action-packed RPG on the Marvel Universe

Make Marvel Yours! Your Champion. Your Team. Your Realm.

They are back with a Kabam! Another Marvel-based fantasy game is round the corner and this time it’s based in the future on a planet called the Maelstrom. Here is a review of Marvel Realm of Champions (MROC) based on some of the early gameplay mechanics, storyline, and the different game modes the game had to offer. While the game is still on a beta release it is being curated for the modern-day marvel fans with a moto:

  • Your Heroes: Yes, you can take the base characters and customize their attires and skills to any level you want to.
  • Your Team: What if the Avengers had Storm and Apocalypse on their side, it all possible now. The game allows you to create custom teams for Quests with your favorite characters fighting on your side.
  • Your Realm: The game offers a wide range of arena to choose from and a multi-gaming mode that suits your interest.

Marvel Realm of Champions is a fantasy game setup revolving around the second generation of Avengers and their fight with the modern version of legendary marvel villains. The early characters are carved out of the skin of legendary heroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and some amazing others. While we get to that later, let’s get on with our MROC review.

MROC offers a unique Storyline

In the era unknown, there were six war houses that emerged in the universe, totally far from each other. Until the evil Maestro joined them together to form planet Maelstrom. But now since the Maestro is murdered by the unknown forces, the unity of the war house is on the brink of collapse leading to battle amongst the war houses.

Marvel Realm of Champions Review map

The legendary Tony Stark aka Iron Man took upon him the humongous task of restoring world peace and finding out the evil forces inflicting the chaos. You are going to join that team and help him restore world peace.

The game has two Gamemodes to choose from

MROC features two gaming mode, The Stronghold, is a PvE version where you team up with other players to fight the AI-controlled opponents. And the other mode is Arena conquest (PvP), where you team up with other online players to compete with another online team.


Both the mode offers victory bonuses in form of Gold, ISO, and Crystals. If you are a Marvel Contest of Champions player, you would identify these rewards and their usages. The gold is essential to buy arm and upgrade the player, while the extent is limited to the ISOs owned by you. The game starts with a default Iron Man like character and gives to option to unlock many other superheroes as you progress in the game.

Controls are smooth and offer smooth gameplay

The controls are convenient and easy to play like any other RPG. The games support two-hand gameplay with the right tap being a basic attack and the long hold on the right turns to a heavy attack. The player can also dodge the attack by dashing using the right hand.

Marvel Realm of Champions Review

The left hand majorly handles the joystick for navigation throughout the map. The arena sizes are not too extensive and can be easily memorized over a period. There are basic barrier and interactions within the arena that make it more interesting and challenging at the same time.

Marvel Realm of Champions offers a large roster of characters

The current list of Marvel Realm of Champions character comprises of:

Marvel Realm of Champions Review

House: Patriot Garrison

  • President Peggy Carter
  • Super Soldiers

House: Temple of Vishanti

  • Ancient One (Stephen Strange)
  • Sorcerers Supreme

House: House of Iron

  • Stark Prime (Tony Stark A.I.)
  • Iron Legionnaires

House: Kingdom of Wakanda

  • Queen Shuri
  • Black Panthers

House: Asgardian Republic

  • War Thor
  • Thors

House: Pyramid X

  • Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur)
  • Storms

House: Gamma Horde

  • Skaar
  • Hulks

House: Spider-Guild

  • Madam Web (Gwen Stacy)
  • Spider-Warriors
worlds map

Battle locations in the Realm of Champions

  • Land of the Free – Triskelion
  • Isle of Agamotto- Kamar-Taj
  • Iron Nation – Armored City
  • New Wakanda – Birnin Damisa
  • The Nine Realms – Asgardia
  • Egyptia – Mutopia
  • Green Desert – Los Diablos
  • Spider-Island – The Fulcrum

Final Thoughts

The new joint effort by Kabam and Netmarble looks promising and is currently out in only a few limited countries as a beta. While the global release was expected earlier, things naturally got delayed due to Coronavirus’s impact. Nevertheless, it’s going to be out soon, as many have predicted it to arrive by October 2020. With what has been released so far, the game looks promising and offers a variety of heroes. Therefore it’ll surely be a great opportunity for Marvel fans to try their hands and customize their fav characters.

The game is due to release soon and with MCOC fans all over the world, the hype is already there. Hope that Kabaam will deliver this masterpiece well in time and would live up to their expectations. Whenever it comes out, you will hear from us first so keep checking this space for further updates.

What are your opinions on the review of Marvel Realm of Champions? Do let us know in the comments!

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