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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Unleash your inner super hero and join the Marvel universe!

In a game that mixes popular Marvel characters with a rich RPG leveling, player vs. player, character upgrades, and more, assemble a team of Marvel’s top superheroes and villains and combat using Puzzle Quest’s unique match-3 and story-telling gameplay. The game can be categorized as strategic despite having leisure elements. Here in this beginners guide, we will offer help to get you started on Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG and then make your way further into the game.

Gameplay Overview

In this turn-based RPG game, the player has to fight with a deck of three Marvel superheroes from the entire universe, to fight three villains or supervillains. The game is based on matching colored puzzles, where each color represents the power of different characters.

When a minimum of three colors are matched in the puzzle, the character deals damage to the villain. In addition to this, there are other extra powers located in the puzzle which will be unlocked once the player levels up their Marvel heroes.

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There are two primary modes available: narrative and multiplayer, in which players compete against the other team led by the game’s AI. Although the game is free, there are options to pay for character upgrades or level-ups. Replaying previous levels will also get you access to new heroes, a collection of Iso-8, hero coins, and other things. The options for team composition and talent choices increase as a player’s squad does.

Introducing the Basics of MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

Understanding the Puzzle Function

In match-three, turn-based combat, players form a team of three Marvel superheroes or supervillains from different stories, directing the team against a team of up to three other superheroes or supervillains. Each color-coded match inflicts harm on the player’s adversary while generating action points that may be used to buy special abilities. As they are matched, gems vanish and are replaced from above.

Puzzle function Marvel Quest
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The six different colors of gems on the board give energy when they match, allowing for the usage of special moves. Players alternate hits until one of them is defeated. The battle ends once all adversaries have been taken out, exposing a prize for the victor. Each character has designated colors in the puzzles, which when matched, provide a boost to the special power of the hero that deals extra damage to the enemies.

Events and Story mode

The game begins with an exclusive event. When the player completes the required stages of the event, he or she will unlock the story mode. There are three types of modes in which the player can participate. The first is the event mode. The event mode comprises various stages, which upon a clearing, the player will be rewarded with either comic pages or other items.

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The story mode includes a plot that the game provides. The last is the versus mode, where every player can compete with each other with their own deck of heroes. However, it requires a certain level to be unlocked. By playing these modes, the player can get heroes. And other items to upgrade the heroes directly or indirectly.


There are a total of three currencies in the game that can be used to upgrade and purchase items within the game. Iso-8, Hero points, and Command points. Iso-8 can be used to upgrade the character’s level, and for power-ups. The command points and the hero points are used to buy new character summons, and to purchase extra slots on the deck that enables the player to accommodate more heroes in the lineup.

Mastering and Upgrading your Marvel heroes

There are several characters in the game. In the beginning, the player receives three cards, to begin with. These heroes in the card can be used to fight during the tutorial. After the tutorial, the player can opt to keep the characters and upgrade them or buy and get new advanced heroes. As the player progresses, there will be many opportunities to get stronger and rarer heroes.

marvel puzzle quest characters heroes villains
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There are a total of 277 characters that the player can acquire and fight with. The rarity and the power of the heroes can be inspected through the number of stars they have. One star is the lowest and five stars are the highest on the power scale. On receiving the heroes, based on the stars, the power is judged. In order to further upgrade the heroes acquired, the comic cover page of the hero needs to be collected.

Different cover pages of the same hero enable the player to upgrade different skills. These skills are directly in relation to the colors of the puzzles. The stronger the hero, the more HP the hero has. Once the player levels up, he or she would receive Iso-8 points that can be used to upgrade the hero deck.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG:

  1. Save Is0-8 points for later in the game to upgrade rarer heroes quickly thus getting stronger quickly
  2. Try not to spend hero points to summon heroes right in the beginning. Collect a bunch of the points for later to get more heroes in bulk and to purchase space in the heroes deck.
  3. Try and complete daily quests and milestones, in order to get currencies and items that can be used to get stronger
  4. Prevent keeping one-star heroes for long in the deck, as they consume space where if the player has a lack of hero points, they may have to abandon and sell the rarer heroes. Once the player receives 3 or more higher-starred heroes, they should sell the one-star heroes to give them space and earn extra currencies for future upgrades.
  5. Participate in exclusive events, as they provide exclusive limited rewards.


Marvel Puzzle Quest is a strategic RPG, where the player has to resolve puzzles to unlock more mysteries which also are solved through puzzles. The game has a plot, and a PvP system, and provides a leisurely yet strategic background to the game. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG Beginners Guide! Did you find our Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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