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Master Ball Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the Best Pokemon Trainer ever!

Master Ball is an amazing strategy RPG that helps you live the dream life of a Pokemon Trainer. Just like the famous Pokemon anime, you get the chance to start your journey as a Pokemon Trainer in Master Ball. Here, I present a detailed Master Ball beginners guide for all my amateur friends.

The journey in Master Ball begins by choosing your first Pokemon at Dr. Oak’s lab, which also has a complimentary Pikachu. You need to train your Pokemon and fight across all the Gyms present over different terrains that are divided into Chapters and Stages. Here I present a detailed Master Ball beginner guide for all my amateur friends. Apart from this guide, don’t forget to check out our redeem codes and reroll guide.

Gameplay Overview

Master Ball is a 2D strategy-based action game where you get to form a team of 6 Pokemon. There are approximately 400 Pokemons present in Master Ball, further divided into 18 Power Types. The first thing is, that you need to learn the basics regarding how to form a 6 men’s team.

Master Ball gameplay
Image via Era of Lorencia

Check out the Pokemon you’ve and their Power Types. Understanding the Power Types will surely help you with the positioning of the Pokemon. Prefer Fire, Combat, or the Pokemon that has more ATK stats and keeps them at the frontline. For the backend, go for the Supporting or Healing type Pokemon to get a strong cover.

After positioning, it’s time we discuss the game mechanics. The game mechanics are quite easy to understand for every individual. The game follows an automated mode of gameplay, but if you want then you can also opt for the manual mode. Remember, it’s a turn-based game so try to choose the game mode accordingly. The main thing for you is to choose the Melee attacks and fill the Rage Skill bar. Once it’s full, go for the ultimate attack and take down your enemies.

Master Ball tutorial
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Apart from the main Stage mode, you’ll also witness other game modes like Arena. We will be discussing them in detail. The game is also full of important resources. You can easily gather them by completing the events and missions.

Introducing the Basics of Master Ball

Game Modes

In this fairy tale world of Pokemon, you can not only go for the Stages but also explore yourself in the game. You’ll get to witness three game modes in Master Ball:

Master Ball Stage
Image via Era of Lorencia

The three Game Modes are Stage, Arena, and Adventure. Stage is the primary storyline mode that comprises of Story and Hard modes. The Story is the main one where you get to proceed further into the storyline. On the other hand, Hard is the mode where you get to face the same villains you face at a particular stage. But in Hard, these villains are more powerful, and you get to claim more rewards.

Master Ball Adventure
Image via Era of Lorencia

Arena is a mode where you get to test yourself with other player’s lineups. You can easily fight against other players present on your server and test your team. This will help you learn about the flaws you’ve in your team and thus utilize your time improving them.

Adventure Mode has a lot of games under it. Majorly, this mode helps you gather resources when you’re low. Games like Daily Dungeon, Adventure Road, Dispatch, Element Challenge, Aether Paradise, Fishing, and Gym Challenge. Remember, all these game modes get unlocked after you reach a certain level. So, play wisely, unlock them, and follow our Master Ball Beginners Guide to have a better gameplay experience.


Pokedex is the area where you get to see all the Pokemon present in the game. For better understanding, the game has already categorized all the Pokemon into different tiers. You can also filter them as per the Power Types and learn about the best Pokemons of Master Ball.


The Pokemon section lets you get access to all the Pokemon you’ve drawn. You can easily level up the Pokemon and also upgrade their skills. To do so, you need several important resources such as Gold, Several Level Boosters, Foods, and more.

Master Ball Pokemon
Image via Era of Lorencia

You can easily grab these resources by playing matches and winning the quests. Apart from that, the best part is you can also Evolve your Pokemon. To Evolve them, you need to have a Skill Breakthrough and Level up that Pokemon to a certain Level.

Draw and Quest

The Draw sections help you draw Pokemon with the help of Draw Tickets and Gems. It has several sections in it. These sections help you draw ordinary resources. Low Tier, and Top Tier Pokemon. The Quests section assigns you Daily and Main tasks that you need to complete. Completing them helps you earn amazing sets of resources like Gold, Gem, Food, Level Boosters, Pokemon Chest, and EXPs.

Master Ball Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Form the Best Lineup

Whether Amateur or Pro, lineup formation is the primary job for all. You should check out all the Pokemons you own and analyze their Power Types, HP, and Level. Set your team accordingly, or you can click the Quick Formation option present in the Lineup section. Opting for that will directly show you the best and the most powerful team possible with the Pokemon you have. So, don’t forget to make the best and the most powerful team with the Pokemon you own.

2. Choose Manual over Automated Mode

As Master Ball has most of the gameplay features over the automated game mode, it’s better to go for the manual game mode. By manually handling the Pokemon, you won’t make any mistakes in Attack Selection. But in the automated mode, there’s a high chance of losing even if you have a strong team. Thus, I’ll suggest you go for the manual gameplay and enjoy every bit of your effort.

3. Explore yourself in the Game Modes

Just progressing in the Stage mode won’t help you know your true potential. For that, test your team over the Arena section. Take fights against other players, use your strategies, and analyze your mistakes. This will help you learn more about yourself and your Pokemon. Also, if you’re low on resources, go for the Adventure section. It has a lot of modes under it that will help you earn tonnes of resources just by playing simple matches.

4. Evolving is very important for your progress

As you’ve also witnessed in your childhood, how important it is to evolve your Pokemon. Just like that exact theory, in Master Ball too it’s important to evolve them. Evolving your Pokemon will help you make them and your team more powerful. It will help you in your fights and also, your win percentage will increase in just no time. Hence, save your Golds and utilize them in evolving your Pokemon.

5. Don’t ignore the Quests

Master Ball has a great Quest section. The Daily Quests page updates every 24 hours and eventually, it helps you to earn more resources daily. The Main Quests mode comprises all the difficult and important tasks. Completing them will help you gather precious and rare resources. So, it’s better not to ignore the Quests and utilize your time.

Final Thoughts

Master Ball is an outstanding game because of all the features and the aura it holds. The world of Pokemons just amazes every Pokemon fan and completes the childhood wish of enjoying the life of a Pokemon Trainer. To learn more about the game and understand it in a better way, don’t miss out on any points that I’ve mentioned in my Master Ball beginners guide, The piece will surely help you with an in-depth knowledge of all the basics and mechanics.

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