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Atelier Resleriana Beginners Guide and Tips

Smooth start for Atelier Resleriana!

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, the newest game in the popular Atelier series, started pre-registration in Japan in August 2023 and later expanded globally in November 2023. In this JRPG, you dive into a new story, exploring the world of alchemy with Resna Sternenlicht. This Atelier Resleriana Beginners Guide provides essential basics and handy tips to remember as you begin playing.

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Atelier Resleriana Gameplay Basics

As you advance through the Atelier Resleriana story, you’ll unlock various in-game features. Some of these support gameplay, like earning free stamina and exploring dungeons to collect synthesis materials. It’s common to encounter challenges in the game where your current characters might struggle to progress. In such situations, it’s crucial to strengthen all your Atelier Resleriana characters.

Atelier Resleriana free redeem codes

Engage in training quests to boost both your characters and Memoria. Additionally, enhancing your Grow Board and crafting equipment and weapons through synthesis can be highly effective strategies for overcoming obstacles and advancing further in the game.

Atelier Resleriana Storyline unlocks game modes

As you make your way through the Atelier Resleriana story, you’ll discover and unlock a range of interesting features. These include elements that make gameplay more enjoyable, like a cool function allowing you to grab stamina for free and special dungeons where you can gather important synthesis materials. In the initial part of the story alone, there’s a bunch of stuff waiting for you to explore.

StorylineUnlockable feature
1-7Development Quest
1-13Glow Board, Gem
1-19Rorona’s Pie (Stamina)
1-20Peace Quest
2-26Top Secret Quest

These early unlocks bring in neat features, such as getting stamina without spending anything and exploring dungeons to collect materials for your adventures. So, as you dive into the first part of the story, get ready to uncover and enjoy a variety of elements that will make your Atelier Resleriana experience even more exciting.

Controls in Atelier Resleriana

In Atelier Resleriana, guiding your character through the game is a breeze with simple controls. Familiarize yourself with the turn-based combat system by understanding its fundamentals:

  • Turn Meter: Keep an eye on this to know when it’s your character’s time to act during battle.
  • Skill: Utilize special abilities to gain an edge.
  • Ultimate: Unleash powerful moves to dominate the battlefield.
  • Basic Attack: Engage in straightforward combat actions.

Explore the game world seamlessly by tapping your screen. Optimize your gameplay by using Skills and Ultimate commands strategically.

Atelier Resleriana Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Prioritize the in-game Storyline

By actively embracing and following the main storyline, you not only become a participant in a compelling narrative but also open up pathways to an abundance of new and thrilling discoveries within the game.

Atelier Resleriana Storyline

This approach ensures that your adventure in Atelier Resleriana is not merely a progression through levels but an exploration filled with surprises, offering a deeper and more engaging gaming experience with each unfolding chapter of the main storyline.

2. Understand the Roles of Characters

Before embarking on battles, take a thoughtful moment to comprehend the unique roles each character plays. Defenders serve as formidable shields, protecting allies; attackers unleash potent damage; breakers skillfully handle enemy shields, while supporters provide buffs and remove debuffs.

Atelier Resleriana characters

Familiarizing yourself with these roles significantly enhances your chances of achieving success in battles.

3. Boost your Memoria

Recognizing the significant impact of Memoria on your gameplay, it’s essential not to underestimate their power. Devote time to the strategic investment in upgrading these potent accessories, as the process not only unlocks their full potential but also brings forth concealed strengths within your party.

Atelier Resleriana Memoria

This investment becomes pivotal in cultivating a more formidable and resilient team, as the enhanced capabilities of Memoria play a crucial role in shaping the dynamics of your in-game experience.

4. Incorporate Shield Break

When confronted with enemies boasting shield gauges, channel your focus into breaking them. Breakers, with their exceptional abilities, excel at this task, paving the way for your characters to unleash substantial damage once the shields are dismantled.


Tackling shields early in battles substantially eases the overall gameplay experience.

5. Challenging the Peace Quest

Make it a daily commitment to prioritize and conquer the Peace Quest nestled within the Training Quest. This particular challenge yields awakening material “peace,” a pivotal resource for enhancing and developing your party characters.

Atelier Resleriana lobby

Regularly organizing your characters and actively participating in this quest becomes instrumental in fortifying and refining your team over time.

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