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One Punch Man: World Beginners Guide and Tips

Make the best out of your heroes!

One Punch Man: World is an upcoming 3D-action RPG inspired by the popular One Punch Man anime. Developed by T3 Studios and published by Perfect World Games, it offers AAA graphics, faithfully recreating the anime’s story and battles. Crunchyroll Games has released more game details and pre-registration options on various platforms. In this One Punch Man: World Beginners Guide, we will help you understand the game as a beginner.

As we provide essential tips for your journey in the game, you may also check out and find rewards with redeem codes, get started with beginner tips and tier lists, master rerolling tactics, build powerful teams, understand currency, and dive into the gacha system for a better grasp of its mechanics.

One Punch Man: World Gameplay Basics

In One Punch Man: World, combat takes center stage, revolving around the iconic characters. As you engage in battles against various foes, victory becomes the key to progressing through the game’s phases.

Your battles draw upon the unique skills of the characters you employ, demanding a keen understanding of each skill’s effect to optimize your strategy. It’s crucial to choose and time these skills wisely, as their proper utilization is paramount to your success in the game.

One Punch Man World Quest
Image via Perfect World Games

To enhance your gameplay, consider using skill combinations to deliver significant damage to your foes. Executing skill combos is straightforward: unleash all your character’s skills consecutively with minimal delays between them.

This rapid succession results in a powerful combined assault that inflicts substantial damage upon your enemies. To master this technique, you’ll need to become adept at the touch controls provided in the game, allowing you to tap on skills swiftly and efficiently.

Mastering the Skill and Controls in One Punch Man: World

In many action games, you’ll find various controls at your disposal. These typically include skill buttons, an ultimate ability button, an attack button, and often a dash or movement button. Some games also have specific moments where precise button inputs are needed for advanced combos or maneuvers.

One Punch Man World Controls
Image via Perfect World Games
  • Two skill buttons
  • An ultimate button for signature attacks
  • An attack button (tapping the screen)
  • A dash button for engaging with enemies
  • Occasional frames where specific button taps are required to maximize your combo potential.

One Punch Man: World Game Modes and Quests

One Punch Man: World offers an engaging variety of game modes and quests to cater to different player preferences. We discovered that the game includes a captivating linear story mode that allows players to unlock a diverse roster of characters as they advance through each chapter. This journey not only enables gamers to experience the core narrative of the One Punch Man universe but also grants them access to an ever-expanding roster of iconic characters from the series.

One Punch Man World Lobby
Image via Perfect World Games

It’s a delightful blend of storytelling and character collection that keeps players invested in the game’s overarching plot. Furthermore, the game extends its appeal with open-world quests. These quests let players immerse themselves more deeply in the storyline, providing opportunities to encounter and interact with various characters from the One Punch Man universe.

The combination of a linear story mode and open-world quests ensures that “One Punch Man: World” offers a comprehensive and dynamic gameplay experience that appeals to both fans of the anime and gamers looking for a captivating action RPG.

One Punch Man: World Gacha System Explained

The Gacha system in “One Punch Man: World” offers a thrilling way for players to obtain valuable characters and items through draws. Here are the key details:

SSR and SR Odds

  • SSR Items: Base probability: 0.6%
  • SSR Characters: Base probability: 0.3%
  • SSR Impression Arms: Base probability: 0.3%
  • General Probability for SSR Items (including the guarantee): 1.6%
  • Guaranteed SSR Items: Assured after a maximum of 90 draws.
One Punch Man World Gacha System
Image via Perfect World Games

SR Odds

  • SR Items: Base probability: 5.1%
  • SR Characters: Base probability: 2.55%
  • SR Impression Arms: Base probability: 2.55%
  • General Probability for SR Items (including the guarantee): 14%
  • Guaranteed SR Items: Assured with a maximum of 10 draws (99.4% probability).

R-Level Impression Arms

  • General Probability for R-Level Impression Arms: 85.4%

In the world of One Punch Man: World, you can participate in the Gacha system, where draws offer a chance to collect an array of characters and items. The system operates with specific odds for SSR, SR, and R-Level items, making every draw a thrilling experience, and ensuring that valuable assets are within reach for dedicated players.

One Punch Man: World Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Do the Story Quests

We have learned that the Story Quests is not only an exciting way to delve into the One Punch Man universe but also a path to unlocking potent free characters. As you progress through the quests, you’ll not only enrich your understanding of the game’s lore but also reap in-game rewards and valuable items.

One Punch Man World Quests
Image via Perfect World Games

For example, conquering a critical Story Quest might grant you access to powerhouse characters, enhancing your roster and gameplay.

2. Team Building Mastery

In One Punch Man: World, victory often depends on the synergy and balance of your team. You should mix and match characters with different strengths and abilities to create a well-rounded lineup.

One Punch Man World Team comp
Image via Perfect World Games

For instance, pairing Saitama’s overwhelming strength with Mumen Rider’s support skills can make your team formidable in various situations.

3. Character Development

It is important to note that the growth of your characters is a pivotal aspect of your journey in One Punch Man: World. As you accumulate experience points and resources, it’s essential to invest in leveling up your characters. This enhances their stats, abilities, and overall combat effectiveness.

One Punch Man World Character
Image via Perfect World Games

By dedicating time and resources to character development, you can bolster their durability, increase their damage output, and unlock new abilities, setting the stage for overcoming tougher adversaries and conquering challenging quests. Keep a keen eye on the level progress of each character and ensure they are adequately prepared for the battles that await.

4. Mastering Skill Combinations

I think that skill combos in One Punch Man: World is the strategic art of weaving together your characters’ unique abilities to deal significant damage efficiently. It’s about timing and coordination, discovering synergies, and turning the tide of battle in your favor. For instance, executing Saitama’s devastating punch, followed by Genos’s explosive area-of-effect attack, can swiftly obliterate a group of enemies.

One Punch Man World Skill combo
Image via Perfect World Games

Skill combos are a game-changer that empowers you to dominate even the most challenging encounters. So, explore, experiment, and uncover the endless possibilities of skill combinations as you journey through the world of One Punch Man.

5. Understanding Enemy Weaknesses

You should also understand that delving into the intricacies of combat in One Punch Man: World involves recognizing and exploiting your enemies’ technique weaknesses. Different enemies may have susceptibilities to specific character abilities or tactics.

One Punch Man World Enemy Weakness
Image via Perfect World Games

For instance, if you’re up against a fire-based enemy, deploying technical-type characters can exploit their enemy’s technique suppression and weakness and lead to a more advantageous battle outcome. Stay attentive to enemy traits and adapt your team’s strategy to capitalize on these vulnerabilities for a smoother victory.

Final Thoughts

One Punch Man: World offers a dynamic and engaging experience for fans of both anime and gaming. The game’s mix of action, storytelling, and character collection caters to a wide audience. Whether you’re honing your skills to defeat tough opponents or exploring the game’s expansive world, it provides a balance of strategy and action. It’s a game that combines the best of both worlds, making it appealing to a broad range of players.

What are your thoughts about the One Punch Man: World Beginners Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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