Milk Farm Tycoon Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the talk of the town as you establish your very own herd of cows!

Milk Farm Tycoon is an idle simulation game presented by East Side Games Studios. In this game, players need to take over a farm from their reel grandfather and carry it up to its highest potential. It is the players’ choices that will determine the success or failure of the farm which was built by their experienced grandfather in the past and now the reins have been handed over to them. In this Milk Farm Tycoon Beginners Guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

The game starts with the grandpa explaining the things on the farm to his granddaughter Lily. The reason stated by the grandfather for him to take retirement is that technology has gotten too advanced for his age and he can’t keep up with it anymore.

That is why our main character Lily will now have to take over from him and make sure that the farm thrives under her leadership. Players might be a little all over the place when they open the game for the first time, so this guide will help them understand all the basic aspects of the game with ease.

Learning all the basics of the Dairy Farm

The first job that the players need to take care of is to buy some cows for their dairy farm as they are the main aspect of it. The game will guide the players with the help of prompts to buy four cows for their farm first which will be later used in the production of milk.

Milk Farm Tycoon Beginners Guide
Image via Easy Side Games Studios

This will later help the functioning of all the other aspects of the game, so this stage is very crucial as the whole farm depends on the production of pure milk at first. After buying the cows, players will be rewarded with some cash for successfully carrying out their first task.

Milking stalls at the Milking station

After buying the cows, players will need to let them have some hay and water and let them graze the field for a bit. After that, they will move on to the Milking Station where fresh milk will be produced by them.

Build milking stalls at the milking station
Image via Easy Side Games Studios

For that to happen players will first need to buy 2x Milking Stalls which will be essential to milk the cows. After that, they will need to hire two Milkers who will carry out the job of milking the cows. Same as before after conducting these tasks, players will be rewarded with more cash.

Build the fresh Milk maker

After 4 jars of milk have been successfully collected, players will be able to build the Fresh Milk Maker. As the machine keeps on converting the raw milk into fresh consumable milk, players will be rewarded with cash. It will need raw milk to run, so players will need to make sure that the supply never runs too low. Players can further use the cash they earn to upgrade the machine and also fill out the Quota Bonus bar which will double the amount of money one earns as one batch of milk is produced.

Building the Butter maker

After saving up enough cash from producing fresh milk, players will need to use the money to build the Butter Maker. The cash received from the Butter Maker after every batch of production is comparatively a lot higher than the Fresh Milk Maker. Players can upgrade this machine too and also fill up the Quota Bonus bar to even further multiply the earnings.

Build the butter maker
Image via Easy Side Games Studios

All of this till now was kind of a tutorial provided by the game itself to help the players understand the mechanism before they dive into the real deal. After completing this tutorial successfully, players will be further taught how to take part in a challenge, and depending on their score they will be rewarded accordingly with coins and other such rewards. After this, the grandfather will introduce all the helpers available all across the farm who are experts in different activities.

  • The Cow Boy who is there to speed up the lazy cows
  • James is the expert milker and is even better than the milking ladies.
  • Daniel who is the Milker Manager
  • Betty who is the Accountant
Build the butter maker
Image via Easy Side Games Studios

Players will be able to interact and use all these side characters as they dive further into the game.

Farming Levels

The first level of the game is the tutorial itself, so when players are done with it, they will be automatically promoted to the next level after completing the end challenge along with a Farm Completion Bonus Chest.

Farm levels Milk Farm Tycoon Beginners Guide
Image via Easy Side Games Studios

A sad thing about moving onto the next level is that all the money, coins, and gems the players garner in one particular level will be gone in the next one and they’ll need to start from scratch.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges
Image via Easy Side Games Studios

The games reward the players at frequent intervals, be it after completing small tasks, completing every batch of production, end of levels, and the challenges. Apart from all of this, there’s also a separate section that rewards the players daily upon completion of specific feats. Some of them are logging in on the first day, move on to the next farm, and so on.

In-game Store

Milk Farm Tycoon also features their own in-game shop where players can buy a number of things. Firstly this game is not to add free so players can join the VIP club to get a completely ad-free experience and also get more bonus rewards on top of the rewards every player gets.

official game store
Image via Easy Side Games Studios

One can also buy various other things such as Epic and Gold Chests using gems. The gems in question are quite rare in the game so there’s also an option to buy them separately from the store and use it accordingly to one’s needs. The game also provides time skips which can be used by the players to skip huge amounts of time which might be needed for a lot of reasons such as milking, grazing, production, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Milk Farm Tycoon is a simple yet fun idle simulation game that can be a great time pass for players who want to play a farming game but don’t have much time to invest in it or do not have good enough specifications for bigger games. This game provides the fun of a farming simulation within a very small amount of space and provides a lag-free and smooth gameplay experience to its players.

After going through a few levels, players will definitely get a hang of it and will know what to do and at which point. Till then they can refer to this guide if they face any problems in understanding the basics of this game.

That’s all for today’s Milk Farm Tycoon Beginners Guide! Did you find this Milk Farm Tycoon Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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