Minecraft Guide: How to create essential items in the game

A guide to craft some useful and essential items in the game

We have discussed a lot about how to build up things in Minecraft, what are the best patterns in it, and many more but today in this article we are going to discuss what are the essential items that a player should have before starting the game.

Top 10 most essential items in Minecraft

10. Crafting table

In Minecraft, the Crafting table is the easiest and most essential item to make. In a new world, this is the first thing that you need to do because without this you won’t be able to make most of the items.

Crafting table in Minecraft
Crafting table in Minecraft

Steps for creation

  1. Punch a tree
  2. Get 4 logs out of it
  3. By putting them into your crafting grid turn those logs into planks.
  4. Fill your crafting grid with planks

9. Shelter

To keep out enemies who spawn in the dark, you just need to make a shelter for the nights or even in days. You can make it out once you collect enough resources and tools.

Building shelter in Minecraft
Building shelter in Minecraft

Players should keep in mind

  • Should have time to collect wood or dirt so that you can build a basic hurt for safety
  • Or else just for necessary need what you can do is dig a few blocks in ground, get in and place few blocks above your head.

8. Wooden Pickaxe

In Minecraft, the pickaxe is the most essential item. Without this, you won’t be able to mine most of the crafting materials in the game.

Wooden Pickaxe tool

What does it take? It takes three planks and two sticks. Sticks can be made with the help of planks.

Steps to create without crafting menu

  1. At the top of the grid in the crafting table place a horizontal line of the plank.
  2. Underneath the middle plank put two sticks vertically.
  3. Make it strong using stone, iron or diamond instead of planks.

Note: Don’t use Gold

7. Torches

In Minecraft, Torches are essential items as a pickaxe and this is not only for lighting up the caves and helps to see what’s there around you but also realize where you’ve been. It’s easy to get lost underground and search the same thing twice in the dark, so this is going to help you. You can place it in your house too.


Material required for crating Torches

  • Sticks
  • Coal or charcoal

You can find coals while mining and charcoal are made by putting wood into a furnace.

Steps for creating torches

  1. In the middle of the crafting grid place coal or charcoal.
  2. Place the stick underneath.

6. Bed

In the new world of Minecraft, you should be focusing on making your house or base so that you can protect yourself from mobs and other enemies.

Building bed in Minecraft
Building bed in Minecraft

Steps for making bed with crafting menu

  1. From sheep gather 3 pieces of wool
  2. Get 3 planks of wood

Without using crafting menu

  1. In a horizontal line take 3 pieces of wool
  2. Make a parallel line of planks underneath them

5. Stone Sword

The best way to deal with your enemies and mobs is to use the sword. Like a pickaxe, you can use it to make many materials.

Stone Sword tool
Stone Sword tool

Materials required

  • 2 pieces of cobblestone
  • A stick

Steps for making Stone sword

  1. Put 2 pieces of cobblestone in a vertical line in the middle of the crafting grid
  2. Place the stick underneath them.

4. Furnace

In Minecraft, the furnace is an essential item that is used to smelt ores and cook food. Only by smelting the likes of iron and gold, you will be able to use them as a crafting material, whereas in cooking this will help you to keep your hunger meter stable.


You need 8 pieces of cobblestone for crafting a furnace.

Steps for making it

  1. Place them in a square shape around the edge of the crafting grid

3. Chest

A Chest is the best space to keep your valuable thing even if you die, you won’t lose them unless you are blown up with the chest.

Chest or vault

Steps to build a chest

  1. Use 8 wooden planks
  2. Place them in square shape around the ages of the crafting grid

2. A Base near a Village

Crafting base near a village
Crafting base near a village

It’s suggested to have a temporary base near a village so that you can have an easy trading system for your gaming as well as for their safety too. You can trade whatever they are looking for then you can buy things like emeralds and enchanted books.

1. Iron pickaxe

For rare and essential items wooden pickaxe will just be a waste of time, so it is suggested to have an iron pickaxe for good resource in Minecraft.

Forging iron pickaxe in Minecraft
Forging iron pickaxe in Minecraft

Once you get an iron pickaxe you can come up with gold, diamond, emeralds, and Redstone. You can also use it for deep mining. It can be said that 1 iron pickaxe is = 10 wooden pickaxes.

Did this guide help you to create various essential items in Minecraft? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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