Minecraft Guide: How to make a Vending Machine

Learn how to create your own vending machine using these steps

One of the reasons for Minecraft’s immense popularity among its fans is the freedom of creativity it provides them. This much-loved arcade game gives its players land that is unlimited to fetch all they need to make items, and then build a structure of their wish. One such structure or machine that players find a bit difficult to build is a vending machine. Here is a detailed and step-by-step tutorial for a basic vending machine in Minecraft.

Things to collect for the Vending Machine

First of all, players need to collect the items that they will require in the process. They are listed below.

  • 10 redstone torches
  • 26 redstone dust
  • 2 redstone comparator
  • 4 droppers
  • 4 item frames/glow frames
  • 3 chests
  • 4 buttons
  • 3 slabs
  • 8 hoppers
  • 23 emeralds. 

Step-by-Step process for building the Vending Machine in Minecraft

  • Dig the ground with the measurement of 5 blocks at the breadth, 7 blocks at the length and 3 blocks deep. Also place colorful wools by removing grass from the ground. 
minecraft vending machine
Digging the ground
  • Place two blocks on the red wool and one extra block on the left block and on the right block, place a redstone comparator. 
  • Position two chests on the white block and on the comparator. 
minecraft vending machine
Placing the first comparator
  • Place a chest on the right corner or on the black wool then place two hoppers that should be connected with the payment chest. 
  • Now, connect two hoppers vertically to the comparator and the receiver chest, respectively. 
  • Place 2 more blocks in front of those on the red wool.
  • Then place a redstone dust above them, connecting to the comparator, and attach a redstone torch to the right block.
  • Open the item hopper that is connected to the comparator. Place 19 emeralds in the space, i.e., 1st row, in the right corner.
  • You will be left with 18 there and one will be placed in the payment chest automatically. 
minecraft vending machine
Connecting chest and hoppers
  • Place 3 wooden logs on the hopper right of the receiver double chest. Place 3 wooden blocks to the left of those chests.
  • Add 4 buttons from the top to the front side of the pillars of wooden logs. Also, add torches just at the back of the buttons placed on the pillars. 
  • Place a block in front of the hoppers that was placed at the left side of the payment chest. Also, place a comparator in continuation of the block. 
  • Now it’s time to place one more block in the continuation and place a redstone torch. Add one block on the redstone torch and place one more in diagonal.
minecraft vending machine
Adding further blocks and torches
  • Place a dropper connected with the top-placed redstone torch on both the pillars facing inwards. 
  • Crouch down and attach a block just below the droppers. Again, place droppers below the attached block and this time the droppers will connect to the lower most redstone torch on the wooden pillars. 
  • Take 2 slabs and place them in parallel to the receiver chest. 
  • Also, add 1 more block in the continuation of the slabs.
  • Add 1 block on both the droppers that were facing inwards. 
  • Connect redstone dust as shown in the picture. 
minecraft vending machine
Connecting Redstone dust
  • The comparator which is connected to the block (connected to the hopper), place a block just above it and add redstone dust on it. Also, add a redstone torch to the aforementioned block, facing the hopper. 
minecraft vending machine
Adding block and Redstone dust to the comparator
  • Add redstone dust on the hopper that is connected to the payment chest. 
  • Place slabs and redstone dust on it. Now, you have to add those slabs between the dropper and the hopper that is placed below the wooden pillars. 
  • Add one more hopper to the one which you added earlier to the receiver chest.
  • Further, place blocks with the slabs having redstone dust and place redstone torch facing inwards and those torches will extinguish.
  • Add blocks in continuation to the one with the redstone dust that was placed on the side of the payment chest.
  • Now, connect redstone dust all over the blocks which were placed in the abovementioned step.
Adding Redstone dust after placing blocks
  • Furthermore, place blocks between the uppermost droppers and the pillars from the top. Then place torches on them.
  • Attach blocks on the other side of the uppermost block and connect them by placing 1 more in the middle. 
  • Now, connect blocks in the stairs shown in the picture. Also, place redstone dust all over the white blocks.
minecraft vending machine
Connecting blocks in stairs
  • Connect 4 hoppers with droppers with the receiver chest in between the droppers and cover the arena with glass so that the items which will pop out, won’t go anywhere. 
minecraft vending machine
Connecting hoppers with receiving chest
  • Collect all those things you want from this machine.
  • Put those collected items in the droppers.
  • Now, cover the whole structure as you wish. 
minecraft vending machine
Vending machine
minecraft vending machine
The finished structure

Did this guide help you to create a vending machine in Minecraft? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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