Minecraft Guide: Tips to get Brown Mushrooms in the game

Here's how to get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft!

Brown Mushrooms are one of the most basic and common items that you can find in Minecraft. However, many players don’t know that there is a way to get more of these mushrooms, and it doesn’t involve simply waiting for them to grow. Our Minecraft guide will tell you how to get brown mushrooms to help you stock them.

How to find Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft

There are two types of mushrooms in Minecraft: Brown and Red. You can find both Mushrooms in the game’s environment, however, brown mushrooms are slightly more difficult to obtain. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find and collect brown mushrooms in Minecraft:

  • Look for them in dark places: Brown mushrooms typically grow in areas that don’t get a lot of light, such as shaded areas beneath trees.
  • Search around dead bushes: These dead vegetation blocks are often found near mushroom biomes, making them ideal spots to look for brown mushrooms.
Brown Mushrooms Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios
  • Check inside tree trunks: When exploring forests, take a moment to check the inside of any hollow tree trunks you come across – brown mushrooms often grow in these dark, damp spaces.
  • Go to a mushroom biome: As the name suggests, these biomes are teeming with all types of mushrooms – including brown ones. You’ll know you’ve entered a mushroom biome when the landscape changes to reflect its fungal theme, so keep your eyes peeled for this unique environment if you want an easy way to find brown mushrooms.

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble finding and collecting brown mushrooms in Minecraft. Just remember to keep an eye out for dark, moist areas, as that’s where these mushrooms typically like to grow.

Uses of Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft

One of the most versatile and commonly found items in Minecraft is the brown mushroom. You can use these mushrooms for a variety of purposes, from crafting to food and even decoration. Here are some of the most popular uses for brown mushrooms in Minecraft:

Brown Mushroom Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios
  1. Food: Players can eat Brown mushrooms raw or even cook them. They offer a fair amount of hunger restoration. They’re a good source of food when starting in a new world, or if you need to restore health quickly.
  2. Farming: Brown mushrooms can be planted on farmland and will grow into full-sized mushrooms over time. This is an easy way to farm your mushrooms, which can then be used for food or other purposes.
  3. Decoration: Placing brown mushrooms around your home can add a bit of color and life to your build. You can also use them to make mushroom stew, another useful food item.
  4. Brewing: You can also use brown mushrooms in brewing potions, making them a valuable ingredient for any potion-maker.

These are just some of the many uses for brown mushrooms in Minecraft. With their versatility and availability, they’re sure to be a staple in your game for years to come. Brown mushrooms are an essential part of the game and a key ingredient in making potions, and there are a few ways to get them. Players can find them in many different biomes, and they have a variety of purposes.

Did you find our guide to getting Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft helpful? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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