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MIR4 Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks

Will you yield or rule in the face of ultimate power?

MIR4, a Korean fantasy MMORPG from Wemade Entertainment Co. Ltd., is a brand new heart-pounding experience gathering game. It features intense fighting scenes and eye-pleasing realistic 3D graphics. MIR4 has many cool features to offer to its players. Players can choose their own stories and can develop them without any limitation. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our MIR4 beginners guide with some basic tips and tricks.

Gameplay overview

As the game says, all the activities of players in MIR4 will ultimately reward them with character growth. The time and effort spent in-game never go to waste. To explore the mystical and elegant life of the oriental world, a player can choose to become any character. They can choose to live a peaceful life through hunting and gathering. At times, they can even wage war against other warriors and clans to conquer overall.

MIR4 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The game made its way to the global market just a few days ago. So, most of the players around the world do not know much about the game. But, fear not as we got your back by bringing you the basic guide of this Korean MMORPG. Here are some tips you can follow while playing.

1. Introducing the Classes

Before you enter the game, it gives you four options to choose your character. As you are new to the game, you must know which character features what ability. Selecting any without knowing it will decrease your in-game enjoyment. Here’s a brief info about the classes.

MIR4 Lancer
  • Warrior: The name says it all. This one is born to fight. With higher attack damage and decent defensive ability, it will certainly be the first choice of players who like to go rogue.
  • Sorcerer: This one is extremely dangerous if falls in clever hands. A bit tricky to use it as it has comparatively low defense ability in exchange for higher damaging AoE and single-target spells.
  • Taoist: This highly skilled swordsman is a worshipper of truth and justice. Extraordinary in melee attacks but low in defense.
  • Lancer: This has a versatile move set and holds a spear to attack in a wide range. Loves to crush opponents with fast-paced action.

2. Character choice and upgradation

Choosing your character is important as the game offers four different roles namely Warrior, Sorcerer, Taoist, and Lancer to select from. Each of them has different stats, abilities, and skills.

MIR4 character selection
MIR4 character selection

You have to choose based on how you are going to play the game. After selecting your in-game character, customize it as you want your hero to be. Then select a name for it. Now, enter the main game and you are good to go.

3. Complete your Daily goals on time

MIR4 beginners guide daily goals
Daily goals

The game gives 30 simple tasks to complete daily. These are small missions and can be complete easily and players will receive EXP points, and other useful resources as a reward. But it’ll take some time to complete all the 30 tasks. So, just complete those which will get you the resources you need then.

4. Finish off all your Main quests

With moving deeper into the game, it becomes harder. So before facing more difficultly, do the main quests. It will also reward you with items to make your character stronger

5. Tips for Vigor effects


Players can use auto-farming which is a passive way to grow faster. The vigor item is located just below the HP icon. Don’t forget to activate your vigor item after defeating a monster. By activating it, players will gather extra experiences and it’ll keep you ahead of players who’re not using this.

6. Additional tips to grow faster

MIR4 Spirit
  • Players can craft higher-tier gear by collecting lower-tier gear or items. Combining them will get you high-tier gear.
  • You can summon a pet spirit to get additional combat powers. In the beginning, use pets that give additional experience and damage to monsters.
  • Always accept the field missions first while doing the main quest. It will help to complete both the field missions and main quests together.

We hope this MIR4 beginners guide will help you to decide your actions properly as well as will increase your enjoyment. Jump in the K-fantasy world and grow as you wish.

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