Mission Zero: The Complete Equipment list with Guide and Tips

Find out what each weapon does in this game!

Mission Zero is a brand new action game from NetEase Games, one of the biggest mobile game developers in the world and a giant in the mobile gaming industry. The company hailing from China is known for making standout games with futuristic graphics and Mission Zero is no exception. In this article, we provide a brief look at the complete list of Equipment in Mission Zero offered to the players.

Complete list of Equipment in Mission Zero

The game offers a set of unique equipment, with each of them finding use in different situations. Currently, the equipment available is for the Sirius characters in the game. These are the characters who form a resistance against the evil corporate organization, Mobius. The list of equipment is as follows:

1. Cloak Shield

Mission Zero Equipment List
Image via NetEase

The Cloak Shield is a Sirius equipment built for stealthy infiltration. When players use this device, it deploys a holographic barrier in front of them, rendering them invisible to anyone who is in their direct line of sight. One must bear in mind that the Cloak does not work for other angles, except their vision.

2. Shockwave

Shockwave is one of the most clutch pieces of equipment in the game, due to its use in tight situations. Once this weapon is used, it triggers a shockwave in the area around the player and freezes and stuns anyone who is within a certain radius of the player. It is very useful when players are looking for a quick escape and the path is blocked by multiple adversaries.

3. Paparazzi Camera

The Paparazzi camera is a unique device that is often difficult to master for a player. However, once they get a grasp of it, it’s as useful as the best equipment in the game. Taking pictures of Mobius members with this camera raises their Hype level which causes unusual interactions around them and could give very crucial openings to the player and help them to either escape or infiltrate.

4. Rescue Duck

Image via NetEase

The Rescue Duck is a piece of much more passive equipment than the others. It is mainly focused on reconnaissance. If a player deploys this equipment, it proceeds to emerge from underneath and carry or rescue teammates who have already fallen in battle before the Duck was called.

5. Lock Jammer

Perhaps the most simple bit of equipment in the game is Lock Jammer. It locks and jams all doors within a certain radius of yourself, therefore, making all rooms and such beyond those doors inaccessible. It is great for collecting intel and for separating yourself from the enemy.

6. Stand-in Badge

This equipment is one of those things which works better as a surprise element and as a card hidden up your sleeve. Once activated, Stand-in Badge makes players invisible and instead deploys a decoy of players that moves forward. It is especially effective when used in crowded rooms and halls.

7. Jack-in-the-Box

Although it is not as effective and efficient as the other equipment present, Jack-in-the-Box also has its uses. When used, it sends the NPCs into a frenzy and a state of panic and also slows down enemy characters and thus making your escape easier.

8. I-doll

Mission Zero Equipment List
Image via NetEase

The I-doll is probably one of the most fun-to-use equipment to use in Mission Zero. Once its is activated, it radiates pulses of energy that send the surrounding people into a dancing frenzy, which causes quite a scene. And a rather fun one as well.

9. Phantom Warhead

Phantom Warhead is the real deal in the game. It could even be called Broken. Once triggered, the device calls four warheads that explode on impact in a player’s vicinity and blind all enemies. And if that is not enough, it also spawns not one, but four decoys of yourself, which is enough to drive the opposite faction crazy.

10. Smokeball Bomb

Mission Zero Gameplay
Image via NetEase

This equipment does exactly what one thinks it does. When used, they engulf the enemies in a cloud of smoke and cause them to hallucinate if they come in contact with it, therefore, carving an easy route for them to escape if required.

11. Teleport Well

Once activated, Teleport Well enables players to put down a well. Once a player uses the well, it will soon change its status and collapse. Players that have used the well will reveal their location for a short period, this measure keeps this equipment from being way too overpowered and broken.

Final Thoughts

This is all about the complete list of equipment available in NetEase’s stealth game Mission Zero. The game looks extremely vibrant and fun, although it remains to be seen how the final result will turn out to be and how well it will be received by the players.

Did you find our guide on the Equipment list in Mission Zero helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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