MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 Team Guide with Tips

Take your team to new heights!

MLB Tap Sports Baseball is a popular Glu Mobile title, but since their $2.4 billion acquisition deal to become a part of the EA family was announced, the latter has taken over the publishing of the baseball title. Even though there haven’t been many changes in the 2023 edition, the developers are expected to come up with something unique. Just as how MLB players help in the building of the club, other amenities result in a successful franchise. So, for a deeper understanding, we have developed this comprehensive MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 guide to help you build your Team in the game.

Understanding the Team in MLB Tap Sports

Well, this doesn’t need much of an explanation. The player guide covered most of the player’s details, which are integral in getting a strengthened squad. However, these will include the tactics and the other necessities that are required for building your squad.

Team Strength

Team Strength and matchup bars that are displayed during the start of the match are there to compare teams and predict which team is more likely to win. It is the combined stats of your team players and increases once you upgrade them. The greater your Team Strength versus that of your opponent, the more likely you are to win. In such scenarios, many players chose to autoplay.

Players in MLB Tap
Image via EA

However, a higher Team Strength does not guarantee a win, and poor results are possible even when you outrank someone. This can be by many factors, for example, continuously auto-playing wears your pitcher down, and he can concede too many runs. However, you’re likely to have a winning percentage against teams that you outrank.

Team Progression

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 comes with an improved Team Progression system. Your Teams, like players and clubs, begin at Bronze Level 1 and can advance six levels before moving up to the next tier. The higher your team’s tier, the better the players you’ll have access to.

Tiers in MLB Tap
Image via EA

You’ll also be awarded prizes as shown on the Team Progression screen for every promotion you get. The same procedure applies when progressing to the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers. The Champion tier is the highest tier, and for the same players have to play Bonus, Prime, or Tournament Games.

Each Level (excluding the Champion tier) is divided into six divisions. These are listed as follows:

Bronze Rookie, Beginner, Novice, Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced
SilberSemi-Pro, Pro, Seasoned, Veteran, Adept, Skilled
GoldPremier, Rising Star, Star, All-Star, Superstar, Expert
PlatinumAce, Storied, Master, Grand Master, All-Pro, World Class
DiamondElite, MVP, Hall of Fame, Prime, Legend, Greatest of All Time
Tiers and their respective divisions

However, there’s a small catch though. The wins you get in Season Mode do not add to your Team Progression.

Strengthing your Team

While in the Players Guide, we had discussed the Improvements and the Upgrades section, the Team shall need to look at the Pennants and the Moments menu.


Pennants are boosts that are used to boost certain players in your squad. These are for different teams and are used to buff players in your squad across all the modes in the game. For example, if a player from Chicago is in your lineup, the Pennant when utilized will boost his stats. The Buffs apply to batter HIT (Hitting) and Pitcher STF (Stuff) ratings. 

Pennants in MLB Tap
Image via EA

Standard player versions will be buffed as per their current teams. Special players, however, will not have their team affiliation. However, Pennants are only available in the Season Mode. The Pennants can be obtained through end-of-game and Milestone rewards of the Season Mode.


Moments are useful additions to your lineup. You can equip three at a time and switch them out whenever your strategy requires it. Each Moment improves various aspects of your lineup. Check the tags to see who is affected, which includes team, position, and batter and pitcher handedness options. By collecting duplicates, you can use them to upgrade your moments.

When you have enough, you can advance to the next level and increase the amount of boost. If you collect the maximum number of copies in a single moment, any extra copies will be converted into alternate rewards. Moments can be found all over the game, including the Store, Rewards, and Gift Boxes.

Tips and tricks to remember

Follow these tips and tricks that you can follow to upgrade your squad.

  • Play games thoroughly to reach the Silver tier at least. This will help in creating a competitive squad, with good players and also have a good upgrade range for the same.
  • Play the Season Mode. yes, they do not help in progression, but this is the mode that gets you the highest rewards.
  • Always boost your players. This way, you can save time by auto-playing a few games, and getting over few games against the weaker teams easily.

That’s all for the Team guide. For any queries, you can always drop a comment below.

That’s all for today’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 Team guide! Did you find our MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 Team guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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