MMA Manager: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Strategies

There have been many games that are being introduced because of the interest developing in the gamers, day in and out. Because of the same reason, developers are keen to introduce new and fresh games in the Mobile Market, to boost revenue or to introduce good games and earn fame. There were a lot of games released this year, one of them being MMA Manager, developed by Prey Studios. So, after the release, there were a lot of questions and doubts for new players regarding the game, who love games of this genre. So, in this MMA Manager beginner’s guide, the main focus will be on how to know the game and adapt to it quickly along with tips to up your game. For more game guides, please do not hesitate to check our website.

About MMA Manager

MMA Manager Guide

MMA Manager was released on 15th January 2020 for Android and IOS as a Free game with in-game purchases. It is developed by Prey Studios. The game had a beta release earlier and still remains in the same version, but allows users to access all the components in the game and also gives access to purchase in-game items. The game had many updates because of bugs and has updated to fix issues overall, the recent one being on 10th April 2020.

How to Play MMA Manager

MMA Manager is basically a management mode game, where you will have to manage your wrestlers in the game, build a roster of your own and then guide them to climb up levels to build up your legacy. Your wrestlers are put up to the test of Skill and Strength to beat his opponent. For getting good results, you are responsible for it, because Training and Gameplan are under your control and they play a major role in beating your man.


MMA Manager tips and tricks
MMA Manager

There are plenty of wrestlers that are in available for you, where selecting the best ones and train him will be your task. You play the role of a Gym manager, where all the wrestlers you sign will work under your name. You will get an option of having two wrestlers initially to start with, there are available for fights as soon as you get them. All your wrestlers start at level 1, increase their XP by training.

You will then see your gym, which isn’t very impressive at the beginning as it looks dull but there’s a lot to conquer in the wrestle-universe to stay patient! Here you can set up your training equipment and facilities that will make your gym even better! So, to walk in the path to glory, you will need to understand several in-game items in MMA Manager.  

In-game items in MMA Manager

Following are the list of in-game items in MMA Manager which are explained:

Credits and Bucks

These involve in purchasing equipment, recruit wrestlers, trainers, etc. for your gym. They can be obtained by playing matches, watching ads or by purchasing them in the currency shop.


Count of how many members are present in your gym.


MMA Manager Guide

Prestige in MMA Manager is equivalent to a Manager’s reputation in general. More members can be recruited with increase in prestige. The Red Icons indicate prestige, collect them whenever they get displayed. Prestige help in building and upgrading your gym.


These are purchasable via in-game credits and bucks. These help in training the players, which has a particular training skill allocated. There is plenty of equipment which helps in improving various skills.


Indicates the facilities provided in a gym, you can purchase a new gym after meeting the required prestige points and also get arenas after winning in campaign matches against other gyms.


In the game, it is essential to check your team and the category they belong to. Categories are defined by weight. To improve the prowess of a wrestler, training him is important.

Recruiting Wrestlers

MMA Manager
Recruit the best wrestlers – MMA Manager

In the roster menu, you can check your current wrestlers categorized according to Weightclass. Signing maximum recruits is important because of the need to participate in more matches. The Recruit option gives you a chance to sign a new wrestler to the current roster and then use him for matches. You have to custom set his skills within the allowed total tally according to wish. You can also create your own fighter.

MMA Manager Guide
Increase the skills

There are 8 categories altogether, classified according to weight:

  • Flyweight
  • Bantamweight
  • Featherweight
  • Welterweight
  • Middleweight
  • Light Heavyweight
  • Heavyweight
  • Super Heavyweight
  • Open Weight

Hiring Staffs for the Gym

Staffs are two categories: Gym trainers and Fight Coaches.

MMA Manager Guide
Choose the best Staff – MMA Manager

Gym trainers will allow you to work on skills such as strength, agility, and fitness whereas the Fight coaches will allow you to work on all other fighting techniques. Indication of these will be given when you check on the staff while buying.

Fighting Skills

The game contains numerous fighting skills, where you will have to choose while recruiting a wrestler. These are:

  • Punches: Ability to land Punches
  • Elbows: Ability to land Elbows
  • Knees: Ability to hit Knee strikes
  • Low Kicks: Ability to hit Low Kicks
  • High Kicks: Ability to land High Kicks
  • Takedowns: Ability for taking down your enemy to the ground
  • Submission: Ability for Successful Submissions
  • Ground Grappling: Ability to be dominant on the ground
  • Clinch work: Ability for lying hand-to-hand hits
  • Strike Defense: Skill to defend from Strikes
  • Submission Defense: Skill to defend against submissions
  • Takedown Defense: Skill for defending against melee techniques
  • Knees Defense: Skill to defend against Knee Strikes
  • Kick Defense: Skill to defend against Low and High Kicks
  • Conditioning: Level of fighter’s energy regeneration
  • Agility: Level of agility benefits against your opponent
  • Strength: Level of health and damage to your attacks


Gameplan is very essential to get great results in MMA Manager because it plays a major role as a guide in understanding how your wrestler behaves and fights inside the ring. It involves how you are going to manage your Gameplan against your opposition. It is sort of a tactic that you are going to use against your opponent by managing the skills and technique of your wrestler. Before every match, you are able to check out your opponent’s stats and skills. According to that, you send your wrestler under the category and set the gameplan with the help of sliders accordingly. The level is up to 0100, 0 indicates the least usage of skills and 100 indicates the maximum usage.

MMA Manager Guide

There are several points you need to know before setting your gameplan:


It is how you are going to deal with the opponent in the game. It can be either Offensive or a Defensive approach.

Very Defensive

Greatly reduces all damage taken and given but gives away your initiative also gives a lot of initiative to the opponent.


Increases defense against strikes and takedowns but reduces your damage and initiative.


A balanced approach, will not give you an advantage on defense and attack.


Increases your chances of combos, initiative and damage output but increases your vulnerability to takedowns and punches.

Offensive All-In

A very aggressive style that greatly damages your damage and initiative but reduces the regeneration of your energy.

Defensive Options

Striking Defense

Choose a balance between hit absorption and initiative

Takedown Defense

Increases defense against takedowns but decreases initiative

Focus Defending

Defense against Elbows

Fight Skills

Involves the frequency of use of these moves: Low Kicks, Knees, Knees, High Kicks, Boxing, Elbows, Balanced, Submission


Type of movement do you prefer for your wrestler.

Get off the ground

Prioritize escapes and get back off the ground


The fighter adapts to the position in which he is in, the standing is default


Preference for takedown attempts.

Takedown All-In

Your fighter will desperately attempt takedowns and grappling moves but drains more energy.


The strategy is beneficial to fighters with a lot of strength and skill in close combat.


Fight with submissions using locks, grappling and chokehold. This strategy is suitable for a strong wrestler with submissive skills.


Choose the distance between you and your fighter.
Beneficial strategy for fighters who need to stand up to send powerful kicks.


A more aggressive style than Distance mode.

Ground n Pound

Your fighter will look for opportunities to make aggressive takedowns and land ground strikes.

Fighting Styles

Muay Thai

Different standing strikes and melee techniques. Very good for sending knees and elbows.


Stands for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Involves in submission, body-taking and ground combats.


Hand-to-hand combat, body-to-body combat and takedowns.


Plenty of talents that help a wrestler to excel in a particular skill. Unlocks after level 3.

Game Modes in MMA Manager

MMA Manager Guide

There are four Modes in total; Quick Fight, Campaign, Tournament and Gym v Gym. The campaign is the only Single Player mode available, rest all are Online Multiplayer modes.

Quick Fight

Choose a fighter’s category whom you want to match up with. If you want an open matchup, it’s possible as well. You can also play against your friends in the game.


Involves facing computer controller fighters from different gyms for different class. Winning against a gym will make you unlock their arena as well. This is further purchasable via bucks.


MMA Manager Guide

Three stages, pit your wrestlers in them. Minimum level requirements are 3, 6 and 10 for Small, Big and Grand tournaments respectively.

Gym v Gym

Competition versus other Gyms online. Take on an opponent with a team of 7 fighters and face off against. The first Gym Manager to win 4 points has won. Best of seven modes. If the score is tied at 3v3, you can pick any wrestler for the final fight.

MMA Manager Guide: Tips and Tricks

After playing the game for the past month, here is our bonus guide for beginners to quickly master MMA Manager.

  • Before the start of any match, check the opponent and his weaknesses. Match your wrestler’s strength against his weakness via gameplan.
  • For Gym v Gym matches, the best idea is to choose your strongest fighter in the fight category and choose them in this way successively so that you can gain quick points to end the game.
  • By training your fighter, you improve his chances of performing skills and training with great efficiency.
  • Upgrade your gym facilities for quick training and upgrading of your wrestlers.
  • To upgrade your roster, you need to look after your prestige points and buy new gyms. These are unlocked according to your prestige points, which will also create room for new recruits.
  • Before cashing in on staff, check if his training allowed. Without the necessary equipment that carries out his training, you can’t use him.

We hope that you will find this MMA Manager Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.

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