Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary Update: How to get Johnson special skin completely for free

A new skin for Johnson with the anniversary update!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is going to be celebrating its 7th anniversary in September 2023. The anniversary update is meant to bring about lots of exciting events and will now include a new special skin for interested players to get completely for free. This new skin would be for Johnson, who even happens to be one of the heroes that are going to be revamped in the upcoming Project Next Update of September 2023. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out how players can get Johnson and its special skin for free with the celebration of Mobile Legends and its 7th anniversary.

Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary Event: Upcoming Star Event Overview

Johnson’s special skin would be available for grabs in the Star event that would be debuting in September 2023. In this event, players would have to complete some series of Star tasks. The Star tasks are more like a mini-puzzle-like racing game with Johnson, players would have to set the tracks meant for Johnson to pass through.

Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary Johnson skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Players who complete the puzzle quickly will also be rewarded more as it has a timer for the whole strategic thinking. Players can also redo the tracks and even re-arrange the already set Tracks as they move on into harder stages. Players on finishing a batch of stages would wait for another set date before they could play the other rounds of stages. In short, the round of stages is segmented into Stages 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5. It progresses into 2.1, etc.

Players on reaching and completing Stage 5.1 would be able to claim Johnson’s special skin completely for free. Players should note that this skin just might be limited, so they must get it, whenever it is on. Players who go past Stage 5.1 would be able to accumulate Vanguard Coins that would be useful in some other undisclosed event.

Additional Rewards

In addition to the all-new 2023 Anniversary Skin for Johnson, players will be able to get a new seventh-anniversary Avatar Border, Killing Notification, Emotes and one of the 5 selected heroes and the 2022 Special skin of Harley.

7th anniversary ticket
Image via MOONTON Games

The anniversary items will be available in-game from now till 22 October. A new chapter will be unlocked from the 4th to the 7th of October 2023 and players need to garner anniversary coin rewards from the
challenge to claim the 2023 anniversary rewards. In addition to that, the 7th Anniversary will also see the release of Nolan in the Original Server.

Final Thoughts

As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s 7th Anniversary is fast approaching, more and more updates are expected to drop as The Developers intend to celebrate the long years the game has debuted. It is expected to feature various Hero revamp and even more new skins series releases as well as events.

Pre-register for the anniversary in advance, and gain up to x2 Small Emblem Packs, and a 7th Anniversary Emote Trial Card (3 days) upon sharing the event three times through social media platforms.

What are your thoughts on the Johnson and its special skin, which will be coming as a part of the 7th anniversary of Mobile Legends? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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