Mobile Legends account hacked: 5 ways to safeguard your account

Better be safe than sorry

We often come across players complaining that their Mobile Legends account was hacked by someone. There are a lot of different cases when things like this happen. In a majority of the cases, it happens because of the desperate usage hacks and cheats in Mobile Legends. However, irresponsible parties aren’t scared of the consequences as long as they can exploit the game. Unfortunately, the victim is not just MOONTON Games, but we players also are exposed to be hacked by these cheaters. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at 5 ways to safeguard your Mobile Legends account from getting hacked or even banned by the officials.

Ways to safeguard your Mobile Legends account to avoid account ban or hack

1. Not using any cheat or hack

Karma does exist. While it does not entirely depends on a philosophical theory, there’s a reason hacker gets hacked. When someone installs a plugin or third-party application they are also downloading malicious codes into their phone together with the plugin. So, the creator of the illegal app can access the data such as passwords, images, PINs, or anything saved on your phone.

The best way to avoid getting hacked is by not hacking. The creator of the cheat is able to take advantage of a high-security game system, it’s just a piece of cake to invade yours.

2. Buying diamonds from legitimate websites

If you see unofficial websites or unofficial seller on an official website that sells diamonds for an extremely cheap price, there’s a high possibility that they are using cheats to gain profit from this illegal activity. Even when you didn’t do anything to cheat, MLBB operation team might detect you using illegitimate way to buy diamond, hence banning you. If a deal is too good to be true on a suspicious website, don’t buy from them!

Mobile Legends account hacked
Extremely suspicious site to buy Mobile Legends diamonds

Always buy from official websites such as SEA Gamer Mall, Codashop, MooGold, or from the in-game shop. It’s safer that way in case anything goes wrong, you have a transaction record and in-game customer service would be happy to help. You can also check our simple explanation of how to get more diamonds for free in MLBB.

3. Binding your Mobile Legends account to other accounts

Recently, hackers got to bind innocent players’ account and playing with the account without permission, demanding money from the account owner for them to unbind the account. This situation can occur if you have done something illegal, no matter how small it is, or by being extremely unlucky because the way hackers do this is by trial and error of some code.

To be safe, it’s recommended to bind your account to your own Google, Facebook, Moonton, and Viki accounts so that hackers can’t bind to your account.

4. Not using boosting services

Boosting service is when you hand over your account to someone who will help you to rank up until Legend or Mythic (yes, this service exists). Other than being unethical for disrupting balance of the higher ranks, your account might be sold to another person without your knowledge. This might sound ridiculous but believe it or not, this situation can happen.

Mobile Legends account hacked
Boosting services

In whatever circumstances, protect your account by not giving your password to anyone including people who claim to be Mobile Legends staff. It’s very hard to recover your account when you are the one who allow others to use it in the first place.

5. Not sharing your MLBB account with a random person

We often share our account with a friend, but this can also lead to future troubles. You never know if your friend will share your MLBB account with another person. And sometimes this can get your account hacked without you knowing how this even happened in the first place. So avoid sharing your Mobile Legends account with anyone.

Final thoughts

Be an ethical player by using official means to perform any action, and never use cheats! Passwords should be kept secret at all times, and game is played on your trusted devices. In case you feel like something is off, do not hesitate to refer to the customer service, as a receipt of you not trying to cheat in case your account gets hacked. Well if you are already following the above things, there’s practically no chance of your account being hacked. And if any of the above thoughts have occurred to you, we’re sure you’ll avoid it the next time. So play your game fair and enjoy it to the fullest!

Did you find this guide useful? Has your account ever been hacked in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below

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