Mobile Legends Arena Mode Guide

Be the master of the Arena!

Arena Mode has just newly arrived in Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s Arcade section. This is a real-time PvP auto card battle mode. If you are familiar with Clash Royale, this arena is kind of its miniature version. This is very fun to play type mode where your instinct is the key to victory. Your main goal in this mode to defeat the enemy’s little commander. Now without further ado let’s just sum up the whole battle tactics scenario with our Mobile Legends Arena Mode Guide.

Understanding the basics of Arena Mode

Card Bar

There are 2 bars in this game mode. First Blue/Shard bar and the other is Purple/Essence bar. The Blue bar on the left indicates shards. Each no of cards means that the number of Blue bar is required to summon the Monsters/Magic spells. After every 3 seconds, 1x blue bar is automatically restored. The whole arena ground is divided into two parts e.g. Your Area & Opponents Area. You can summon any monster card in your area of battle but you can cast any AoE Magic spells on the enemy’s battle area.

Mobile Legends Arena Mode Guide

Now let’s focus on the second (Purple)Bar. The purple bar on the right indicates Essence. Essence can be used to summon Heroes.1x essence is generated by using every 5x shard. Spend your both bars very carefully to control the battlefield.


You will receive some basic cards at the initial stage and you will also obtain Benny as your little commander. The little commander is the same as Magic Chess. So now let’s talk about our little commander, each commander has its own different abilities.

If you are a regular magic chess player then most of the commander is already unlocked and it will give you a large range variety to choose from. Additionally, you can obtain New commander/Skins by spending Battle Points or Diamonds.


The collection section holds the total cards you owned. For each player, initial rewards are the same, and its matchmaking mainly based on no trophies. In the collection part, all cards are categorized into Heroes, Monsters, and Magic. You can read each card’s description by tapping on them. In this section, you can also rearrange your deck by tapping on cards.

Cup Points 

Cup points indicate your present status on the leader board. For every cup points milestone you reached, you will unlock different powerful cards. The whole cup point system divided into 11 sections.e.g. 0-600-100-1800-2500-3500-4500 and so on.

Summoning Orb

The summoning orb is like the Gacha draw in arena mode. You can spend Diamonds or Battle Points to draw cards.

Mobile Legends Arena Mode Guide

After every 100 summons, you are guaranteed to pull an epic card. Quite obviously, epic cards are more powerful than other general cards.

Upgrade your Cards regularly

Now let’s focus on Card Upgrade. You will receive cards as a reward and after tapping the card an empty (0/4) bar will show. It means you need 4 of the same cards to level it up to level 2; and so on. After every draw, each(x no) indicates the no of cards you obtained.

Mobile Legends Arena Mode Guide

You need to level up your cards manually in the collection section. Tap on the green arrow to upgrade your chosen cards. This upgradation does not consume any BP or Diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Arena mode is a very relaxing game mode rather than hectic rank matches. After the possible lift of ban from the Indian Server, this game mode is quite popular among all players. This will take a few minutes to play and you can build many strategies to defeat the enemy commander. Rank up and leave your mark on the leaderboard.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Arena Mode Guide. Do you prefer to use Hilda in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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