Mobile Legends Familiarity system explained: How to increase Affinity and Familiarity

Old ways, new meaning.

Moonton recently revealed Familiarity System in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. And this brand new Familiarity System is finally coming to MLBB with the patch 1.6.18 update set to release on the main server on the 21st of September, 2021.

What is Familiarity System in Mobile Legends

Players can now improve their familiarity with their friends by interacting with them in Mobile Legends. Teaming up with friends, sending them gifts will increase familiarity between two players. Close friends with enough level of familiarity can establish affinity with one another.

How to get Familiarity in MLBB

Once Players become friends with another player, they can increase their Familiarity with each other through interactions such as playing matches together or sending gifts.

  • Each Ranked Match completed together grants +6 Familiarity
  • Each Classic Match completed together grants +3 Familiarity
  • Other matches completed together grant +2 Familiarity each
  • Sending Gifts grants Familiarity equal to 10% of the gifts value

Players can get up to 150 Familiarity with a player per week by completing matches with them. However, there is no limit to Familiarity gained by sending gifts.

How to establish Affinity in Mobile Legends

Players can establish Affinity with a friend once their Familiarity reaches 150. Either player can send a request to establish affinity while the other needs to approve the request.

Types of Affinity in MLBB

Mobile legends affinity system, MLBB affinity, Mobile legends familiarity
Types of affinity in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

Four types of Affinity have been revealed as of yet. Players can either be Couple, Bros, Besties or Confidants with one another. After establishing an affinity, players can get corresponding affinity icons. Players should note that they have a limited number of slots when establishing Affinity. For example, Players can only have Couple Affinity with only 1 friend and have Bros Affinity with a maximum of 4 friends.

How to level up Affinity in MLBB

Players can raise the level of affinity with a friend, the same way by increasing their Familiarity with them. All they need to do is to play together and it will increase automatically. Players will unlock bonus perks when they level up their Familiarity such as upgraded affinity icons and hero sharing.

Mobile legends familiarity rewards, MLBB affinity rewards
Various rewards in the affinity system (Image via Moonton)

Players can share any heroes they don’t have which is owned by their friends and play them in classic and A.I. matches. Players can also share skins but only on shared heroes. Sharing a skin on a hero which is already owned is not possible.

How to end Affinity in MLBB

Players can end an affinity by sending a request, which ends the affinity automatically within 7 days. If the other player approves the request, the affinity will end immediately. Removing a friend from the friend list will also end the affinity automatically and the Familiarity will also be cleared.

In case a friend hasn’t logged in to the game for more than 30 days, players can request to end the affinity which will be approved immediately.

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Another ripoff from wild rift 😐


I can’t make this,my in game fri with familirity point 180 send partner request to me.I press comfirm but “This player is not your friend” appeared.What can I solove this problem?


Same problem


Now i got it! Add him Facebook fri and syn facebook on mlbb πŸ˜€


Hi, can you show us step by step how you fixed it? Because we’re already friends on Facebook but still shows the “You are not this player’s friend”. And we also follow each other on mlbb.


Same on my side, shows “You are not this player’s friend” even though we already have 192 points. Is this a bug or there’s a fix for this?

Just scroll.

Does mastery badge in loading screen game wouldn’t be removed for displaying affinity?


Is it.possible to cancel affinity request?


Our Familiarity keeps on resetting to 0 even we did not unfollow each other. It has been resetting for 3 times now. Any idea how to fix this?


Our affinity is stuck πŸ˜”


How to apply again for affinity? If you have end it?


why our affinity is stock in lvl2 even tho we’re always playing pls help me

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