Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 update: New features and optimizations to release on September 21

Lots of changes and improvements incoming!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is back with another episode of Inside Mobile Legends. This will give players a preview of the upcoming Patch 1.6.18 update. Set to release on the main server on the 21st of September, 2021, the update brings along a new hero, hero, and skin revamps. This will be coupled with a number of interface adjustments, many more features, and optimizations. Without further ado, let us dive in and take a look at all the new content which has been announced as a part of the Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update.

New Hero: Floryn

Floryn, The Budding Hope finally arrives in the Land of Dawn with her companion Dew with the patch 1.6.18 update on the 21st of September, 2021. With the release of the new support hero, Floryn, it will be the 109th hero on the Mobile Legends hero list.

Floryn Mobile Legends
Floryn in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

Floryn is a support hero who can heal allies wherever they are. Her appearance is of a sweet girl with a blue spirit, Dew. She is determined to spread greenery throughout the world. Floryn will be given out for free to the players. She can be claimed by logging in for 6 days and claiming the sign-in rewards from the New Hero Giveaway tab on the Events page. The event lasts from the 9th of September, 2021 to the 21st of September, 2021.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 update: Hero Revamps

The much-awaited revamp of the heroes Kagura, Odette, Lancelot and Hayabusa which was teased back in the month of June will be finally coming as a part of the Patch 1.6.18 Update. The update will greatly improve the four hero’s portraits, models, animations and visual effects. The heroes also got some of their skills reworked.

Kagura Revamp

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update
Revamped Kagura in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

Skill 1: Seimei Umbrella Open

This skill has been adjusted and would now be projected 2x faster than before.

Ultimate: Yin Yang Overturn

With the new revamp, her ultimate will now form a link and pull enemies closer to one another. This would increase the hit rate of this skill.

Odette Revamp

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04
Revamped Odette in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

Skill 2: Blue Nova

It has now been revamped to generate more energy orbs. This will split up and hit multiple targets in a larger area while immobilizing them.

Ultimate: Swan Song

Her Ultimate Revamp makes Odette blink a short distance before casting her ultimate.

Lancelot Revamp

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04
Revamped Lancelot in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

Skill 1: Puncture

It has now been revamped to apply the Sword Mark to only the first enemy hit when he charges while using this skill.

Hayabusa Revamp

Ultimate: Ougi Shadow Kill

Hayabusa’s Ultimate ability has now been revamped to bring about a much sharper, intuitive, and clearer experience. This will further make him more interesting to use.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update: Interface Revamp

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update will come with a complete upgrade of the user interface. The previous cluttered User Interface has also been reworked into a minimalist design of icons and layout which allows easier navigation through the interface.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update
Changes in the home screen user interface in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Now on the home screen, players can see the Land of Dawn. Additionally, the home screen will present the day and night cycle. This will be in accordance with the time zone in the players real life.

The process of entering the battlefield has also been upgraded. Players can now directly land in the base while the game loads which increases the immersion of getting into battle.

Interfaces for hero selection, hero display, the events hall etc. have also been optimized. Players can also change the background music to the home screen from the Sound settings.

Skin Revamps

In the upcoming Patch 1.6.18 update, all the looks of the four revamped heroes Kagura, Odette, Lancelot and Hayabusa have all been reworked.

Arcade Mode Optimizations

Magic Chess

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update
Commander Harper in a new look

Commander Harper is getting a new look. He has now become a proud knight with cute fluffy ears and a red cape.

Brawl Mode

The previous map of the Brawl mode has been optimized, with a new healing item added. Upon picking up the healing item, the hero can heal themselves and their nearby allies.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update: Hero Balance Adjustments

In Patch 1.6.18 Update, marksmen heroes will be optimized. This will improve their range and skill damage. The range of the turrets has also been improved. However, outer turrets will receive higher damage from ranged attacks when they have their shields on which will help out marksmen in the early game.

Adjustments were made for the following heroes:

New Feature: Familiarity System

Patch 1.6.18 Update brings the all-new Familiarity System into the game. Players can increase their familiarity with their friends by interacting with them like teaming up and playing matches with them or sending gifts to each other. Players with enough familiarity can establish affinity with each other like becoming a couple, brothers, besties or confidants.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update
Establish affinities with the all-new Familiarity System

Players can level up their affinity by continuing to send gifts or teaming up. Levelling up affinity will gradually unlock rewards like a special loading page or sharing heroes with each other.

Anniversary Event Bonuses

Mobile Legends fifth anniversary event
Miya, The Moon Goddess skin

The 5th Anniversary of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be finally coming to the Land of Dawn with the Patch 1.6.18 Update bringing us Miya, Moon Priestess skin. It can be claimed for free, along with other 5th Anniversary Avatar Border and many other rewards. In addition, on specific dates, there will be a few bonuses on offer. These include several free-to-play heroes for a limited time, nostalgia events and Team Star protection for teaming up in ranked matches.

What are your takeaways from the Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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