Mobile Legends: List of Heroes based on Anime characters

Mobile Legends Bang Bang {MLBB) is a character-based MOBA where you and 4 other members make a team and fight against a team of 5 persons in the battlegrounds of Land of Dawn. It is one of the best MOBA games of all time and has a reach of almost every major continent. To engage this huge amount of traffic, Mobile Legends has introduced about 102 heroes in the game. Among these, some heroes remind us of our favorite anime characters. Today, in this article we will get more into the heroes lore of this game and see how some of the Mobile Legends heroes have been inspired by Anime characters.

Mobile Legends heroes based on Anime characters

1. Angela

Mobile Legends heroes based on Anime characters

Angela looks very close to the character named Rem from the anime RE Zero. Her hair color, dress, and style of speech are almost similar to that of the anime character Rem. Though the skills are not quite similar but still for the looks of it she is worth being on the list.

2. Ruby

Mobile Legends heroes based on Anime characters

Ruby’s axe and red cape is the main distinguishable element and it is also similar to the anime character Ruby Rose from RWBY anime series. Her looks and skills are almost similar to each other. The red cape along with the famous axe and the axe hook ability is strikingly similar to that of the anime character Ruby Rose. Well even the names are similar as of their characteristics.

3. Sun

Mobile Legends

Sun do looks like the Monkey King character from a lot of the Kung Fu movies but his abilities are similar to one particular character and it’s none other than Naruto. Naruto’s special “Kage bunshin-no Jutsu” is totally the same as that of Sun’s doppelgänger ability and seriously we love it.

4. Fanny

Mobile Legends heroes

Attack on Titan fans should definitely know who Fanny looks like. It’s none other than Mikasa from the popular anime. Fanny’s cable ability with blade combo is strikingly similar to that of Mikasa’s Blade and Cable technique. Not only that the looks also seem very similar to that of Mikasa’s.

5. Aldous

Mobile Legends heroes

Almost every player knows that after reaching 500 stacks Aldous becomes a power to reckon with. He gets transformed into the “One punch man” or Saitama himself. He can kill literally anyone with just one punch. Yes, their looks are not very much similar but the ability to kill anyone with just one punch is all it takes to make him rank in this list.

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Every 500-stacks-aldous gangsta until a pro chou enters the lobby


The Sun is based on The Monkey King, of the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom”. 😉

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