5 Most banned heroes in Mobile Legends ranked mode

Playing ranked mode in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is not easy. With a growing pool of powerful heroes and a dedicated player community, facing skilled opponents while climbing ranks is tough. Winning isn’t guaranteed, so banning specific heroes during draft picks becomes crucial. Let’s quickly explore the top 5 most banned heroes in Mobile Legends and why they’re feared in the meta. However, do remember that the rankings of these heroes in the list are relevant to Mythic Rank and above only.

What are the most banned heroes in Mobile Legends ranked mode?

1. Diggie

Mobile Legends Diggie Cover Guide
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Diggie, a support hero, is a strong counter against enemies using crowd control abilities. With a ban rate of 56.82%, he’s among the most commonly banned heroes. Despite undergoing multiple nerfs in recent patches, Diggie remains top-tier due to his unique skills. He can plant bombs that chase and explode on nearby enemies, and pull enemies back to their previous location, and his ultimate skill allows him to clear debuffs on allies while giving them a protective shield. The introduction of the Flask of Oasis item has also boosted his effectiveness by enhancing healing and shielding for teammates.

If you face a Diggie in Ranked mode, prioritize heroes with high burst damage, mobility, or those capable of countering regeneration and shields. Heroes like Esmeralda, Claude, or supports with healing abilities excel against Diggie’s tactics.

2. Lunox

Lunox MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.18 Update Lunox Revamp
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Lunox stands out as a high-value pick in Ranked matches, with a ban rate of 69.28%. This surge in popularity is attributed to a recent buff that allows her to seamlessly use her light and dark ultimate abilities consecutively. The ability to chain these powerful moves provides her with increased versatility and unpredictability in engagements. Notably, Lunox has also found success in the role of a jungler, showcasing her adaptability in various positions.

Countering Lunox isn’t a simple task due to her versatile nature. To stand a chance against her, your team should pack plenty of crowd control skills, strong mobility, and high burst damage to take her out before she can retaliate. Heroes like Lolita, Franco, and Lance are solid choices for this approach.

3. Wanwan

Wanwan Mobile Legends Game Cover
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Wanwan continues to be a formidable force in the Land of Dawn, boasting a ban rate of 56.82% even after several ability nerfs. When played skillfully, she stands as one of the most potent marksmen. Thanks to her swift dashes and agile maneuvers, she can easily dodge enemy attacks, quickly reposition to activate her Crossbow of Tang, and deliver sustained damage while staying on the move. This agility makes her nearly untouchable, particularly in the late game.

While you have limited options if you’re facing a truly expert Wanwan player, there are still some heroes you can pick to at least have a chance of winning the match. To stand a chance against her, your team should pack heroes with strong mobility, crowd control skills, and high burst damage to take her out before she can activate her Crossbow of Tang. These include heroes such as Ling, Kaja, and Phoveus.

4. Nolan

Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks, Mobile Legends Nolan, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.96 Update, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.98 Update Nolan
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Nolan, the assassin, has been a hot ban choice since he debuted, boasting a 76.77% ban rate, placing him as the second most banned hero. His unique skills involve setting up portals to damage enemies and his ultimate, Fracture, not only clears control effects but also deals massive damage. His agility allows him to dash in and out, making him a threat to take down squishy enemies quickly.

To effectively counter Nolan, your team should pack heroes with a solid early-game impact or go for a hero with a suppression skill. Heroes like Franco and Khufra possess skills capable of restraining Nolan. Additionally, Martis is also a good counter and an excellent jungle hero in the early game and can outburst Nolan in a 1v1 scenario.

5. Alice

Mobile Legends Alice Guide Cover
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Last but not least, the Queen of Blood, Alice, places 1st with a ban rate of 79.49%. Alice has been through many adjustments. And finally, she is recognized as a dangerous pick in Ranked mode. Alice is a mage who thrives when surrounded by enemies, growing stronger as they gather around her. Her teleportation skill, Flowing Blood, allows her to move in and out of fights, while her ultimate, Blood Ode, grants her increased damage and healing based on enemies caught in its area. This makes her a durable hero in later stages and a powerful initiator in team fights.

Taking on Alice needs a smart team strategy. Having heroes that control her movements, deal consistent damage, isolate her, and can prevent her healing. Recommended heroes like Harley, Alpha, and Baxia can stop her healing and quickly bring her down. In team fights, focusing all attacks on Alice can counter her healing abilities.


Although many players ban certain heroes in ranked mode, it’s crucial to consider more than just popularity. Factors like your team’s lineup, the enemy’s lineup, and your playstyle matter before locking in a hero. Having the first pick doesn’t guarantee a win by choosing those highly sought-after heroes. It’s essential to assess the situation and make choices that benefit your team. Remember, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is about teamwork in a 5v5 match, not a solo game. If you are curious to know more about which hero counters in Mobile Legends, check our detailed guide on that.

That’s all about the most banned heroes in Mobile Legends! Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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