Mobile Legends January 2024 Nostalgia Event: How to claim an Elite skin for free

New event for players!

Mobile Legends Nostalgia Event, in January 2024, is a recurring event in the game that rewards players with free epic skins, after completing various simple event tasks. The event is usually held for a limited time, and the skins available for free change each time.

Mobile Legends January 2024 Nostalgia Event: How to claim free Elite skin

Mobile Legends Nostalgia Event is an excellent event for free-to-play players to get skins for free, and the event returns after a few months with new skins. It is coming back in January 2024. The skin category includes Basic, Elite, and sometimes even Special skin.

Players will be able to participate in the nostalgia event from the 1st of January, 2024. Players will be able to choose their favourite skin from given skins. There will be four Elite skins in the Nostalgia event.


  • Yi Sun-Shin‘s Elite skin: Roguish Ranger
  • Cyclops Elite Skin: Super Adventure
  • Hanzo‘s Elite skin: Undead King
  • Tigreal‘s Elite skin: Fallen Guard

On the 1st of January 2024, players will also get a Free Star Protection card by logging in to the game. Sharing the event on Facebook, WhatsApp, or other platforms will give players a free Rare Skin fragment. However, to obtain a free skin, players must complete some easy tasks to increase the Nostalgia progress or buy Nostalgia Tickets with diamonds.

Mobile Legends January 2024 Nostalgia Event: Nostalgia Progress Tasks

The Nostalgia Event of 2024 will have similar tasks as before, which players must complete these tasks to claim a free skin. Anyone who cannot complete the given tasks and increase their nostalgia progress cannot claim the free skin. Therefore, it is very important to complete the given tasks on time.

Nostalgia Event Tasks

  • Login to the game.
  • Complete 1 match in Classic/Ranked/Magic Chess.
  • Win 1 match in Classic/Ranked/Magic Chess.
  • Weekly Login to the game.
Mobile Legends Nostalgia Event Tasks

The event will last for 15 days in January 2024, so complete the tasks in time to get a free Elite skin. Hopefully, the next Nostalgia Event will also bring some exciting skins.

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