Mobile Legends Hanzo Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

The strongest ninja has arrived!

Hanzo is a very deadly assassin, who has a good set of bursts, Area of Effect, Buff, and astral projection skills in Mobile Legends. He can easily steal any jungle with the help of his first skill. Not only that he can use his ultimate to transform into Demon Pneuma form and deal massive damage to enemies while his main body is safe from any damage. He is currently in the meta and by using these tips and tricks you can rank up easily even in a solo queue. But in order to dominate the Land of Dawn, you need to perform some perfect combos. So without further delay let’s just jump into the MLBB battlefield with Hanzo. In this guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, and build, including tips and tricks to pave your way to victory with Hanzo in Mobile Legends.

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Skill Analysis

Hanzo is a hero with the common four skill sets of one passive and three actives. In this Hanzo guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Ame no Habakiri (Buff)

When units are eliminated nearby, the Blood Demon absorbs their souls into its body into Demon Blood.
Hanzo gains 2 Demon Blood for each non-hero on death and 20 Demon Blood if it’s a hero.

Skill 1 – Ninjutsu: Demon Feast (Damage)

Every 5 Basic Attacks basic attacks by Hanzo temporarily unlocks this ability for 6.5 seconds.
Hanzo uses Ame no Habakiri to devour a target and digest them over a period of time. By doing so Hanzo gets 10–20 Demon Blood. (Can only be used against Minions and Creeps. Targeting Lord or Turtle deals 500–1500 True Damage.

Ninjutsu: Ninjutsu: Soul Reap (Damage, Buff)

Hanzo summons demonic spikes at the target location, dealing 160–360 (+60% Total Physical Attack) immediate Physical Damage
If an enemy is hit, the skill will strike again after 0.5 seconds, dealing 40–90 (+15% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to targets in the area and slowing them by 40% until no target is hit or dealing additional damage for 8 times.
Every unit hit grants him 1 Demon Blood.

Hanzo flies to the target location as Demon Pneuma, dealing 80–90 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage within this area. (Can trigger basic attack effects).
If an enemy is hit, the skill will repeat itself after 0.3 seconds, until no target is hit or reaching a total of 8 occurrences.
Hitting an enemy unit unlocks one seal of Ninjutsu Demon Thorn Ninjutsu: Demon Thorn.
Moving, attacking or recasting this skill will terminate the process immediately.

Skill 3 – Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja (Buff)

Hanzo gains 25 Demon Blood and charges into battle as Demon Pneuma, gaining a new set of basic skills while leaving his body behind. Demon Pneuma consumes 10 Demon Blood every second, and when it is depleted, Hanzo returns to his body’s original position. While in Demon Pneuma form, it can move through terrains and has an additional 35% Movement Speed and 30%–50% Attack Speed, but its Physical and Magic Defense are reduced by 50.0%–30.0%. When Demon Pneuma is killed, it will be drawn back to Hanzo’s body, stunning him for 3 seconds and weakening him for 8 seconds (slowed by 55%, Physical and Magic Defense reduced by 100% and location revealed); they are both killed if the body is destroyed.
Choice: Demon Pneuma returns to Hanzo’s body immediately, or the other way around.

Skill-up Methods for Hanzo

Unlock your first skill first to clear the monster fast. Set your Skill 2 to max level first, prioritizing this skill makes the damage higher and you can deal burst damage to the target for an easy kill. Upgrade your first skill accordingly and Ultimate whenever available.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Hanzo in Mobile Legends

Emblem Set

Hanzo is one of the most notorious and deadliest assassins in the game. He can kill the backline mage marksman. Besides that, he can also steal enemies’ buff easily. To make Hanzo’s gameplay for effective and flawless in Jungling, players are expected to use the Custom Assassin Emblem for penetration, adaptive attack & movement speed.  With the Custom Assassin Emblem players can use whichever Talent best suits their gameplay. However, we’ve brought up some of the best Emblem/Talent Set-up that is advisable to be used for Hanzo:

Mobile Legends Hanzo Emblem Setup

The Custom Assassin Emblem ever since it’s Revamp, provides players with access to 3 different talents. Hence, for Hanzo’s Emblem Set-up, the following setup is expected of players:

  1. In the First-tier Talent, we will suggest Rupture for physical penetration it will help Hanzo in the early game to give some damage to the enemy heroes.
  2. In the Second-Tier Talent, we will suggest Wilderness Blessing. It will increase by 15% movement speed in the jungle and river. Hanzo can easily rotate and can gank other lanes.
  3. In the Third-Tier Talent, we will suggest Weakness Finder. It reduces enemies’ movement and attack speed.

Battle Spells

The only battle spell we recommend for Hanzo is Retribution. In this new laning system you must use Retribution to carry the whole game and without using retribution you can not buy any jungle items.

Best Builds for Hanzo in Mobile Legends

Hanzo is one of the fastest junglers in the game. Once he builds the trinity, it is kind of impossible to stop him. But for this farming is needed from early game. We have created the template in our guide to try out Hanzo on the Mobile Legends Battlefield.

Build Set 1 for Hanzo in Mobile Legends

You can start building the Magic shoes with Ice Hunter retribution. The Magic shoes will give movement speed and cooldown reduction. For the Second item, you can have the Corrosion Scythe for physical attack, movement speed and attack speed. For the Third item, you can have the Demon Hunter sword for physical attack and attack speed. It also gives life steal. For the fourth item, you can have the Golden staff. It gives Physical attack as well as attack speed.  Besides that every 1% extra crit chance gained is converted into 1% extra attack speed. For the Fifth item, you can have Hunter Strike. It will give physical attack and cooldown reduction. It also provides penetration. For the Sixth one, you can have the Malefic Roar for more penetration. If the enemy has tanky heroes, it’s better to build the Malefic roar after Hunter Strike.

Mobile Legends Hanzo Gameplay Tips

Hanzo is a proper assassin and jungler, so all you have to do is farm and rotate to get kills on enemy squishy heroes. But now you can not use sprint so it’s a drawback in the early phase, However, according to Hanzo’s gameplay we can break it down into three phases. Our Hanzo guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Mobile Legends. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

After starting, unlock your first skill, and buy a lower-grade boot. Then spam your basic attack on creep to stack it 5 times. When devour is ready just steal the enemy blue buff if possible or take both of your buffs and go to the gold lane to give a gank. Buff is the main key, so don’t miss your buffs. Whenever your retribution spell is ready, try to finish creeps or minions with its last hit, it will provide you with more gold. After reaching level 4 try to do a successful gank and draw blood upon the enemy. Don’t forget to take out enemy jungle creeps to earn more exp and gold and the the enemy jungler will fall behind slowly for sure.

Mobile Legends Hanzo Early Game

Mid Game

We know it sounds bad but trust us Hanzo is useless without his items and Demon blood, so all you have to do, is collect Demon blood and at the same time follow the map to avoid being ganked. Once you get caught by enemy CC you will die. Spam your skill 2 in this phase to escape from the tricky situation and also you can collect Demon Blood by doing this.

Skill 3+ Skill 2+ BA + BA+ BA+ Skill 1

Mobile Legends Hanzo Mid Game

When you use your ultimate in mid-phase always cast it from a safe position so that at least one of your teammates can save you. If your demon blood bar shows a minimum of 50% then cast your ultimate, cause if you run out of demon blood in the middle of a fight; your main body will reach straight into the enemy team and you will die surely because of 100% reduced defence or stun effect.

Late Game

Mobile Legends Hanzo Late Game

In this phase, Hanzo will shine most on the battlefield, after near about 10 minutes, have crossed and he has got his core items. Hanzo will now wait for his team’s initiation, after a worthy initiate, he will make his own path to enemy squishy heroes and kill them with his shinigami style. But also remember enemy heroes (Assassin, Marksman) will also try to find you and end you so choose your bush wisely during Ultimate. Cast your skill combos like this to get an effective result-

Skill 3+ Skill 2+ BA + BA+ BA+ Skill 1

In case players have missed the enemy, they can just press again ultimate lower button again to return to their original body, or you may face some cases after your ultimate 1/2 enemy (Tank, Fighter) will still be alive with dot life, then after casting skill combos just press the upper ultimate button to summon your main body in Demon Pneuma’s position and cast skill 2 to finish them in Ninja style. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Hanzo in Mobile Legends.

Heroes that counter HanzoHeroes Hanzo can counter
Freya Counter Heroes

Final Thoughts

No doubt he is one of the best Meta Assassins in this season but instead of this he is very fragile; so the enemy with CC abilities can kill him very easily. To avoid this always focus on your game objective, follow the mini-map very efficiently, and place your main body in a safe place where the enemy can not detect you easily. And the last thing if your opponent picks Natalia or Selena; do not even think about picking Hanzo. Hanzo is a solid pick in the current meta and playing him properly players can rank up easily with him in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s guide about Hanzo in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Hanzo in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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