Mobile Legends: The Complete Talent System Guide and Tips

Master the all new Talent System with ease!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s new Emblem update has arrived in the game. It was announced earlier but the new talent system was never launched officially. It was only available on the Advanced Server; however, they abandoned their plan after receiving numerous feedback and reports, and the talent system will remain unchanged until February 2023. But in February, Mobile Legends introduced us to a new talent system, which is now available on the advanced server. Without further ado, let us enter the Land of the Dawn to fully comprehend the mechanics.

Introducing the new Talent System in Mobile Legends

The talent system serves as a boost for each hero we use on the battlefield. Essentially, we know that each hero has a distinct power and is passive. The talent system will develop them and maximize their potential. But keep in mind that the entire talent system was previously divided into nine parts, but they have now reduced it by two, bringing the total to seven.

Essentially, the talent system is based on hero classification. On the battlefield, for example, there are fighters, tanks (roamers), mages, marksmen, assassins, and support units, as well as magic, tanks, physicals, mage, jungle, assassins, support, and marksman’s custom emblem sets. The rule that we can tell what to use on each hero based on their category name has some exceptions. Minsithar and Jawhead are fighters, but in some cases, we can use him as a sustainable hero or roamer.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.74 Update
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So, if we use a Custom Fighter or Physical Emblem on them, it might not fulfill the purpose of picking that hero. Instead of a fighter or physical emblem, if we pick a tank emblem, it will help us out on the battlefield. Lesley is a marksman but also an assassin, so we can easily choose a marksman emblem for her, and in some cases, it may work, but when we want to use its full potential, we can choose an assassin emblem with a custom talent.

Choosing Talent Points is the most important thing. The assassins are not limited to only one category; they fall under many sections based on their damage (so the Emblem section final points are also different for completing their needs, e.g. High and Dry, Killing Spree, etc.). Now everybody will ask: if there are so many options and we can choose between them, why would developers shut down the system and invent a new one? We discuss that next.

Understanding the changes from the previous Talent System

If we are familiar with MOBA games, we know how important these talent systems are on the battlefield. In Mobile Legends, you can use only 2 slots to make your custom set. To open the third slot, you need battle points to unlock it, which is pretty problematic. Each month’s starlight pass will grant you another slot, but it’s also related to real-time money. And you can’t change it while on the battlefield to match your hero image. It means you have the mindset that you will pick only these kinds of heroes to match up their potential with an emblem.

As a result, the developer team received a lot of feedback to change it. Because hero selection is always dependent on counters and what you’re good at in both. So you’re already falling short of your full potential. For example, a player is a Minsitthar main, and generally, he plays as a sideliner and chooses a Fighter emblem with Unbending Will and Festival of Blood. But now, as per the requirement, he needs to select Argus because Minsithar is either banned or picked by the enemy.

Now he has only two options: compromise with the previous fighter’s talent points or choose the Assassin emblem (with an odd talent), which might not be helpful after all on the battlefield. To eliminate all these problems, developers invented the whole new Talent Protocol.

How to use the new Talent System in Mobile Legends

So in this new system, the developers offer us a wide range of variety that we can choose from. This whole talent system is divided into three parts. Initially, secondarily, and finally, this three-part plan will come together to boost your hero according to your needs. Now let’s take a look at which talent points come under which section.

Primary (Initially)

  • Thrill: +12 additional adaptive attack.
  • Swift: It provides 10% extra attack speed.
  • Vitality: Provides +200 extra HP.
  • Rupture: +6 additional penetration.
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  • Inspire: provides an additional 5% cooldown reduction.
  • Firmness: Firmness provides +6 extra physical and magical defense.
  • Agility: It provides +4% extra movement speed.
  • Fatal: provides 10% extra critical damage and 5% extra critical chance.

Secondary (Secondarily)

  • Bargain Hunter: Assists in purchasing any equipment from the shop at a 95% price.
  • Wildness blessing: +15% increased movement speed in river and jungle areas; halved during fighting with enemies
  • Blessed Fortress: Physical and Magical defense increased by +6 for every enemy hero within 5 unit radius and capped at 30.
  • Seasoned Hunter: +20% increased damage against Lord and Turtle but halved during attacking regular creeps.
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Chrono Master: When reaching 30% cooldown reduction it will instantly provide a 5% max CDR
  • Eternal Bloodlust: Provides +4% spell vamp and killing each hero grants +1.2% extra spell vamp caps at 10%
  • Spell Master: Battle spells CDR and equipment’s active CDR reduced by 15%
  • Weapons Master: Physical magical attack increased by +7% which was obtained from skill, talent, and equipment.

Ultimate (Final)

  • Open Fire: The next basic physical attack or magic power will be enhanced by +8% for the next 5 seconds and it has a 12-second cooldown
  • Lethal Ignition: While dealing damage to enemy units is greater than 7% of their max hp 3 times within 5 seconds then it will trigger a scorching effect which will deal 54-250 extra damage to them 3 times but it has a 15 seconds CD
  • Cosmic Blitz: While dealing damage with skills to an enemy hero, it will trigger 120-540 extra magic damage to an area around the target.
  • Battle Frenzy: Gains +2% extra hybrid lifestyle for the next 5 seconds. It will also be increased by 5% at max stacks
  • Deathly Alliance: While dealing damage to an enemy hero it will mark them for 5 seconds and then damage from other allied heroes will detonate the mark while dealing 200-410 magic damage and side by side providing the ally +8 gold
  • Quantum Charge: The range of the next basic attack will be increased by 1 unit and after dealing, damage movement speed will be increased by 40% for 1.5 seconds. This effect has a 10-second cooldown
  • Last Stand: While taking damage if max HP is below 30% then it will recover +16% HP for the next 4 seconds
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Arcane Furor: While taking damage exceeding 20% max HP from enemy heroes then it releases a shockwave that decreases nearby enemies’ movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 30% for the next 2 seconds.
  • Concussive Blast: deals 125(+7% total HP) magic damage to nearby enemy heroes after the next basic attack
  • Killing Spree: Recovers 7% max HP instantly for the next 3 seconds after killing an enemy hero side by side gains +15% movement speed and regen +5% max HP
  • Master Assassin: In front of only one enemy hero, the damage is increased by 8%
  • Glorious Dominion: Casting a CC effect on an enemy will instantly help to regen 7% max HP and +15 physical and magic defense for 3 seconds.
  • Temporal Reign: Upon casting the Ultimate skill the other skills’ cooldown will be reduced by 1.5 seconds.
  • Fatal Snare: While dealing damage with a basic attack; it has a 20% chance to reduce the enemy hero’s movement speed by 90% and attack speed by 50% for the next 0.5 seconds.

How new Talent System affects the gameplay meta

So as we discussed previously, players had limited options according to their heroes, and emblems are specified in some cases. People are sometimes misled and will not use a custom assassin emblem on their tank, such as Grock. They believe it was designed exclusively for assassins.

But now there are no particular divisions between talents. To use the talent points, you must first understand your hero’s capabilities. Only then can you select the best talent points for him. So in other words, we can say it will increase your hero awareness and help you perform more fluently on the battlefield.


So in the end, we can clearly say that this whole new Talent System will change the game’s style completely. Those who are familiar with this technique will take advantage of it. But those who are relying on some suggestions built by AI will have a hard time at first. The best part of the talent system is that buffing and nerfing are very easy.

Additionally, you can build Custom Talent Points for each hero and unlocking talent points is very easy it will be shown at the bottom right corner you have to upgrade which emblem at a certain level to unlock it. Each thing is now treated individually, so one change will not affect the whole, but the whole set will affect one. So choose your talent points wisely and show your opponents why they have no chance against you. 

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