Mobile Legends Emblem Guide and Tips

In Mobile Legends, your hero’s strength isn’t solely tied to purchased items; Emblems play a significant role too. Fully leveled Emblems offer stats like a completed item, but their impact relies on choosing the right talents. With the revamped emblem system, catering to specific hero roles, understanding these talents becomes crucial for optimal performance. With the new emblem system tailored for different hero roles, knowing these talents well is key to boosting your hero’s power. This Mobile Legends Emblem Guide breaks it all down, helping you choose wisely for your hero’s success in battles.

What are Emblems in Mobile Legends?

Emblems in Mobile Legends are like personalized power-ups for heroes. They’re categorized based on hero roles such as tanks, mages, assassins, and more. Leveling up these Emblems boosts a hero’s stats, and will also unlock different talents, almost like getting potent in-game items. But the real game-changer lies in selecting talents within these Emblems.

Mobile Legends Emblems
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Customized for specific Emblem categories, these talents provide unique abilities and bonuses. What’s particularly exciting is the freedom to select any talent for any emblem, providing numerous ways to approach playing your favorite heroes. They elevate attack, defense, movement speed, and more, while also triggering special moves in specific scenarios.

Mobile Legends Emblem Talents
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Choosing the right talents truly amplifies a hero’s prowess in battles. Consequently, Emblems and their associated talents play a pivotal role in customizing and maximizing a hero’s potential on the battlefield.

Talents and their effects

In Mobile Legends’ revamped emblem system, each hero role now boasts six distinct emblem categories, including a common emblem blending physical and magic attributes. These categories align with specific roles, delivering preset stats to enhance hero abilities.

Emblems Tier 1
Standard Talents
Tier 2
Standard Talents
Tier 3
Core Talents
TankVitality: Gain 225 extra max HPTenacity: Increased defense below 50% HPConcussive Blast: Magic damage post-attack
AssassinRupture: Gain 5 adaptive penetrationMaster Assassin: Damage boost vs. single heroKilling Spree: Health & speed after kills
MageInspire: Gain 5% extra cooldownBargain Hunter: Equipment purchase discountLethal Ignition: Boosts damage on target
FighterFirmness: Gain 6 extra def. statsFestival of Blood: Gradual spell vamp boostBrave Smite: HP restoration on skill damage
SupportAgility: Gain 5% movement speedPull Yourself Together: Reduced cooldownsFocusing Mark: Boosts allies’ damage
Marksman Fatal: Gain 5% crit chance, 10% dmgWeapons Master: Amplified attack & magic powerWeakness Finder: Chance to debilitate foes
CommonThrill: Gain 16 adaptive attackWilderness Blessing: Extra movement speed in jungle and riverImpure Rage: Extra damage, mana/HP restore
CommonSwift: Acquire 10% attack speedSeasoned Hunter: Enhanced damage vs. bossesQuantum Charge: Speed boost, HP restoration

Within each emblem, players can pick one talent from a pool of 24, divided into three tiers with eight talents each. Tier 1 talents boost attributes like attack, defense, or movement speed. Tier 2 talents trigger under specific conditions, offering tactical advantages in battles.

At the highest tier, Tier 3 talents unlock core skills, presenting exclusive and potent passive effects. Mastering talent selection across these tiers is crucial, profoundly impacting a hero’s capabilities and ensuring strategic adaptability in Mobile Legends.

How do I upgrade Emblems efficiently?

After the revamp, upgrading Emblems in Mobile Legends doesn’t need Battle Points anymore. Now, you’ll use Emblem Fragments or Magic Dust to level them up. To wrap up our Mobile Legends Emblem guide, let’s talk about the best ways to get Fragments and Dust.

Emblem Matrix

In the shop’s Prep section, there’s this Emblem Matrix you can roll. Every few days, they spotlight a specific Emblem, giving you a better shot at getting Fragments for that Emblem if you roll it five times. You can use tickets or gold to do these rolls.

Claiming Free Rewards

Just by logging in, playing regularly, and grabbing those recurring rewards, you’ll gather a load of Fragments, Gold, and Dust along the way. Plus, if you’re aiming to climb the ranks, you’ll score tons of tickets and gold at the end of each season.

Lucky Standard Emblem Chest

You can buy up to 5 Lucky Standard Emblem Chests each week, and they’re a sweet deal. For 800 gold per chest, you’re guaranteed to snag 60-70 Magic Dust, often even more than that. Plus, these chests refresh every week, so it’s a great way to stock up. You can also check our guide on how to farm battle points, how to counter heroes, and how to make the right itemization in the game.

Which Emblem and Talent is your favorite and why? Did we forget to mention some important tricks and tips? If that’s the case, let us know in the comment section below. Also, feel free to join our discord server for exciting gaming discussions!

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