Mobile Legends Emblem Guide

In Mobile Legends, you don’t just strengthen your Hero by purchasing items. In addition, Emblems actually have a huge impact on the game, especially early on. Statwise, a fully levelled Emblem provides as much bonus stats as a completed item. However, those bonus stats only matter if you choose the correct emblem talents. And that’s what our Mobile Legends Emblem Guide is here for.

What are Emblems in Mobile Legends?

You’ll find Emblems in the Prep section of your Mobile Legends menu. While at the very beginning, you’ll only have access to Physical and Magic Emblem, you can unlock up to 9 different types that fit specific Hero roles and classes.

The maximum level you can reach is level 60 – in order to do so, you need the respective Emblem Fragments, or Magic Dust to substitute them, and a certain amount of gold. Higher Emblem levels often provide increasingly valuable stats but also cost a lot more.

Once your Emblem reaches level 15, you’ll gain one Talent Point every 5 levels. Also, you’ll unlock specific Talents at level 20,30 and 40. For the Common Emblems, there are only 2 Talents that will unlock at level 20 and 30. While you only get to choose one Talent, you can distribute up to 6 Talent Points among the first two rows of the Emblem page.

In the setup below, 3 points were put into Health and Crit Chance each. Keep in mind that you can only put points into the 2nd row once you put 3 points into the first row though. That’s due to the 2nd row usually providing superior stat bonuses.

Mobile Legends Emblem Guide Physical Emblem
Sample of fully levelled Physical Emblem

You will spend approximately the same amount of Fragments to level up your Emblem from level 1 to 45 as you will from 45 to 60. So if you haven’t upgraded other relevant Emblems by that time, consider levelling up others to 45 before reaching for the expensive levels.

Which ones are the best?

Even though arguable most Emblems have their uses, the starter Emblems Physical and Magic simply get outclassed by Custom Emblem pages. Aside from that, especially beginners should probably prioritize Assassin and Mage Emblem. By doing so, you will be able to have a decent setup for 90% of all ML Heroes.

Of course it makes sense to unlock the fitting Emblem for your main role. Tanks arguably fare better with Tank Emblem than Assassin Emblem. So if you’re a dedicated main of a specific class, definitely make sure to level the respective Emblem:

  1. Assassin Emblem: Works well for Physical Assassins, Marksmen and Fighter
  2. Mage Emblem: Works well for Mages, Mage Assassins and Fighters and Supports
  3. Support Emblem: Works well on Tanks and Supports, but can honestly be used for nearly every Hero since it offers good generic stats
  4. Fighter Emblem: While prioritized by Fighters, it actually works decently on most Physical damage dealers; Assassin Emblem just fits a broader variety
  5. Tank Emblem: Also offering great generic stats but solely offers defense; works best on Tanks and can be used on Fighters
  6. Marksman Emblem: Mostly used for Marksmen and many of them actually do better with Assassin Emblem
  7. Jungle Emblem: Only really useful when playing a few Heroes like Masha or Kimmy who jungle really efficiently; even then, other Emblem options usually come up on top.

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How do I upgrade Emblems efficiently?

As we already said, you need Emblem Fragments, Magic Dust and Gold for levelling your Emblems. To conclude our Mobile Legends Emblem guide, let’s talk about the best strategies to get Fragments and Dust.

Emblem Matrix

In the shop you’ll also find a Prep section where you can roll the Emblem Matrix. Every couple of days, a new Emblem is getting featured meaning the probability of getting respective Fragments is higher upon rolling 5 times. You can either spend tickets or gold in order to do so.

Claiming Free Rewards

By logging in, playing and claiming the recurring rewards you get around every corner, you will actually accumulate a huge amount of Fragments, Gold and Dust. Also, if you’re keen on ranking up, you’ll get a ton of tickets and gold after the end of each season.

Lucky Standard Emblem Chest

While the purchase limit is set to 5, the Lucky Standard Emblem Chests refresh every week. For 800 gold per chest, you get guaranteed 60-70 Magic Dust, usually even more.

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Which Emblem is your favorite and why? Did we forget to mention some important tricks and tips? If that’s the case, let us know in the comment section below. Also, feel free to join our discord server for exciting gaming discussions!

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