Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

Muscle of Iron, Bones of Steel!

Out of the many tanks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Gatotkaca is considered to be one of the toughest, most tanky and thickest ones of all. He is a tank that has a good amount of Crowd Control (CC) skills, sustainability, and has a high team fight potential. He is not a hard hero to use but will take some practice and experience to master. In this guide, we will take a look at the best emblem set, spells, build, including tips and tricks to pave your way to victory with Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends.

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Skill analysis

Gatotkaca has a basic skill line-up with one passive and three active skills. His skillset focuses on surprising the enemy with timely ambushes and drawn-out team fights that challenge a hero’s sustainability capability.  In this Gatotkaca guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of his.

Passive – Steel Bones

Gatotkaca converts 2% of his HP lost into Physical Defense, capped at 200. For each 300 damage (pre-damage reduction) he takes, Gatotkaca gains 5 Rage, capped at 100. Upon reaching over 25 Rage, his next Basic Attack will be enhanced, consuming all the Rage and dealing extra Magic Damage and restoring HP.

His Rage works in multiples of 5, so numbers will be rounded to the nearest ten, e.g 13 will be calculated as 10, and 48 is calculated as 50. This passive allows him to be a threat in 1v1 situations, especially against Physical Heroes, who give him Physical Defense and allow him to regen HP the more he is attacked.

Skill 1 – Blast Iron Fist

Gatotkaca shatters the ground in front of him, dealing 200(+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Enemies who come in contact with the shattered area take 100(+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage per second and are slowed by 30%.

This skill is his main source of damage. This will allow him and his teammates to catch up to fleeing enemies to secure kills. Additionally, it will also slow down oncoming foes to get away themselves. Whether used offensively/ defensively, Blast Iron Fist is easy to understand and easy to use in battle. You need to be just wary of its cooldown, which is 6 seconds at the max level.

Skill 2 – Unbreakable

Gatotkaca charges for a short period then dashes in a designated direction and shouts, dealing 200 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. It forces enemies on the path to attack him for 1.5s. Dash distance varies with charge duration.

This skill is Gatotkaca’s main source of CC. It is used simultaneously as a gap closer to get closer to the target enemy heroes. It can also be used as an escape tool to get out of sticky situations. The best part is that it can taunt multiple enemies, as long as he dashes through them with the skill. Used correctly, it can turn the tide of the battle. Thus, the skill provides your teammates with an extra 1.5s to rain fire on your enemies.

Ultimate – Avatar of the Guardian

Gatotkaca jumps to the designated area, knocking nearby enemies airborne for 1s and dealing 500 (+300% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Enemies near the centre of the area will be knocked airborne for a longer duration. Enemies on the fringes will be pulled to the centre.

As for his Ultimate, it is recommended not to use it to initiate team fights. This is because it has a relatively long channelling period before the animation is finished. The enemies are given a lot of time to react to the Ultimate as casting will show the AoE of the skill. This will allow them to either dash out of it or Purify the Ultimate. To use this skill effectively, try and CC your enemies with Unbreakable first or let one of your other teammates CC the enemies. Used correctly, the Ultimate will deal a massive amount of damage and knock enemies airborne. This can change the tide of battle.

Skill-up method for Gatotkacha

The skill upgrade priority should be Skill 1 first, Ultimate when available, then Skill 2.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends

There are two common ways to play Gatotkaca: as a Tank or as an Offlaner. The more favorable and popular way is as a Tank, due to his insane sustainability and CC potential. The second way is as an Offlaner, which is also effective because of Gatotkaca’s ability to protect the sidelane and rotate to the middle to gank. Our Mobile Legends guide for Gatotkaca discusses the best Emblem Set and Spells for each Tank emblem and Mage emblem for the character in-game.

Tank Emblem Set

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide

For Tanks, the recommended setup is Shield (+3), Inspire (+3) and Concussive Blast equipped. The Shield will provide Gatotkaca with the early game Magic Defense needed to defend against Mages and Magic Assassins, while the Inspire will allow him to have a lower cooldown on skills, giving him a better opportunity to protect the Jungler and initiate fights. Lastly, Concussive Blast lets Gatotkaca have an AoE damage that scales with HP on his basic attack every 15 seconds.

Tank Spell Set

As a Tank, it is best to use Flicker to escape sticky situations or to chase down enemies or Vengeance to last longer in team fights.

Mage Emblem Set

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide

For Offlaners, the recommended setup is Agility (+3), Observation (+3), and Impure Rage. Agility allows Gatotkaca to have a higher Movement Speed so that he can rotate to other lanes to gank quicker. The observation increases his Magic Penetration, which will result in dealing more damage to the enemy offlaner, increasing his pressure on the sidelane. Lastly, Impure Rage also helps Gatotkaca deal more damage, dealing an additional 4% of the enemy’s current HP as Magic Damage, proving to be more effective. The tankier the enemy is, which is perfect against enemy Fighters and Tanks who he may face in the sidelane.

Mage Spell Set

As a Mage, you can use Vengeance to last longer in team fights.

Best Builds for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends

Similar to the emblem setups, there are a few recommended builds in our Mobile Legends Gatotkaca guide, which you can take depending on how and in what lane you are playing Gatotkaca. The three builds below will outline, whether you are playing as a high-burst offlaner in the sidelane, a tankier hero either in the midlane or sidelane, or a pure Tank in the midlane.

Build 1

The first build is how you would ideally build Gatotkaca as a burst offlaner. Arcane Boots and Divine Glaive both provide Magic Penetration in addition to that from the Mage emblem, meaning even if your enemies take Magic Defense items like Athena’s Shield, it won’t be nearly enough to stop you from dealing a large amount of damage. Concentrated Energy and Clock of Destiny provide some Magic Power to beef up your damage in the early game as well as Spell Vamp to heal from your skills and HP respectively. As for Lightning Truncheon and Holy Crystal, these two items serve as the main sources of Magic Power, which will allow you to deal even more Magic Damage with your skills and enhance Basic Attack.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide

Build 2

Moving on to the second build, it is more focused on buffing Gatotkaca’s Magic Defense. Since he already has a passive that can increase his Physical Defense in battle, you should focus on building items that can stack Gatotkaca’s Magic Defense first. Tough Boots, Athena’s Shield, and Oracle all provide Magic Defense. Brute Force Breastplate provides Physical and Magic Defense, and Movement Speed with the use of skills, making it a good all-around item to have in the middle game. Queen’s Wings will drastically improve Gatotkaca’s survivability as Tank in the late game with the damage reduction stat, and lastly, Immortality is a useful item to have late in the game to surprise your enemy after being resurrected every 3 minutes.

Build 3

Lastly, the third build is a hybrid between the damage and tank builds. The items are a mix between the two, with Oracle being especially important in this build, because of its passive Bless, which raises HP regeneration effects by 30%, synergizing perfectly with Gatotkaca’s Steel Bones’ enhanced Basic Attack.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Gameplay Tips

This segment on Mobile Legends Gatotkaca guide will be divided into three parts, talking about the specifics of playing Gatotkaca as a Tank and Offlaner in the early, mid, and late game. These tips alone are not enough to help you master Gatotkaca, as you will still need a good understanding of the map and drafting heroes to help you win ranked games.

Tank Gameplay

Early Game

As a Tank, you need to remember that your primary goal is to protect your Jungler by giving CC effects to enemies who will try to gank them early or who want to invade their buff. As Gatotkaca, you will often take Blast Iron Fist first to quickly clear the first minion wave. If your Jungler has a very weak early game like Claude or Wanwan, you could take Unbreakable first in case the enemy wants to invade.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide

It will depend on the situation of your team and the enemy team lineup, so be sure to pay attention to it during the loading phase of the game. After securing buffs, you can also gank the lane where the Turtle will spawn, which could result in a kill and objective.

Mid Game

In the mid-game, Gatotkaca should be more focused on opening the map for the team. Aside from helping your teammate’s jungle, you should also be checking bushes and blind spots, to open the map in case the enemy is plotting an ambush. Gatotkaca can use Unbreakable to taunt enemies for 1.5 seconds, giving your team a chance to either counterattack or escape.

Additionally, you should also be ganking the sidelanes, securing objectives like the Turtle and Turrets, and ensure your Jungler is not ganked. To ensure a good CC on the enemy, use the following combo to give your team plenty of time to kill them.

Skill 2+ Ultimate + Skill 1 + Basic Attack

Late Game

To finish the game, ensure that you have your Ultimate ready to fight. As stated above, save your Ultimate until after some or all the enemies have been CC’d, this will ensure a greater number of enemies to be affected by it.

Secure the Lord pit by zoning out enemies either by pressuring their lanes or waiting in bushes in case they decide to contest the Lord.

Offlaner Gameplay

Early Game

Your priorities as an offlaner are to secure your own lane, try to get an advantage over the enemy offlaner, and rotate to the midlane if your teammates are ganking the other sidelane. As Gatotkaca, you can use Blast Iron Fist to quickly clear the minion wave.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide

Depending on how good your matchup is in the early game, you may or may not choose to cut their second wave of minions. After this, continue to farm until your team is ready for a gank. If you are having a hard time with your matchup, try asking to switch lanes with the other offlaner.

Mid Game

During the mid-game, you should ask your teammates for a gank. After a successful gank, you should prioritize taking down the Outer and Inner Turrets in your lane.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide

Gatotkaca has a relatively above-average Basic Attack, so taking the Turret after the Gold Shield is down should not be a problem. It will be better if you can get your team to help you push the turret after a successful gank.

Late Game

At this point, you should have pushed the lane until there are no or only 1 turret(s) left. Gatotkaca should initiate fights as the offlaner, so to ensure a good CC on the enemy, use the following combo to give your team plenty of time to kill them.

You can also help your team take Lord after a successful team fight or just push their nexus. Additionally, you can perform the following combos to make your attack more effective.

Skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 1 + Basic Attack

Final Thoughts

Gatotkaca is a very strong hero, and definitely a good hero to have in your pool. His slow, taunt, and knock airborne skillset will ensure him a fruitful time in the meta, so it will never be a waste to try to learn how to play him. Overall, he is a versatile hero that can be built and played according to the situation, making him a decent hero pick in Classic and Ranked mode.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide. Do you prefer to use Gatotkaca in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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I found this very helpful, thank you, I’ve been maining one hero for a long time in ranked so I’m taking a break from him and wanna get into other heroes and since my dad mains Gatot, I thought I could try him out too so thank you again

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