Mobile Legends Pharsa Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

In this Mobile Legends Hero guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the recently revamped Pharsa. As the highest ranged mage in the game, Pharsa excels in both Damage and Poke. Paired with reasonable amounts of CC, her skillshots deal huge amounts of burst at the expense of limited mobility and durability.


Spiritual Unity (10s)

Every 10s, Verri enters the Hunting state, during which Pharsa’s next attack deals extra 160-300 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage (the damage scales with levels) and slows the enemy hit by 60% for 1s.

Pharsa’s passive will trigger on both abilities as well as Basic Attacks on the first enemy hit. While it does add some nice poke damage, the slow also makes enemies much easier to hit with other skills in order to layer the burst damage.

You can check for hiding enemies in bushes by using your skills on the respective area; with your passive ready, Verri will attack unseen targets.

Curse of Crow (8-6s)

Pharsa casts a spell to a target area, dealing 300-425 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies within the area of effect and marking them. The mark lasts for 4s. When Pharsa hits a marked target with her other skills, the mark will stun the target for 1s and disappear.

Although the description states Pharsa has to hit a marked target with skills, Basic Attacks will trigger the mark, too. Using this skill with her passive ready makes targets easy prey because the slow will hinder them from escaping.

Later onwards, a quick use of Curse of Crow followed up with her ultimate can stun a multitude of enemies and really wreak havoc. Just be careful not to waste it since it’s your only form of CC’ing enemies – unless you kill them.

Energy Impact (6.5s)

Pharsa releases magic energy in a designated direction, dealing 425-600 (+145% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the enemy hit.

A straight AoE spell that mostly helps with waveclear and adds some additional poke. Even though it’s not a very impressive ability on paper, the insane base damage and scaling make Energy Impact a decent spell.

Feathered Air Strike (24-18s)

Pharsa flies into mid-air and launches air raids on the target area in the next 8s for 4 rounds. Each round deals 650-950 (+160% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit.

Pharsa’s signature ability got changed quite a bit when she got revamped. While they reduced the amount of air raids and increased the skill’s CD, the projectiles hit much faster and Pharsa’s new access to CC also makes hitting Feathered Air Strike a lot easier.

When using her ultimate, make sure to be far enough from enemies to not get disrupted or bursted down but close enough to hit them. Considering the fact that the CD is still reasonably low, don’t worry too much if you failed an ult. Ideally try to layer it with CC either from Curse of Crow or from other teammates.

From level 4 onwards, your ult also allows you to quickly take Blue Buff on your own.

Wings by Wings (18s)

Pharsa becomes a mist around Verry, flying over terrain and increasing the Movement Speed by 80% for 5s (decays over time). She will exit this state immediately when controlled or launching Basic Attacks or using skills.

Yes, Pharsa is one of very few Heroes with access to a 4th ability. The burst of movement speed makes this skill super effective for roaming across the map because you reach sidelanes within the blink of an eye. Paired with her superior range, Pharsa can assassinate squishy targets under their tower from 2 screens away. Also, you are guaranteed to have the numbers advantage unless the enemy runs multiple Arrivals.

Especially if you’re a macro oriented player with good gamesense, her quick roams will win you games single-handedly.


When it comes to Emblems, the ideal choice obviously is the Custom Mage Emblem. As for setup though, Pharsa actually makes good use of each of the available Talents.

Pharsa guide Mobile Legends Emblem 1
Emblem setup with Mystery Shop

A lot of it comes down to playstyle and personal preference, however you probably gain the most value from Mystery Shop and Impure Rage. The former lets you hit your powerspikes a lot faster while the latter helps with mana sustain and adds some nice damage on-top. If you can secure Blue Buff consistently and don’t struggle with mana consumption, Mystery Shop might be the best choice.

Pharsa guide Mobile Legends Emblem 2
Emblem setup with Impure Rage

While Magic Worship adds great burst, Pharsa kills squishy targets with ease anyways and it also requires you to hit enemies 3 consecutive times. So even if you manage to trigger it, it’s going to be overkill.

As for Talent points, it also comes down to preference. You don’t necessarily need the movement speed due to Wings by Wings but the 6% MS feel more impactful than 12 Magic Power. In the second row, both Magic Pen and % Magic Power work really well. Most squishies don’t have more than 10 MR early on so you overcap by taking additional penetration. Also, Pharsa’s abilities have insane scaling which makes the 5% Magic Power a good choice.


Next in our Mobile Legends Pharsa guide, we’re going to talk about the best spell options to use.


The most generic spell to go with, Flicker will always serve you well. As a squishy, immobile mage Pharsa dies really quickly. Especially against mobile enemies that can easily dodge Curse of Crow Flicker will help you to reposition. It also allows you to make aggressive plays, chase kills and outplay enemies.


A purely defensive option, Purify saves you from every form of CC. The bonus movement speed can also help you escape. Make sure to take it against enemies with easy setup such as Johnson or Franco. Don’t forget that you can even prevent Surpression by activating Purify just before the CC hits.

Purify does require some practice to make most use of it but as a get-out-of-jail-free card it will serve its purpose and protect you where your team doesn’t.


The cheesiest, most aggressive and underrated spell for Pharsa. Since it provides a knock-back again, Flameshot also helps with disengaging while providing nice bonus burst to finish off those targets that escape with 100 HP left.

What makes Flameshot broken though is the ridiculously low CD. Having it up 3-4 times as often as a regular spell gives you a ton of combat power. So in case you haven’t given it a try yet, definitely go for it.


Only really necessary if you fear the enemy (or your teammates) are going to steal your buff. It can be a decent option if nobody else on your team equipes it so you have more control over Turtle and Lord.

Usually Pharsa can easily take the buff by herself from level 4 onwards though, so the other options might serve you better overall.


Now that we’re done with the basics, let’s take a look at optimal itemization in our Mobile Legends guide for Pharsa.

Core Items

For the revamped Pharsa, you want a mixture of CDR and Magic Power. Lightning Truncheon adds a fair amount of burst, adds additional waveclear and provides great stats. Paired with Magic Boots you already have 25% CDR (35% with buff) which should suffice to spam your skills.

Afterwards, you want to prioritize Holy Crystal to amplify the burst damage of your heavily with Magic Power scaling skills.

Optimal build variations for Pharsa

Good Generic Items

As for the remaining 3 item slots, you have a broad variety of options. It makes sense to get some form of penetration with Divine Glaive (against stacked MR) or Genius Wand (if enemies have little MR).

Necklace of Durance works wonders against sustaining enemies and should definitely be a priority item against the likes of Estes, Uranus or Esmeralda. Icequeen Wand can help with both kiting and targeting slippery targets while providing useful stats: The bonus mana scales with LT’s passive, the MS makes your rotations even faster and the sustain is nice to have on-top. Clock of Destiny, although the Lollipop build got nerfed, will still serve you well when facing squishy team comps.

Late-game consider a defensive item if you have trouble surviving. Winter Truncheon‘s active solves a lot of potential problems, especially when facing bursty characters. Otherwise, Blood Wings will add a shit ton of additional fire power while providing a large boost to your health pool as well.


Now, how you do play as Pharsa? Generally speaking, you always want to start in the midlane and focus on roaming whenever possible.

Early Game

Make sure to have a tank by your side and take Blue Buff after clearing the first minion wave. With your 4th skill you outroam every other Hero, so make sure to rotate to your sidelanes whenever possible. Your base damage is really high but without ultimate you suck at taking jungle camps, so focus on farming enemies.

Contest the crab in sidelanes with your teammates and try to make picks with Curse of Crow to stun enemies. Once you reach 4, you can burst down low HP targets as well as healthy squishies.

After getting a pick, make sure to secure Turtle to amplify your snowball.

Mid Game

With some items under your belt, you really hurt. Try to ambush enemies and use your ultimate frequently. Not only does it provide great poke, but it can also zone away enemies from their turret and from their teammates.

Always be wary of your positioning though – you die as quickly as you kill, so keep track of the enemy assassins. Position carefully when using your ultimate so you don’t get collapsed on or disrupted.

Also, try to predict the movement of mobile enemies. Grangers, for example, will often dash away out of your ult range once you start channelling Feathered Air Strike, so aim behind them. Don’t overextend by yourself to push waves unless you’re very confident in your ability to outplay the enemy.

Late Game

Avoid dying at all costs while trying to pick off an enemy, ideally, carry. Stay out of sight from enemies to create more pressure and maybe burst down an overextending target. You can also try to ambush the enemy at their buff if you have the upper hand.

Once you manage to get a kill, evaluate whether you can take Lord. Make sure that someone on your team covers so that the enemy cannot steal it. Otherwise, just pressure the enemy’s base. Pharsa can siege incredibly well and hitting one Air Raid of your ultimate will force squishes to return to their base. Just make sure to stay safe; stick around your tanks for more protection. Especially with Wings of Wing on CD, you’re very vulnerable.

That being said, at this point you 2-shot everyone without significant amounts of MR. Good positioning and aiming come with practice – and then you’re unstoppable.

So, you made it through our Mobile Legends Pharsa guide. Did we forget some important aspects you would like us to add? Are you using different items? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for quick updates.

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