Mobile Legends Pharsa Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

Pharsa is one of the best mid lane mage heroes in Mobile Legends, known for her powerful magic burst spells. Her long-range ultimate allows her to deal massive damage safely, and her crowd-control abilities can make a big impact in battles. What makes her special is her mobility, a rarity among mages in the game. If you’re a mage fan looking to master Pharsa, this guide is here to help you understand her abilities and become a strong mage player in Mobile Legends. With no further ado, let’s plunge into the world of MLBB. In this guide, we’ll explore the best emblem, spells, builds, and invaluable tips and tricks to guide you toward victory with Pharsa in Mobile Legends.

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Skill Analysis

Passive – Spiritual Unity (Damage, Slow)

Pharsa Passive

Pharsa’s passive ability, Spiritual Unity, activates every 10 seconds, and Verri enters the Hunting state. When this power is active, Pharsa’s next attack deals 160-300 (+100% Total Magic Power) magic damage and slows the target. This bonus can be applied to her basic attacks and abilities, making it easier to hit enemies and deal more damage. Additionally, Pharsa can use her skills to reveal hidden enemies in bushes, and when her passive is ready, Verri will automatically attack these hidden enemies.

Skill 1 – Curse of Crow (CC, Damage)

CD – 8 / 7.6 / 7.2 / 6.8 / 6.4 / 6

Pharsa Skill 1

Curse of Crow, allows Pharsa to target an area and deal 300 / 325 / 350 / 375 / 400 / 425 (+120% Total Magic Power) magic damage to enemies within it, while also marking them for 4 seconds. If Pharsa hits a marked target with her skills or basic attacks, it stuns the target for 1 second. Using this ability with her passive makes it easier to catch and damage enemies. Later in the game, combining Curse of Crow with her ultimate can stun multiple enemies, but it’s important not to waste it, as it’s her only crowd control ability unless enemies are eliminated.

Skill 2 – Energy Impact (AoE)

CD – 5.0

Pharsa Skill 2

Pharsa’s Energy Impact is a straightforward AoE spell that deals 425 / 470 / 515 / 560 / 605 / 650 (+145% Total Magic Power) magic damage to all enemies in its path. While it’s primarily used for clearing waves and providing some extra poke damage, its high base damage and scaling make it a worthwhile ability, despite not being exceptionally impressive at first glance.

Ultimate Skill – Feathered Air Strike (Burst)

CD –  46 / 42 / 38

Pharsa Ult

Pharsa’s ultimate skill allows her to fly into mid-air and launch multiple rounds of air raids over 8 seconds, dealing 570 / 720 / 870 (+160% Total Magic Power) magic damage with each round. To use her ultimate effectively, ensure you’re at a safe distance from enemies to avoid disruption or being burst down. Since the cooldown is relatively short, don’t worry too much if you miss it. It’s best to coordinate the ultimate with crowd control effects, either from Pharsa’s own “Curse of Crow” or from her teammates, to maximize its impact.

Extra Skill – Wings by Wings (Morph, Speed Up)

CD – 18.0

Pharsa Extra skill

Yes, Pharsa is one of the very few Heroes with access to a 4th ability. Pharsa’s fourth ability transforms her into mist around her owl, Verri, granting her a substantial boost in Movement Speed for 5 seconds. During this time, she can also fly over obstacles. However, this state ends if she launches an attack, is hit by crowd control effects, or when the duration expires. This skill is exceptional for rapid map movement, allowing her to reach sidelanes quickly. With her long-range abilities, Pharsa can even eliminate vulnerable targets under their tower from a significant distance.

Skill-up method for Pharsa

Unlock her first skill first followed by her second skill. Unlock ultimate at level 4. Prioritize upgrading her second skill then first skill and Ultimate whenever available. Skill 2 >> Skill 1 >> Ultimate.

If you’re a macro-oriented player with good game sense, her quick roams will win you games single-handedly.

Best Emblem set and Spells for Pharsa in Mobile Legends

When playing Pharsa in the mid-lane, it’s advisable to use a Custom Mage emblem to tailor your build to suit her strengths. Focus on enhancing attributes like Magic Power, Magic Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction to maximize damage output and ability frequency.

Custom Mage Emblem

When it comes to selecting emblems for Pharsa, the Custom Mage Emblem is the ideal choice. This emblem set allows you to personalize and optimize her attributes to match her unique abilities and playstyle. We recommend using the standard talents Rupture and Weapon Master for adaptive penetration and bonus damage. For the core talent, Lethal Ignition is a strong option, providing extra burn damage on multi-hits to enhance her burst damage potential. These emblem choices will maximize Pharsa’s effectiveness in the mid-lane and make her a powerful force in battles.

Custom Mage Emblem for Pharsa

Battle Spells

For Pharsa different battle spells can be used. Flicker enhances her mobility, which is crucial for a fragile and less agile mage like her, allowing repositioning, escape from fast foes, and aggressive maneuvers. Another option is Flameshot, which provides a useful knockback effect for escapes and extra damage to finish off low-health enemies trying to flee. Flicker prioritizes mobility and safety, while Flameshot adds an aggressive edge to Pharsa’s skills. You can also use Purify to quickly remove negative effects, give control immunity, and increase movement speed. Helps you to break free from crowd control and stay mobile.

Best Builds for Pharsa in Mobile Legends

You can experiment with different builds for Pharsa by adjusting them based on the enemy team composition and your desired role in the match. Here’s a template to get you started with building Pharsa for various battlefield scenarios.

  • Lightning Truncheon: This is a core item for Pharsa, offering both burst damage and enhanced wave-clear capabilities. It also provides valuable stats for her overall performance.
  • Magic Shoes: These shoes are a great choice for Pharsa, granting cooldown reduction that allows her to use her skills more frequently.
  • Arcane Boots: Opt for these boots when you need magic penetration to cut through enemy defenses.
  • Clock of Destiny: This item provides scalable attributes, making it a strong choice to boost Pharsa’s power as the game progresses.
  • Genius Wand: It’s useful for reducing the magic defense of your enemies, making your spells more effective.
  • Divine Glaive: This item offers magic penetration, allowing Pharsa to deal more damage to enemies with high magic resistance.
  • Holy Crystal: It provides a significant boost to Pharsa’s magic power, amplifying the damage from her skills that scale with magic power.
  • Blood Wings: Offering the highest magic power and a shield, Blood Wings is a late-game power spike item that makes Pharsa even more potent.
  • Winter Truncheon: This item grants temporary invincibility, which can save Pharsa in critical situations, especially when facing burst-oriented opponents.
  • Necklace of Durance: It’s a priority item against healing-heavy enemies like Estes, Uranus, or Esmeralda, as it reduces their healing abilities, making them easier to deal with.
Best Builds for Pharsa

Mobile Legends Pharsa Gameplay Tips

Now, how you do play as Pharsa? Generally speaking, you always want to start in the mid lane and focus on roaming whenever possible.

Early Game

In the early game as Pharsa, start by farming in the mid lane. Focus on getting the last hit on minions to earn gold and experience. Use your basic attacks and skills to poke and bother the enemy in your lane, especially when they’re close enough. Keep an eye on the map to watch out for possible surprise attacks from your team or the enemy. Being aware of your surroundings is important for your safety and effectiveness early on.

Contest the crab in sidelanes with your teammates and try to make picks with Curse of Crow to stun enemies. Once you reach 4, you can burst down low HP targets as well as healthy squishes. After getting a pick, make sure to secure Turtle to amplify your snowball.

Mid Game

With some items under your belt, you really hurt. Try to ambush enemies and use your ultimate frequently. Not only does it provide great poke, but it can also zone away enemies from their turret and from their teammates.

Always be wary of your positioning though – you die as quickly as you kill, so keep track of the enemy assassins. Position carefully when using your ultimate so you don’t get collapsed on or disrupted.

Also, try to predict the movement of mobile enemies. Grangers, for example, will often dash away out of your ult range once you start channeling Feathered Air Strike, so aim behind them. Don’t overextend yourself to push waves unless you’re very confident in your ability to outplay the enemy.

Late Game

Avoid dying at all costs while trying to pick off an enemy, ideally, carry. Stay out of sight from enemies to create more pressure and maybe burst down an overextending target. You can also try to ambush the enemy at their buff if you have the upper hand.

Once you manage to get a kill, evaluate whether you can take Lord. Make sure that someone on your team covers it so that the enemy cannot steal it. Otherwise, just pressure the enemy’s base. Pharsa can siege incredibly well and hitting one Air Raid of your ultimate will force squishes to return to their base. Just make sure to stay safe; stick around your tanks for more protection. Especially with Wings of Wing on CD, you’re very vulnerable.

That being said, at this point, you 2-shot everyone without significant amounts of MR. Good positioning and aiming come with practice – and then you’re unstoppable.

So, you made it through our Mobile Legends Pharsa guide. Did we forget some important aspects you would like us to add? Are you using different items? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for quick updates.

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