Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan Collab Event Guide: Skins, draw details, prize pool, and more

Anime fans, its your time!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is introducing a new collaboration skins event with the popular anime title – Attack On Titan. The Collab event between MLBB and AOT is expected to bring about three new event-exclusive skins. The lucky heroes that are going to be benefitting from this collab event include:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang x Attack on Titan Event: Overview

Here is the list of skins which will arrive with the following collaboration.

  • Yin as “Eren Yeager”
  • Fanny as  “Mikasa Ackerman”
  • Martis as  “Levi Ackerman”

The event is meant to be structured somewhat similarly to Collab events like Jujutsu Kaisen Collab as players would have to draw and accumulate crests to obtain the skins.

The all-new Collab skins event between Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Attack on Titan is already live on the advanced server and is expected to be released on the MLBB global server on the 31st of January 2023. The event-exclusive collab skins would be available for exchange at the price of 1200 Wings of Freedom crests.

MLBB x Attack on Titan collaboration: Other items

Lots of event-exclusive rewards are expected to be obtained from the MLBB Attack on Titan Collab event, some  of which would include:

MLBB x Attack on Titan collaboration Other items
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Attack on Titans Collab skins
  • Attack on Titans exclusive emotes
  • Attack on Titans exclusive Avatar Border
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Killing Notification
  • Attack on Titans exclusive Recall and Spawn effects
  • Attack on Titans exclusive Elimination effects
  • Attack on Titans exclusive graffiti.

Therefore, players accumulating enough Wings of Freedom Crests can exchange them for their desired exclusive reward. The following are the exchange rates for exclusive event rewards in the Exchange Shop:

Attack on Titan event itemsRequired Wings of Freedom Crests
Exclusive Skins1200
Exclusive Elimination Effects150
Exclusive Elimination Effects150
Exclusive Emotes32
Exclusive Sacred Statue100
Exclusive Recall Effects300
Exclusive Spawn Effects150
Exclusive Killing Notification effect225
Exclusive Voice chat bundles20
exclusive Graffiti trial-card4

MLBB x Attack on Titan Collab Event Draws:  Rules and Drop Rates

When participating in the MLBB Attack on Titan Collab Event, players would have to perform multiple draws in the event to be able to obtain exclusive items such as the Event Exclusive Skins, emotes, recall effects, and lots more. The following are some of the Rules to note before drawing in the event:

  • A random permanent Attack on Titans series reward from the prize pool is guaranteed in one’s first 10 draws (only once per event).
  • The first 1X draw of each day will be 50% off, thus costing as low as 25 diamonds instead of 50 diamonds. However, the 10X draws would be fixed at a static price of 450 diamonds.
  • During this event, players can draw for Wings of Freedom Crests and permanent rewards from the event Prizepool. Permanent rewards include Event Exclusive Skin, Exclusive Elimination Effect, Exclusive Spawn Effect, Exclusive Battle Emotes, Exclusive Avatar Border, and Event Exclusive Sacred Statue.

The Drop rates when performing Draws include:

  • Yin’s Eren Yeager skin: (0.03%)
  • Fanny’s Mikasa Ackerman skin (0.03%)
  • Martis Levi Ackerman skin (0.03%)
  • Recall effect (0.3%)
  • Avatar Border (0.7%)
  • Elimination Effect (0.6%)
  • Spawn Effect (0.6%)
  • Killing Notification (0.4%)
  • Battle Emote (7%)
  • Wings of Freedom crests (90.31%)

A random reward is gotten once a day when players tap the Daily Surprise chest. Duplicated rewards obtained in this event will be automatically converted into the corresponding amount of Wings of Freedom Crests:

  • Exclusive Attack on Titans Collab skins: 360 Wings of Freedom Crests
  • Permanent Recall effect: 90 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Permanent Elimination Effect: 45 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Permanent Spawn Effect: 45 Wings of Freedom crests  
  • Permanent Killing Notification: 68 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Permanent Avatar Border: 30 Wings of Freedom crests  
  • Permanent Battle Emotes: 9 Wings of Freedom crests

The event-exclusive skins can be obtained from the Event Shop or gifted to in-game friends. Only players who are Level 20 or higher and have been friends for over 7 days can gift skins to each other (you must own the skin first to exchange/gift another person).

MLBB Attack on Titan Bonus tokens Event

You can obtain Wings of Freedom tokens that can be used in performing Draws in the Attack on Titan Collab event. Wings of Freedom tokens would be available for grabs from February 10th  to 13th  February 2024, while the second phase bonus tokens event would be available from February 24th to February 27th 2024.

The bonus tokens tasks would revolve mainly around recharging and spending diamonds to get lots of bonus tokens. You can check this detailed MLBB diamonds guide. It is also expected that completing the bonus tokens tasks for both the first and second phases would guarantee at least 58 bonus tokens which would cater for 58 draws, all obtained at a very cheap price.

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