Mobile Legends x Ducati Event: How to get a free Epic skin

Tips to get skins from the Ducati Event!

Mobile Legends is constantly releasing exciting, unique skin series to keep the players engaged and give them chances to get free skins. A new skin collab event would soon be coming to the Original server of the popular MOBA, Mobile Legends. This upcoming collaboration, Mobile Legends X Ducati event, will feature new collab-exclusive skins for two heroes, namely an Assassin and a Marksman Role Hero in Mobile Legends. More info about this event has been leaked in the Advanced Server of Mobile Legends. Here we will be looking at what to expect from the upcoming Mobile Legends X Ducati collaboration event and an insight into how to get a free epic or better-grade skin.

Mobile Legends X Ducati Event: Overview 

The new upcoming Mobile Legends Ducati Collab Event will be bringing about two new collab-exclusive skins:

Mobile Legends Ducati Collab Event
Image via Kazuki Official

Ducati’s Monster and Panigale V4 models inspired Mobile Legends Ducati collaboration skins. At first glance, both skins look pretty awesome with Ducati’s iconic popular color scheme Red, Dark, and Grey. The collaboration fits with the selected heroes, one of them rides a Tiger named Leo, and the other hand Benedetta is very popular with her flashy dash mechanics. Both the skins will be flashy no doubt.

Event Info

The first 1x Draw every day, and the first 10X Draw of the event will be 50% off. A random Epic or better skin is guaranteed in the first 10 draws. Players should now take a look at the event rules and prizes in detail.

Mobile Legends Ducati Event: Draws and Rules

Players who are interested in participating in the Mobile Legends Ducati Event must know some of the following rules pertaining to the Draws in the Event.

MLBB X DUCATI Collab Event Draw Interface

This event is only available to the Advanced Server. The skins on the event page are not the actual skin rewards. Please check the prize pool and the event rules for the actual content. 

  • The first lx Draw every day, and the first 10X Draw of the event will be 50% OFF.
  • A random epic or better skin is guaranteed in the first 10 draws. 
  • An epic or a better skin is guaranteed every 10 draws. Players will also light up 1 random Bingo piece on the Bingo board. 
  • One can light up 3 Bingo pieces in a row, column, or diagonal on the Bingo board to complete the Bingo for an unowned Epic or better skin (prioritizes The Aspirants skins). Only 1 skin can be obtained each time you complete the Bingo. 
  • After the Bingo is completed, extra Bingo pieces lit will disappear but will each provide an extra 10% discount for the next Draw 10X. The discount only takes effect until the next Bingo completion. When both the Bingo and First Draw 10X discounts are available, only the First Draw 10X discount will take effect. 
  • You can claim total draw rewards via the Progress button on the event screen once you make the specified number of draws.
  • Duplicate skins will be converted into Ducati Token Fragments. Ducati Token Fragments will automatically be converted into Ducat Tokens. Each unused Ducati Token will be converted into 3 Rare Skin Fragments at the end of the event. Each unused Ducati Token Fragment will be converted into 100 Battle Points.

Every 30 Ducati Token Fragment you receive will automatically be converted into 1 Ducati Token.

Duplicate Rewards Conversion Rates

  • Ducati Exclusive Skins: 267 Ducati Token Fragments
  • Exclusive Epic Skin: 53 Ducati Token Fragments
  • Epic Skin: 24 Ducati Token Fragments
  • Special Skin: 20 Ducati Token Fragments
  • Elite Skin: 16 Ducati Token Fragments
  • Basic Skin: 7 Ducati Token Fragments

Draw Rewards

MLBB X DUCATI Event Draw Rewards
Image via Kazuki Official

Drawing in the Ducati Event will give different rewards depending on the number of draws. Here is the list of Draw Rewards:

  • 10 Draws: 8 Premium Skin Fragments + 20 Magic Dust
  • 20 Draws: 1 Magic Portion/ Magic Core + 40 Magic Dust
  • 40 Draws: 2 Magic Portion/ Magic Core + 40 Magic Dust
  • 60 Draws: 3 Magic Portion/ Magic Core + 8 Premium Skin Fragments
  • 80 Draws: 2 Ducati Event Tokens + 50 Premium Skin Fragments

However, the Draw Reward is different when the event comes in the Official server. We have to wait till the event comes to the Official server to get more info about the Draw Rewards.

Mobile Legends Ducati Event: Drop rates

The following are the Drop rates for different items available in the rewards of The Mobile Legends Ducati Collab Event :

  • Epic Skins: 3.25%
  • Special Skins: 3%
  • Elite Skins: 10%
  • Basic Skins: 20.74%
  • Battle Emote: 16%
  • Others: 47%

Bingo Interface

MLBB X DUCATI Collab Event Draw Rewards
Image via Kazuki Official

Mobile Legends Ducati collaboration event skills will be obtainable by completing a bingo. We all know how bingo draw works in Mobile Legends. Players need to form a Horizontal, Vertical, or Diagonal line of 3 bingos to get a permanent random skin from both Ducati event skins. This is how the bingo interface will look, this looks futuristic.

Mobile Legends Ducati Event: Prize Pool

The collector skins are acting as a placeholder for upcoming Ducati skins. Once the event arrives on the official server Collector skins will be replaced by the Ducati skins. This event also has a nice collection of Epic, Special, Elite, and Basic skins. Alongside the exciting skins, we can see there are a lot of small items like emotes.

Ducati Recharge Event and Bonus Tokens

MLBB X DUCATI Event Prize Pool
Image via Kazuki Official

As expected, Mobile Legends Ducati Event would have a recharge token event that allows players to easily get free Ducati Tokens on logging in, recharging Diamonds and even spending a specified amount of Diamonds whilst this event is active. This Bonus Tokens Event should be released after the first week of the event’s arrival on the Official Server. It is not yet known how many recharge token events, this event would have. However, it’s expected for this event to have two bonus token events. In total, players would be able to accumulate over 30 event-exclusive Ducati Tokens.

How to get free Epic or better skin from the Mobile Legends Ducati Event 

The Event offers to grant the Epic or Better Skin when they can perform up to 10 draws. Players who intend to perform a 10x draw for Free would have to maximize the free tokens from the Recharge Phases as well as Duplicate items, as Duplicates would be converted into extra tokens. Though there are different Epic skins and even special skins in the event Draws, the chances of getting more skins from draws are very low as the event Draws focuses on giving Crests to players.

What do you think about the upcoming Ducati Event Mobile Legends, which will reward players with a free skin? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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