Mobile Legends x Neymar Jr collaboration: How to get the free skins and exclusive resources

Grab the latest skins with this guide!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has officially released a video trailer concerning the upcoming new Neymar Jr Collaboration Event Skins of November 2022. This official trailer has shown precisely who they are collaborating with and what exactly this collaboration will bring to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This trailer really hypes up the new skin that will be launched when the collaboration event happens. So in this article, we will be checking out how the new skins and other freebies that are planned to be released with the pre-registration event this November 2022 can be obtained.

There are two events wherein the players may be able to obtain the two collaboration skins. However, in addition to these two events, the MLBB X Neymar Jr. Collaboration event will also include three events that the players may benefit from and enjoy. First is the Battle points exchange event that lasts from December 3 to 9, 2022.

Next are the EXP double day wherein the players may get double experience points in their games which lasts from December 10 to 12, 2022. Lastly, the Free spawn effect event where players can get their very own free spawning effect from the event lasts from December 17 to December 19, 2022.

Mobile Legends x Neymar Jr collaboration: Root For Neymar Jr! event

In the Collaboration Event, Mobile Legends will run an event named “Root For Neymar Jr!” to promote the skin. This will excite all Mobile Legends fans who love football, especially Neymar because the cooperation skin is completely free. In the event, players will be required to complete various delegated chores in order to collect tickets that they may use to enter a drawing for emblems, badges, and skin.

Mobile Legends Neymar Jr collaboration skins
Image via MOONTON

To win the collaboration skin known as “Vanguard Elite,” players must draw 25 times for the guaranteed skin, which they can still obtain by fulfilling tasks for tickets. In addition, the draw offers the chance for gamers to win a limited-edition emote; all it takes is ten draws to ensure that the participant receives the emoticon of their choice.

Mobile Legends x Neymar Jr collaboration: Lucky Flip Event

Unlike the Vanguard Elite skin of the collaboration event, the Halo Striker Bruno skin which is arguably the more exquisite of the two will require the players to spend a bit of money to acquire. The skin can only be won in the Lucky Flip event of the Halo Striker Bruno skin. Throughout this event, players that would want to obtain the rare skin must utilize diamonds to flip a deck of nine cards and draw Lucky Cards.

From the initial ten diamonds, the price rises with each subsequent flip. Three Lucky Cards are necessary to gain the Halo Striker Bruno skin. In addition to the collaboration skin, the players may also choose either Iron Steed Hylos or Fairytale Diggie from the rewards menu.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, an event is a must-participate event for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Fans. As the skin’s quality is comparable to that of Mobile Legends’ top skins. Not only that but the events within will give huge benefits to the players that decide to participate in the event. Additionally, the new skins are significant additions to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s expanding collaboration events.

With such significant historical partnerships as the King of Fighters, Transformers, and now even with a great football celebrity like Neymar, it will be interesting to see what other partnerships MOONTON can secure. The only thing fans can do right now is to appreciate each cooperation event and wish for more to come in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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