King of Fighters (KOF) x Mobile Legends Bingo Event: How to get free Epic skins

Chance to get one of the five KOF skins

Appearing for the first time in 2019, the King of Fighters skin line has been one of the most flashy skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since its release. This is due to both its unique skill effects and its hefty price. It has been officially confirmed that the King of Fighters x Mobile Legends Bingo Event is making a comeback once more this year. This event will have the same draw event they had in previous years. With this event, it is possible to not only get KOF skins but also limited-time Epic skins.

How to get free Epic skins from King of Fighters x Mobile Legends Bingo Event

The King of Fighters x Mobile Legends Bingo Event has started on May 22nd, 2021. It will end on June 20th, 2021. As players can see in the game, the event is a draw event. Here players will have to pay diamonds to draw either 1 time or 10 times for a skin. Each draw guarantees a reward, and doing a 10x draw will guarantee at least 1 new Epic skin. With every 10 draws, a Bingo point is awarded to the players.

King of Fighters x Mobile Legends Bingo Event
MLBB KOF Bingo event

As of now, leaks have confirmed that players can get up to 18 spins with an event coming this weekend. Like in previous years, a pre-order in combination with doing tasks will allow players to spin 10x or more to get a guaranteed Leona or Epic skin. Specifically, logging in will give 1 Ticket, recharging diamonds will give 2 Tickets, recharging 100 Diamonds will give 3 Tickets, recharging 250 Diamonds will give 5 Tickets. Additionally, spending 100 Diamonds will give 3 Tickets, and spending 225 Diamonds will give another 3 Tickets. Assuming players also preordered the KOF Chest, a total of 18 spins are available at the cost of 225 Diamonds.

It is also recommended to spin 1x for a total of 2 times. This will give you a total of 20x spins which guarantees 2 Epic skins for the mere cost of 449 Diamonds, provided the 1x spins are conducted once a day to enjoy the 50% off discount bonus. To reach the required 225 Diamonds for the task, players may opt to spend 10 or so Diamonds in the Shop for some Crystals of Aurora or a cheap ticket bundle, as long as that amount is reached. This is not officially confirmed yet, but it is the most likely scenario, so prep your wallets and happy spinning!

Skins available

  • Guinevere “Athena Asamiya”
  • Dyrroth “Orochi Chris”
  • Karina “Leona”
  • Gusion “K’”
  • Chou “Iori Yagami”
  • Aurora “Kula Diamond”
King of Fighters x Mobile Legends Bingo Event

The first 10x draw will guarantee a KOF “Leona” skin, and each following 10x draw will guarantee an Epic skin. It is best to draw just once each day. This is because daily discounts will knock down the draw price by 50%, so you can either draw once for 125 diamonds, 10x for 1125 diamonds, or do 1 draw for each type.


Speaking about the tasks, no information has been officially released that will allow players to rake up enough KOF tickets to earn 10 free spins. In previous years, Moonton has always distributed enough tickets that can be obtained for a reasonable price where they have given in-game tasks, like recharging some diamonds, finishing a classic game with friends. Also, they had the task of sharing the game on social media.

It remains to be seen how the event will turn out this year. But players can definitely because this is not simply a chance of getting some random skins, but a real shot at getting a guaranteed Epic skin.

What do you think of this King of Fighters x Mobile Legends Bingo Event? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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When KOF event return in 2022?


Maybe on May 22. again, MAYBE

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