Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you up to the challenge? The citizens are waiting for you!

Monopoly Tycoon is a construction and management simulation mobile game that lets you build your Real Estate Empire by constructing buildings, buying land, meeting a diverse cast of characters, and increasing your wealth as you manage multiple cities. If you wanted to start playing the game, this is the best Monopoly Tycoon Beginners guide to help you.

Understanding the basics of Monopoly Tycoon

Introducing your City

In Monopoly Tycoon, you can manage the three cities that are present in the game. They are the Atlantic City, the city of Paris, and the city of London. In each of them, you will be presented with a district at the start of your game.

Introduction to your city Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide
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More districts can be unlocked as you progress more into the game. In these districts, you can construct buildings such as homes, businesses, decorations, and many more.


Image via Nvizzio Creations, Inc.

The District is a plot of land that you can put your buildings into. It comes in different shapes and sizes, so you might want to plan the placement for your buildings carefully to maximize total rent (the money you receive from a district).

Types of Housing

Types of housing Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide
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There are a couple of types of housing that you can choose to place for the citizen of your city. Examples are Cottage, Homestead, Condo, Tower, Mansion, Motel, Lodge, Resort, and many more.

Types of Businesses

Businesses are properties that can fulfill the needs of your citizens. There are a couple of types of businesses present in Monopoly Tycoon, they are :

  1. Cuisine : Such as Bakeries, Smoothy Bars, Cafes, Fish Markets, Grocery Stores, Diners, and etc.
  2. Shopping : Such as Antique Markets, Mini-malls, Tailor Shops, Jewelry Stores, and etc.
  3. Leisure : Such as Aquariums, Ballet Schools, Casinos, Toy stores, Clubs, and etc.
  4. Arts : Such as Theathers, History Museums, Opera Houses, Arenas, Cinemas, and etc.
  5. Wellness : Such as Pharmacies, Barbershops, Climbing Centers, Yoga Centers, Spas, and many others.


You can also place decorations to make your districts more beautiful or fill in gaps that can’t be filled by properties. You can use :

  1. Foliage : Such as Flower Patches, Tall Trees, Flower Terraces, and etc.
  2. Accessories : Such as Balloons, Fairy Lights, Streamers, and etc.
  3. Park : Such as Public Park, Dawn Garden, Monopoly Plaza, and etc.
  4. Monument : Such as the Mayor’s Statue, Lighthouse, Token Memorial, and many others.

Auction House

Auction House Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide
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The Auction is one of the essential systems of Monopoly Tycoon. In it, you can compete with other auctioneers to buy new districts, facilities, transportations, and upgrades.


Diamonds are a rare currency that you can use to buy card packs or trade with Monopoly money. You can gain diamonds by increasing the level of your city.

Picking a Card

Pick a Card Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide
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Just like the traditional monopoly game, you can choose to pick between a Community Chest card to gain a huge sum of Monopoly money quickly or a Chance card to receive different kinds of passive bonuses for your properties.

Tasks and Needs

As the name suggests, there are tasks that you can do to earn rewards like Experience, Monopoly Money, and Card Packs. As we have briefly explained before, your citizens might have needs that can be fulfilled by placing the right businesses in their district.

Tasks and needs
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Types of needs are diverse with different cities having different completely different needs. Some examples of needs citizens of the city are Food, Drinks, Furniture, Games, Culture, Health, and many other kinds of needs.

Free Parking

Free Parking Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide
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Free parking is a spin the wheel system where depending on where you choose to stop, you can gain different kinds of rewards. Such as Monopoly money, new cards, and many others.

Card Packs

Card Packs
Image via Nvizzio Creations, Inc.

If you want to build properties with higher value and upgrade existing ones, then you will need to collect their cards first. To do that, the game presented a card pack system, where you can gain property cards through many different methods such as task rewards, free parking, free packs every couple of hours, and many others.

Facilities (Minigames)

Facilities are properties you can unlock throughout the game that will occasionally give you a minigame to play in exchange for rewards. The list of facilities that you can unlock are :

Facilities (Minigames) Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide
Image via Nvizzio Creations, Inc.
  1. Water Works : Where you can play a minigame of rotating the pipelines to fix the flow of water.
  2. Fire Station : Where you can put out fires that appear
  3. School
  4. Electric Co.
  5. Hospital
  6. Police Station
  7. Public Transport
  8. Waste Management


Are also properties that you can unlock when reaching a certain city level and buy through the Auction House. Different cities will have different transportations properties, with the example of Atlantic City having the transportation properties of Reading Station, Pennsylvania Station, B&O Stations, and Short Line Station.

Color Group

Just like the original monopoly game, you can acquire more rent by owning districts of the same color. You can gain an increase of 20% maximum rent by acquiring two or three districts that same the same color to one another.

Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Monopoly Tycoon Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Focus on the Missions

The missions grant you multiple rewards such as Experience, Monopoly money, and Card packs. If you have just started the game, focusing on clearing the mission is a priority since they relatively give more money than the ones you spend to achieve the mission. And by completing the mission quickly, you can also reach higher city levels faster. That way, more properties, and new cities can be unlocked.

2. Saving your Diamonds

Since diamonds are a rare currency, you want to make sure not to use them on stuff that isn’t important. Makes sure to not exchange it with money and wait to use it until there are events so that you can acquire a limited high-rank property.

3. Check in Daily for Rewards

With the game granting you rewards daily for the first seven days through passing Go, you want to make sure you check in daily for the rewards. Don’t forget to also check the free parking daily and the free card packs every couple of hours in each city you have so that you can acquire money, new properties, or even upgrade already existing ones.

That’s all for today’s Monopoly Tycoon beginners guide. Did you find our Monopoly Tycoon beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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