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Monster Gym Championship: Tips to increase your CP for battles

Level up your Pokemon with ease!

Monster Gym Championship, also known as Pokeverse World by Chan Studio, is gradually gaining much popularity among the gaming community. Gamers, especially Pokefans who love Pokemon will love this game for incredible entertainment with high animation and graphical gameplay. You will be familiar with the understanding and commands if you practice daily. In this Monster Gym Championship article, we will be giving the players an idea of how to strengthen their Pokemon and increase their CP by all means.

If you are new to this game, you can quickly grasp all the controls by playing the first battles. Remember, your dream team of Pokémon won’t be an overnight success but requires a long grind. We have covered your worries in the beginner guide for the Monster Gym Championship. This article will focus on how you can power up your Pokemon for battle, from all aspects.

Points to remember

Before we go into details, here are a few key points one needs to get clearly:

  • To power up a Pokemon, one has to increase its level and also train it, besides powering up its moves.
  • The Pokemon at once can only reach up to levels which you yourself are at. Suppose the trainer is at Level 30, his/her Pokemon cannot go beyond 30 at that moment. It can only level up beyond that when the trainer goes beyond 30.
  • There are many more assets of a Pokemon which require levelling up but are only available once the trainer reaches higher levels.
  • The Pokemon moves or skills also require upgrades.

How to Level up your Pokemon in Monster Gym Championship

Levelling up your Pokemon is of utmost importance. Levelling up makes sure your Pokemon’s CP rises as well. The following part contains everything you need to know about levelling up your Pokemon:

Level up your Pokemon in Monster Gym Championship
Image via Chan Studio
  • As said earlier, the Pokemon can only reach levels up to what their trainers have reached. Hence, the Exp. of Trainers also affect the performance of the Pokemon. In the above picture, all Pokemon have received +10 EXP for a battle, except Blaziken and Sceptile, who have the same level as the trainer (27) and cannot level up more.
  • Levelling up can be natural or induced by the trainer.
  • Once a Pokemon is in a squad battling, it would receive Exp. accordingly, which would help it level up.
level up togekiss monster gym
Image via Chan Studio
  • Also, the trainer can level it up further from the Pokeball menu. Here, you may level up your Pokemon using the EXP (shaped like soda cans and bottles) you have earned after playing battles.
  • In the Pokeball option, select the Pokemon you want to level up, then go to its Details. Then, you’ll notice a ‘+’ sign beside the current level of the Pokemon, select that sign. After that, press the Upgrade x10 button, or Long Press the simple upgrade button, up to which you want to level it.
  • Now, merely levelling it up won’t strengthen it enough. Our next part covers the further steps.

How to Train your Pokemon in Monster Gym Championship

To further enhance your Pokemon’s performances, you need to Train it. Training involves boosting up the Pokemon stats like HP, Atk, Def, Speed, and Sp. Atk., Sp. Def. and making it more domesticated and attached to the trainer. The more attached it is to its trainer, the stronger it becomes. Here are the things you need to keep in mind while Training your Pokemon:

Monter Gym Championship train
Image via Chan Studio
  • Training your Pokemon includes levelling up stats like HP, ATK, DEF, and Sp. ATK, Speed and Sp. DEF.
  • To upgrade these stats, one needs Gold Coins and Stat Sources.
  • If you have the required sources and coins, do train your Pokemon.
  • In case you lack Sources of Training, click on the + sign glowing above the source icon, and Sweep a level once or 10 times in an exchange for stamina. Sweeping means reclaiming the rewards of a particular battle, once you have cleared it, without actually playing it again. Sweeping 10 times means 10 times the rewards.
  • Train your Pokemon accordingly and increase the Total CP in no time.

How to increase your Pokemon Skills and CP in Monster Gym Championship

Skills include the three moves a Pokemon has. All those 3 moves require levelling up. These too, just like Pokemon levels, cannot surpass Trainer Level by any means. The Overheat move is only available when the Pokemon becomes domesticated, i.e., when you have trained it completely for all stats at least once. To increase your Pokemon’s skill level, keep the following points in mind:

SSR Monster Gym Championship
Image via Chan Studio
  • You just need coins to upgrade the skills/ moves.
  • However, you cannot skill up until your own and Pokemon’s level has increased.
  • Try to prioritise levelling your kills, unless your Pokemon might not sustain enough damage to the opponents.

How to increase your Pokemon Star Tier in Monster Gym Championship

This final part explains how to increase the Pokemon Star tier, which in turn also increases stats and eventually the overall CP.

Monster Gym Championship increase star tier
Image via Chan Studio
  • Increasing the star tier massively improves the Pokemon CP.
  • There are 12 Star tiers, each of which increases certain stats, as mentioned in the picture.
  • To increase the star tier, you would need Gold Coins and replica Pokemon. The more you have both of them, you can ‘start up‘.
  • Suppose your Sceptile is at 1 star. Hence, you’d need 1 more Sceptile (of a lower level for obvious reasons) and some Gold Coins to increase it to Star tier 2. In the succeeding tiers, the no. of Pokemon replicas required increases by 1.
  • Refer to our beginner’s guide to Monster Gym Championship to know how to obtain more Pokemon.

Final Thoughts

We hope this piece could cover your doubts regarding how to increase Pokemon CP in Monster Gym Championship. Merely increasing levels, of training doesn’t do enough work. Try to do everything suggested in this article, to strengthen your Pokemon.

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