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Monster Hunter Now guide: Tips to unlock the Weapons easily in the game

Unlock weapons like a real boss!

Monster Hunter Now is an Action game, and hence weapons are one of the most important factors in the game to witness. Players need the best set of weapons with them to hunt down all the monsters they come across in the game. So, unlocking weapons is very important, and thus every amateur must know about the process. Hence, here is our detailed Monster Hunter Now: How to Unlock Weapons easily piece to understand the mechanics of all types of weapons players get to see in the game.

Complete List of Weapons in Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now has a wide range of weapons in the game, these set of weapons are the only thing with the help of which players can easily defeat all the enemies in just a few seconds. Thus here are the types of weapons players will witness in the game: 

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  1. Sword and Shield – An easy set of weapons players get to use at the beginning of the game itself. Has easy mechanics with a faster hitting ability and helps to block all the hits from the monsters as well. 
  2. Great Sword – Unlocks at Chapter 2, this weapon is a bit slow in action due to its heavy weight but comes up with great damage delivery. 
  3. Long Sword – Crafted easily with the help of Iron Ores, this weapon is a great addition to the collection. This weapon is quite easy to use due to its lightweight and comes up with great damage delivery. 
  4. Hammer – Hammer has similar stats and power to the Great Sword. But it’s a bit handy and can slam down monsters quite easily compared to other heavy weapons.
  5. Light Bowman – The set of Bows unlocks in Chapter 3 and is considered as a great ranged weapon with an amazing damage delivery ability. 
  6. Bow – Another amazing weapon that is considered as most handy and provides easier movement with the weapon in hand. Has great damage-delivering ability and can easily take down monsters in a few shots. 

Thus, these are the main types of weapons players will get to witness in the game. Now let us know about unlocking all these weapons in detail so that it will help beginners to climb up the ladder of progression faster.

How to unlock Weapons in Monster Hunter Now 

Monster Hunter Now has very easy steps to unlock all the types of weapons in the game. The main ways include progressing further in the game and reaching Chapter 3. After this, by reaching Chapter 3, players will unlock all the types of weapons. Players can then craft all the other weapons under all the main types with the help of Iron Ores and Zenny which are one of the main in-game currencies and resources. 

Image via Niantic

At the beginning players will start fighting with Sword and Shield and then in Chapter 2, The Great Sword will unlock. After this, in Chapter 3 players will unlock Bow. After unlocking all these main types of weapons, players can start crafting all the weapons under this particular type and use them for fighting against the monsters. Also after reaching HR Level 15, players can start off with crafting weapons which will make it easier to slash through all the monsters in the game itself. 

Final Thoughts

Monster Hunter Now is an amazing game with some great weapon types listed in it. Thus follow up on our detailed Monster Hunter Now: How to Unlock Weapons Easily piece to understand the mechanism of the weapons, unlock them, and slam all the monsters like a real boss.

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