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MU Origin 3 Hero Class Tier List for October 2022

Choose from only the best classes of this month!

MU Origin 3 is a recently launched MMORPG game that is now fully available on Android and iOS respectively. The game is developed by FunFinger and follows the MU Origin storyline. The MU Origin fans are thus found very satisfied with the game and thus, the game has gained popularity at its early stage of release.  But the main problem arises for the new players who do not know about the best Tier and Classes of Heroes which are present in the game. So without any further ado, let us dive into the class tier list for MU Origin 3.

MU Origin 3 Hero Class Tier List for October 2022

The Heroes are divided into three classes which are further classified into three tiers. These classifications are done so that players can distinguish between the class and tier of the Heroes and thus come up with the best-attacking strategy. The Hero Tiers are distinguished because of some of the factors such as:

  • S Tier – The S Tier Heroes are extraordinary in their skill sets and have the best combinations of attacking. These Tier Heroes are considered the most powerful and they can also deal with maximum damage. 
  • A Tier – The A Tier Heroes are the ones that do not come with the best Frontline attackers. But these hero sets are not that powerful compared to S-tier heroes.
  • B Tier – The B Tier Heroes lack a lot of skills compared to the other two tiers. These heroes are best in the role of supporters as they cannot directly deal with damages and are very poor in in-hand combats. 
Strong (S)Mage
Good (A)Swordsmen
Average (B)Archer
MU Origin 3 Hero Class Tier List for October 2022

This tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This list will only help you to choose your very first class before you add your second one.

Best Meta Classes for MU Origin in October 2022

These are the classes with the most advantageous stats and abilities in MU Origin as of October 2022. Let us now discuss the Classes present under every Tier in detail so that players can learn about them and make the best strategy while fighting. 

S-Tier: Mage Class

The Mage Class Heroes are the best heroes throughout the game. Mage Class heroes use their wand and magical powers to encounter the enemy troops. These heroes are not full-time frontline fighters, but they can be a really good asset from behind. The magical powers and their spells can cast huge damage on the enemy troops and provide the best cover support. 

Image via FingerFun Limited

Mages are best at fighting from a safe distance. The heroes have different sorts of abilities such as they can stun the opponents and even make them come up with less damage. This helps the frontline attackers to overpower the enemies and thrash them apart from the battlefield.

A-Tier: Swordsmen Class

The Swordsmen Class Heroes are best known for their frontline attacking with their swords. These heroes come up with the best sets of melee attacks and can resist great damage from the enemy side. As the game does not have any Tank class heroes, the Swordsmen class heroes act as semi-Tank heroes. Even if they play the role of a full-time Tank, they can deal with direct damages; but not like the way Tank class heroes do.

Image via FingerFun Limited

The players have to position the Swordsmen in the best place. Positioning matters a lot and thus will help the character to take down the enemy being at an advantageous position. The heroes mainly use their swords as the main weapon and go out for direct in-hand combat with the opponents.

B-Tier: Archer Class

Archers are the long-ranged Class heroes which are best with their bows and arrows. These class heroes lack a lot in physical fighting and cannot deal direct damage at all. They provide the best cover fire from behind and also boost up the Mage class heroes to go to the frontline and fight.

Image via FingerFun Limited

The Archers coordinate well with the Swordsmen as the Swordsmen go directly into combat with their swords and the archers provide damage to the enemies with their arrows from long range. As the archers cannot deal with direct damages, they are best placed at a far distance. The high-speed movement can help the archer to evacuate quickly from the enemy’s attacks. 

Final Thoughts

MU Origin 3 has a lot of heroes which are classified into different classes and tiers so that players can choose out the best heroes and position them in the best spot to win against the enemies. Follow up the tier list, know all about the heroes and then create the ultimate team and win the arc!

What do you think about this MU Origin 3 Hero Class Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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